Not So Chirpy !!!

Me thinks she is missing her old companion and her old area...

Well, I feel like I haven't got that much to say... The work here in Torquay seems to be improving which is great.

We had a YSA thingy last night... There was three YSA and four missionaries :/ Sister Stuart and I did a lesson and then we played games. I think they enjoyed it which is great and we're hoping that it will expand as we hold more.

The weather has picked up here this last week... I'm hoping that it's a sign of things to come! I much prefer to sun to the rain!! I have been getting headaches from the sunshine so I spoke to Sister Millar about it and she gave me permission to get some sunnies... Two pairs for £69 at Specsavers!! :O I figure it's money spent well if it prevents headaches though. I feel a bit weird wearing them as a missionary though :/

Sister Stuart is very different to Sister Bastian. Sister Bastian and I were very similar in a lot of ways and Sister Stuart and I are similar in some ways but definitely not in the same ways. Sister Bastian and Sister Stuart are complete opposites. This mission business really does prepare you for things to come in your life. You learn a lot about yourself and about others every day. Being in a new companionship means lots of learning.
In each person you see qualities that you like and then strive to assimilate. And in others you see some qualities and strive to loose that quality... If you already have it.

Elder Salas and I feel that we will be here for quite some time... Elder Anderson has been here for 7 1/2 month so we're pretty sure that he will move next transfer and Sister Stuart has been here for 4 1/2 so she could stay or go. Transfers are on June 4th by the way... 4 weeks, 2 days so watch this space! I am so glad that Elder Salas is here!!!

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday Monday!!


Sister Smart