Still Flipping Sad !!!

Well... Last week feels like a life time ago so I can't remember what I said!

Torquay!!! The weather really isn't as great as I was told it would be... Maybe the summer will be nice but for now it's a little miserable. I hope it arrives soon!!!

I am still so flipping sad to have left Sister Bastian and Salisbury! I learned so much from her and I know that I will continue to learn as I apply the things that she taught me. I know that I will learn a lot from being here and I know that we are assigned to areas and companions for a reason and sometimes that can be a challenge. I'm ready to get stuck in!!!!!

This week has been a little crazy!!! Not really like a regular week... Tomorrow is the day!!

Ben was baptized on Friday!!!!! I am so pleased that I was here for it but very sad for Sister Erasmus who had taught him wasn't able to be there. He is a great guy and I am so excited for him!

Last Pday we were with Elder Anderson and Elder Salas... We went to see some cool places in Torquay and we are going bowling today with them and Elder Kirk (my new District leader) & Elder Peterson. Elder Peterson has been out just one week and went to the Provo MCT... Apparently the Preston MTC was closed for a couple weeks! I think he was a little shocked to be here and he is very young. I feel really old in this District!!!!!! Everyone seems very young! Old bag!!!!!!!

Elder Salas and I spoke in Sacrament meeting this week... We both introduced ourselves and shared our "conversion" even though we were both brought up in the church. He really is a great guy and I am excited to work with him!

I have come to realise recently how much Heavenly Father's hands have been in my life for the past 18 months... The opportunity I had to go to Singapore and how everything just worked out was all Heavenly Father! His influence was there before but I struggled to see it. He knows each of us inside out and he knew that was what I needed in my life. I know that as we recognize his influence in our lives and understand the way he communicates with us individually we can develop our relationship with him.

Do your best to come closer to Him.

Have a great week!!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Salisbury District Elders.... :|

Our last Salisbury District Meeting :(

Wearing Elder Astle's shoe! :|

Elder Robinson massaging Elder Schmoekel's hand after playing the piano too much... Companionship love!!!!!

Sister McLaws and I found this on exchange last week... We were very freaked out!!!! :/

Hello Torquay!!

London Bridge... I think it's called :/

Me at the London Bridge... Very windy!!!

Sister Stuart and I at the London Bridge

Me, Sister Stuart, Elder Salas and Elder Anderson

Elder Salas... I nearly had a heart attack!!!!!

Elder Anderson... Again... I nearly had a heart attack!!

Ben's Baptism!!

Time To Move On Again !!!

Well Folks, the time has come for Sister Smart to move on again, this time to Torquay, Devon oo,ar...
Oh my heck!!!!!!! What a crazy week!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am emailing from the library in Torquay... My new area! My new companion is Sister Stuart! President Millar called us on Friday morning to tell me that I was being moved... He said "I really didn't want to split you Sisters up but you're too strong... I need you else where." That's really nice to know but it wasn't much of a consolation... When we got off the phone we screamed and then cried! It has been a very emotional weekend but a very good one!!!

Sister Stuart is from SLC, Utah and she is lovely. I think we will get on really well... We seem to be quite similar in a lot of ways but not in the same way that Sister Bastian and I were. I am so flipping sad that I have left Salisbury and that I am no longer Sister B's comp. I honestly love her!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss so much about her and about Salisbury! If I didn't love my parents so much I would be asking the Taylor family to adopt me... I love them!

I know that Sister Stuart and I are suppose to be here together and I am excited... Watch out Torquay!

Turns out this transfer was massive so they had to do it over two days. I transferred yesterday which means we get our full Pday today. Also means that I wasn't able to spend Sister Bastian's birthday with her :( I am so flipping sad that I have left Salisbury and that I am no longer Sister B's comp. I honestly love her!!!!!!!!!. Sorry I'm repeating myself but it is what it is! It has to be said multiple times.

Elder Fingerle (Poole Zone Leader) called on Friday evening with travel plans... Broke the news to me that I was leaving a day early. I cried and he felt so bad!! I felt really bad for crying but I couldn't help it!!! Poor Elder Fingerle! He is a great guy and I will miss him being my Zone Leader. We tried everything we could to have me transfer today instead of yesterday but it couldn't happen :(his consolation was that Elder Salas who was serving in the Poole Zone with me has been transferred also and he is in my Ward :) I was happy about that but still very sad to leave Sister Bastian and Salisbury.

We have a baptism on Friday which is cool. His name is Ben... He's 24 and really cool! He's 11 days older than me! :) I am excited for him!!

This last transfer went by so quickly... I am afraid!!!!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart

Some of Salisbury Branch at the Branch BBQ... After playing football! Sweaty!!

I found this on my camera after leaving her yesterday. Urgh, I miss her already!!

Some of the Taylor family... Excuse my shiny face!!!!!

We made a cake at the Russell family home!

This is what happens when you don't eat chocolate for about 6 months and people keep giving it to you for Easter.

Sister Bastian having a mini break down when I started to pack :(

Sister Bastian, Sarah Spencer (was Taylor) and I

Salisbury Missionaries!!! Going to miss these Punks!!

Sister Bastian Falls Yet Again !!!

Between Sister Smart & Sister Bastian, we must have the worlds most clumsy couple here.
Well... What a week! A week of some lows and massive highs!

We had a great P'day last week... We had our pedicures (not the best) and then went to Cote Brasserie which was amazing. Then we pretty much ran home with our shopping and back to work!

On Tuesday we went to visit with Pam and it was very emotional. She knows that the Church is true but unfortunately her situation right now doesn't permit her attending Church. She has faith that the Lord will provide a way for her in the future. I have so much love for her and I am sad that we will not be able to meet with her anymore but I hope that we will be able to stay in contact.

That afternoon we were on our way to do service at the Taylor's (Seriously love that family) and we met two girls; Hannah and Simone... Really cool, YSA age! To cut a long story short we're had a couple teaches with them now and on our second visit they brought some friends that were interested so we taught five people at once... Crazy but fun!

We went on exchange this week with Weymouth! I went to Weymouth with Sister Jacobsen who only came out this transfer. I was a bit nervous as I am the "older" Missionary but it was really good!

We went for a run in the morning and I stupidly forgot my camera!!! We went to a castle and the beach within 25 minutes! Being a missionary is amazing!!!!!!

I fell up the stares the other day and fell into Sister Bastian who then fell over... I have a photo of how she landed! We laughed so much!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Old Sarum ruins and Harvester for lunch with the Elders, Shelby, Dan, Sarah, Jamie and Richard. All YSA age... Really fun P'day! Have to get these good P'days in, in case I get moved.

We heard a rumour that transfers are Tuesday 22/04 instead of Wednesday 23/04 but we can't see how that would work with the MTC so we'll see what happens!!! Maybe you won't hear from me at all next week if I get moved or you will on the Tuesday/Wednesday if I stay. We hope it's the Wednesday as it's Sister Bastian's birthday one the Tuesday.

Sister Bastian and I have learned Elder Van Dongan's dance that I mentioned last week that I couldn't send the video of. We made a video today of us so hopefully that will send.

I have been asked to speak again this Sunday... Stress stress stress!!!! Ah well... It's good for me I guess!

Being a missionary is amazing! It is going so quickly... I am afraid!

Oh and General Conference... I loved all of the talks but this one hit home!! Bishop Gary E.Stevenson..... Click here to link to talk

Have a great week and remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart

At Old Sarum... L to R: Sister Bastian, Shelby, Richard, Elder Schmoekel, Elder Robinson and me!

Sister Bastian and I... I really do love this lady!

Shelby and I!

Shelby and I playing Jenga!

My first attempt at a French plat!!! Not bad ey?

The Fall!!!!!

What, Posting On The Day I Received the Mail, How Good Am I Then?

Well, it feels good to be back on top of things again!!!

Well... What a week! General Conference was amazing!!!! We got a lift down to Poole on the Saturday for the General Women's Session and then we stayed in Weymouth as it is only about 20 minutes from the Zone Leaders flat so they gave us a lift. Before they dropped us off all of the Elders went to "Smokey's", an American burger place. Sister Bastian and I were fasting so we didn't eat anything but it was fun... I felt like a YSA though not a Missionary so that was probably a bad thing! Back on the Sunday and as you know we had a two hour gap between the two sessions. The ZL's (with some help) made "Wingers" chicken... Sister Bastian and I made jacket potatoes and brownies for dessert. Honestly I love being with all of the Missionaries. I loved all of the talks and can't wait to hear the Priesthood Session and the Sunday afternoon Session (if we ever get time).

Did I say that Sister Bastian and I are on a sugar fast? Unless we get fed it at a dinner appointment we don't eat sweet things. We're doing it until Easter and it's going really well. We are also exercising like nut jobs! And that will continue forever... I reckon I might be a bit addicted. I lost weight when I first came out then put it back on again over Christmas. I am now one stone lighter than I was when I came out. One stone in 3 months is pretty good I reckon. Maybe I can loose another 4 stone before I come home :| Haha!

President Millar called me the other day to tell me my return date... May 6th 2015 as I expected. I had to call him last night for something and I am so grateful for him & Sister Millar and for the opportunity I have to be here in the ELSM. I told President how much I love Sister Bastian so I'm hoping that he won't move me but we'll see. If I get moved I won't be able to email at all WC 21/04/2014 so I will write to let you know where my new area is. Everyone thinks that I will move as I have been in the same District and Zone for the last 6 months.

It's Sister Bastian's birthday on April 22nd but that's the day before transfers so the 21st is a Black Monday (the Monday on transfer week as it's not Pday until the Wednesday) so we can't celebrate her Birthday. We planned to do it the week before (14/04) by having pedicures but we couldn't be booked in the shop that day so today was our only option. We're having pedicures after emailing, then I'm taking her for lunch at a Steakhouse. Fun Pday!!

When we were with the ZL's in the car the other day we were talking about what we love most about being a missionary. Elder Blackner said that it was the blessings that his family are receiving and then went on to explain after a few nudges. Fasten your seat belts! He grew up in a less active family and didn't go to church much. When he was 18 he had to go for a baby blessing... His Bishop collared him and asked him to go on a mission and he said yes (he has a hard time saying "no" to people). The Bishop gave him the paper work, he went home and never filled it in. When he was 19 he had to go for another baby blessing and knew that the Bishop would do the same so he prepared himself to say "No!" this time and told his Mum he planned to say no. The Bishop asked him and he said "Yes"... The Bishop gave him the paperwork, he went to his cousins house who had recently returned home from his mission and filled in the papers. The next week he had his medical and dental. Couple weeks later he got his call and came out one month later after attending church about 3 times after the baby blessing. Now his family are active in the gospel. How CRAZY is that?!?!?!?!!??! I literally gorped at him the whole time he was telling us.

Anyway... Enough for one week!

Our prayers are answered.

I Love you all!

Love, Sister Smart

Elder Blackner thought this would be a good idea... Big Red chewing gum rapers licked and placed on your fod causes heat, sting and a red mark. It didn't really do much!! He thinks the metal rapers are better though. Numpties!!!!!!!

Sister Bastian and I! I was not too impressed... Very tired and shiny after a long day!!!!

We April fooled the Elders!!! Instead of Oreo Truffles we made Marmite and chilli truffles... Hopefully the video will send.

Me trying to planned 4 different bus journeys for 1 day. Thank fully they all worked out!

Sister Bastian and I at Old Serum... Nice picnic lunch!

Sister Bastian fell off her chair again!! I nearly wet myself laughing!!!

Salisbury Chapel under go!

Just About Catching Up Again !!

Nearly done now...
Good morning!!!!!

This week has been a very good week! Zone training, Richard attended sacrament meeting ane FTing home!

I can't believe that we spoke on FaceTime yesterday... 40 minutes really does fly by!! Also, I forgot to say Happy Mother Day :( Sorry!!!!! Oh and I have bought cards but I forgot to send them last week so I'm sending them today... better late than never eh?! :)

I think I mentioned last week that we had Zone training this past Friday and I was looking forward to it... Well, I was until we received a phone call from the Zone Leaders asking Sister Bastian and I to present on ways to strengthen investigators who have a baptismal date. I fretted a LITTLE about it but it actually went quite well... We prayed and studied a lot and we received inspiration. We presented in the middle of the day so for the first half I couldn't concentrate properly but it was a really good day! I really do love learning and being strengthened by the other Missionaries.

The Zone leaders (Elder Fingerle and Elder Blackner) made lunch for 24... Impressive eh?! They made pulled pork burritos Cafe Rio style and it was really good!! Recipe to follow soon! Sister Bastian and I helped a little by making the rice (the Salisbury flat has a rice cooker so we just took that. Thankfully the Elders carried it home for us :)!!) and Sister Bastian helped me make Banoffee Pie x3. Went down a treat and thankfully no one had a heart attach :)!

On Saturday we went "Whiteboard contacting" in the centre of Salisbury!!! You write a question on a whiteboard and very confidently ask people if they'll answer it. I actually enjoyed it more than I suspected and it really did make people smile. We plan to do it again on another sunny day!

I love being here in Salisbury!

Yesterday we visited with Pam... Every time we meet with her we have such a lovely spiritual experience. We have a return appointment with her which is great and she wants to come to General Conference!! She know's that she will receive answers to her questions while in attendance and I am excited for her.

Richard (our progressing investigator) finally came to church with us yesterday after 6 weeks. He enjoyed it and he was very well fellowshipped by the branch which we were very pleased about. I am excited for him to continue to progress! I think he already has a testimony but is reluctant to commit.

Speaking with you yesterday was amazing but a little overwhelming/emotional. I was very happy to see you all and see how well you're all doing. You're actually real people... not just words on paper or a screen.

My time as a missionary really is flying by... I can't believe I'm almost 1/3 of the way through!!

I love being a missionary and I love being Sister Batian's companion. I have learned so much from her already.

I love you all!!!!! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

28/03/14 - The Poole Zone... + AP's, - Jersey and Guernsey!

Big Time Slacking !!!

Im Big Time Slacking right now, two more days and Ill have 3 posts to catch up on...
Well! Another week gone by and it flew just as I expected... This transfer will be over before I know it and then I'm 1/3 of the way through.... WHAT?!?!?!?!? It really is crazy!
*** We just found out that the next transfer is on 23/04/2014 and we expected it the following week so it really will be over before we know it.
*** Both Sister Bastian and I think I will move so watch this space!

I love being a missionary... This week Sister Bastian asked me what I loved most about being a missionary and I couldn't decide straight away but after a long think I decided that it was witnessing others change their lives as they come unto Christ. On a completely selfish note, I also like how much I have changed as Heavenly Father has been molding me. Watching others change truly is very special and I love that I can be a part of it.
*** Saturday was very disappointing Pam wasn't able to go to the Temple and I probably let it bother me for a lot longer than I should but it's hard when you see Satan working his magic. I pray for her and pray that Satan will not be able to take a hold of her. But I know her time will come and she will find her way. That's what I don't like about missionary work... The opposite to what I love about it! Watching people struggle, watching Satan in his crafty ways and watching people reject the gospel. I wish that there was more that I could do but unfortunately Satan is very real. We should all try to be the kind of people that he is afraid of.

We were park contacting on Tuesday and we spoke to a guy named Elliot who last year had a long discussion with the Missionaries and has since read the entire Book of Mormon. I was both shocked and excited. We taught him about the Restoration and arranged to teach him in his home that Sunday (yesterday). Unfortunately he cancelled on the day as he had double booked himself. But we will be seeing him soon... Sister Bastian and I are very excited to see him again and teach him more about the Gospel.

Yesterday we had a last minutes dinner appointment with the Taylor family... I love them!!!!! We helped cook and prepare with Sister Taylor and I loved it... There were 10 of us for dinner! :) I felt like I was at home... Defiantly my home away from home that's for sure! They are planning on moving homes soon and I've told them to go north :)

We have a new missionary in the ward... I think I mentioned last week. Well now we know his name. Elder Robinson... We haven't got to know him yet but he's defiantly not an Elder Wilson! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing :) We'll take a new District photo next week!

We have Zone Training in Bournemouth on Friday and I'm excited! I love being around all the Missionaries... I'm starting to feel more comfortable at these big events too so that's good. Oh and the new Zone Leader is Elder Blackner... He's from Utah and seems cool. Seems like my northern accent is getting stronger because everyone seems to be making fun of me for my "bus" and "lunch" pronunciations. Especially the new Elders... I kept commenting on Elder Blackner's driving in retaliation! :)

Last Friday Sister Bastian had the MLC meeting in Stains that I mentioned... I went on exchange in Winchester with Sister Swain as her comp is STL for Portsmouth Zone. The ZL dropped us off on Thursday evening so we got to have a Sisters sleepover... Not quite the same as a regular one. Winchester is a cool place! Got to see the round table... Photo to follow! Oh and we bought companionship pedometers last Pday. Guess how many steps I did on Friday?!?! Photo to follow!! I was shocked!

Anyway I've wittered on for long enough!!

I love you all... Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

How many steps I took on Friday... 7.86 miles

The Round Table...

Last Pday... 6pm! It's over!!!!

This was me last week desperately studying for my talk!

At the top of the cathedral tower.

Sister Bastian and I at the top of the tower!

Salisbury chapel!!!!!

The mess I made while writing my talk!

On our way to church last week!

The view from our kitchen one day last week while I was making dinner.