Something In The Air !!!

Oh its ok, its just an airshow...

Well... My apologies for not emailing last week!!!! We went to a farm with a member to visit her horse and we managed to get a puncture on the way and ended up stranded there for a good couple of hours!

Pday should end at 6pm but we didn't get home until 7.15pm :/ not cool!

On Saturday President Millar called to speak with me about my email from that week. He also said "well, moves are coming up and you'll find out on Monday that you, Sister Smart will be moving to Bracknell with Sister Hickman and Sister Anderson who is currently there will be moving to Eastbourne". I wasn't at all surprised to be honest... My two transfer stay really is a pattern. As of Wednesday I will be on my 4th Zone, 5th Area, and 6th Companion... Apparently it's because I'm a "go in and get it done" Missionary but I think it's just because Heavenly Father knows me. Keeping it fresh is good for me! Bracknell is just west of London and is apparently in the "Stockbrokers Belt"... Rich people who commute to London for work. Very different from Eastbourne!!

Yesterday was a really nice day... Everyone in Eastbourne was sad to see me go and they gave me a really nice send off. I love it here and I will miss it but it's my time to move on. President and Sister Millar came to our ward unexpected so it was really nice to have them there. The London Temple President and Matron spoke and they were awesome!!!! We had dinner with the Rollinsons as a fairwell and it was lovely... I love them.

On Friday we held a Cottage Evening at a members home that Harold (one of our investigators) attended. It was awesome and he really enjoyed it. We watched a short film called "Only a Stonecutter"... I have seen it before but I had never realised how amazing it is. Probably because I am in a different place spiritually than I was then. The story is about John Rowe Moyle, a Stonecutter. It starts with his son speaking who says "This world consists of two sorts of people, those who are acted upon and those who act." and that really made me think. I like to think that I am someone who acts but am I really?

3 Nephi 27:21 says "Verily, verily, I say unto you, this is my gospel; and ye know the things that ye must do in my church; for the works which ye have seen me do that shall ye also do; for that which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do;".

We all know what we should be doing but are we doing it? If you don't know what you're suppose to be doing then you should figure it out!

This is a link to the "Only a Stonecutter" video:

Dan is awesome!!! He is so prepared to hear the Gospel... He will be Baptised on Saturday September 20th. I am sad to be leaving him but I know he is in good hands here!

Jackie is a less active member that we have been working with for a long time. She suffers from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and she has been struggling recently so we went to visit her in hospital today. I am really sad to be leaving her as she is amazing and I have become really close to her. She loves having Sisters here so I'm just glad that the area is staying open... We were afraid that it would be closed as so many Sisters are going home so they need to close (I think) 6 Sisters area's.

A couple of weeks back we had Airbourne (Airshow) here in Eastbourne and it was awesome! We got to see bits of it as our flat is so close... I will make sure that I come back to visit Eastbourne next year when it's on again and see it for real. I have so many photos to send but I have ran out of time so I will have to send a load next week!

I am excited for this next transfer... I am ready to work my backside off trying to be the best I can be.

Here's to hard work!!!!!!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

I Am The Captain of My Soul !!!

I am the Master of my fate...

Well... I can't believe that it is Monday again already!!! Time really is flying by!

Last Pday we spent with the District plus the Zone Leaders. We met half way in a town called Newhaven and played football, ultimate frizzbee and a little rugby. It was a fun day. I have some really cool video's from the car journey home. Jordan (YSA) drove us... He 'beat boxed' while Elder Trowbridge rapped in a very 'country red neck' kind of way. It was so funny! The files are too big to send home though! Funny times!

We are currently working with a family who have been less active for over 10 years and I just love them!!!!! We Visit them each week normally we have dinner then have a solid gospel discussion. I am so excited to see them back at church... I know that they will!!! I am afraid of transfers as I think I may leave the area... My pattern of only staying in an area for max two transfers is worrying me!

Crazy... We got a photo call a last week sometime from one of the Office Elders who was asking us about our Plan of Salvation chalk drawing as he was writing an article to go in the Harvester... The Harvester is a news letter that we receive every month from the mission office. It includes snippets of training, cool stories from the mission, historical events and what not. We got ours this week but I forgot to take a photo of our article. It has our photo in too... Kinda embarrassing but cool!

On Wednesday we went on exchange... Sister Jensen (Sister Training Leader) came to my area. We had a blast. It was a well needed exchange!!!!! It was suppose to be a 24 hour exchange which most exchanges are but because of travelling time it would have been cut really short so we decided to extend to 48 hours. It was awesome! I love Sister Draper... Don't get me wrong but when you are with someone 24/7 it is nice to go on exchange. It started to feel like Sister Jensen was my new comp though which is a bit weird. Sister Jensen is awesome and I am so sad that she is going home this transfer.

Last Tuesday I went to go see Brother Pye (Osteopath). Oh my heck... The man is a genius! My back and shoulders are so much better than they were. My hip is better too but it's still giving me some jip... I am seeing him again tomorrow so we'll see what else he can do for me. I think I should have visited an Osteopath a long time ago about my back and shoulders!!

Being a missionary is flipping hard work and I love it.

My mid-mission crisis isn't quite over but it is for sure on the way to being.

Recently I have realised that most of the time it all comes down to love... Love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, love for others and love for yourself. Please read 1st John 4.

In President Millar's email this week he shared a quote with us... "I am the Captain of my soul, I am the Master of my fate." It's going to be my motto for the week... Maybe even for life!

I hope you all have a great week!

I love you,

Sister Smart

Brighton District + Zone Leaders

This is for Chris... I saw these and thought of him so I had to buy them!

We decided we needed to buy new tooth brushes!

Got to love an Elder Reed photo bomb!!

Love the Deans!!!!!

Sister Draper and I... I love her!

A happy Elder Fa'aoso!!

And a red neck Elder Trowbridge!

Sister Draper and I!!!!!! Hahahahhahahaha!!!!

This was in our bathroom!!!! :/ I caught it and threw it out of the window!

After the 48 hour exchange! Sister Dimond, Sister Jensen, Sister Draper and I.

Sister Jensen is awesome... So sad that she goes home at the end of this transfer! I look so tired because we pillow talked for ages!! :/ Oops! And we had just done a couple hours of hard labour service!

My camera was stolen for a while the other day!

Injury of the week!! It really hurt... And it still does actually!!

I know I look mingin but I wanted to show you these boots!! Helen (a Recent Convert) A.K.A one of my favourite people gave me these cow boy boots the other day! :)

Sister Draper hit her year mark the other day! Crazy!!

Must Be Better, She's Doing Handstands !!!

Well, trying at least...

So this week has been crazy and I only have a short time to write this email so wish me luck!!

Sister Draper and I had a super chill Pday which was really nice!!! We did some shopping at Iceland and we were dreading carrying it home!!! At the till the lady asked "Do you want this to be delivered today for free?" I nearly cried with joy!!! They just pack it for you and then you choose a 2 hour slot and Bobs your Uncle!! Very happy Sister missionaries!!!!

Every night when we plan we write in our planners a (FOTD) funny of the day, a (MOTD) miracle of the day and (ADMICOMP) something we admire about of companion... One day this week we realised we hadn't had a FOTD so we decided to do some handstands!! I'm quite impressed at how good I am at them! We felt like children again! Sister Draper nearly knocked me out with her feet when she fell... Close call!!!

Our Ward Mission Leader (Clive Glenister... You can add him of FB if you like and he'll give you updates!) needed us to do some service as his wife is away... The raspberry bushes needed picking!! So we picked away then he gave us the raspberries as he didn't want them. Not bad ey?!

One lunch time I decided to make a quotes jar... I wrote it out as nice as I could and decorated the paper then stuck it to the lid of the jar. Sister Draper said "Hmm... I didn't think that you spelled quotes like that... But I might be wrong"... Turns out I wrote "Quoates" by mistake!!!!!!! One very sad Sister Smart... I cried! Partially with laughter! That was our FOTD!!!!

Sad news... The Eastbourne Pier partially burned down this week!! I'm glad that we had a trip to it before as it is now closed and we suspect it will be for a while. It was all very dramatic!!! So many road closed for almost two days!

My back, shoulders and hip have been disagreeing with missionary life style for a while now so President has given me permission to visit with Brother Michael Pye from our Ward who is a Osteopath... I am seeing him tomorrow so I'm hoping he will fix me!!! He has a "I'm a Mormon" profile and it has the Pier on it too so I'll give you the link!... Oh and The Seven Sisters!

District Meeting was on Friday this past week as we had interviews with President Millar too! I love that man... The interview was well needed and I have improved a lot since then!!! Sister Draper and I were asked to do a workshop at District Meeting which was cool... Not the best "presentation" I have given on my Mission but it was okay I suppose! I learned a lot at least and I think that most of the time we are given assignments to learn!

On Saturday it was Gay Pride in Brighton and President didn't want to Brighton Missionaries to be in the middle of all the partying so he told them to either stay in doors or find somewhere else to go. I called President and asked if they were allowed to come and help us with another Plan of Salvation chalk drawing and he said yes so the Bright Elders and our Elders came to help. It was awesome!!!!! I wish we could do it more regularly!!!

Today we are meeting the Brighton Missionaries half way in Newhaven to play Frisbee and Rugby! All fun fun fun!! Turns out I have longer to email than I thought as we're getting lift from a YSA to Newhaven! :)

I am for sure doing a lot better than I was but I'm not yet the Sister Smart that I was a couple weeks back! President said on the phone yesterday "Well... That's good! We'll take all we can get!" I am so grateful to him... I am so blessed to have the Millar's as my Mission President and wife!!

I love you all!

Have a wonderful week and watch this awesome video!!!!!!!

Love Sister Smart

I made a quiche last Pday... We pretty much had it every day for lunch last week with salad. It was surprisingly good!

The pier on fire :( Sad times!

We played on an outside gym this week... We're losers I know!

The handstands!

We couldn't get our timings quite right for a while!

Sister Draper... Possessed!

Raspberry picking!!

Service for Helen!! Your Papa's girl!!

A true dyslexic!! :( not happy!!!!!!!

Oh my heck!!!!!! We met this dog!!!!!!

Chalk drawing as a district!