No Christmas Cards !!!

But You Can Have a New Years Card...

Well... As you know (or at least you should), this week we celebrated Christmas!!! I just love this time of year!! Such a special time of year. It just makes me happy.

On Mondays there is a YSA Family Home Evening... Sometimes one of our recent converts goes and takes his non member friend so we try to go when that's the case. This was the case last week so we went. We played charades and it was so fun! A lot of the investigators there were Chinese but we still managed it! On the way home we got the train with the Elders... I have not laughed like that in a long time!!!! I felt like I was at home with the cousins again! Laughing is so healthy! We should all laugh more!!!! Our district is like a disfunctional family. It's quite odd but I like it. Unfortunately Elder Rife is moving to Christchurch so the disfunctional family may be coming to an end... We think Elder Johnson will bring some sanity.

So a couple weeks back I started writing Christmas Cards but P-Days can be quite short so I didn't end up finishing or posting any that I had finished as I wanted to include a photo. Christmas has been and gone but I think I'm going to send them anyway :) Just look at them as a New Years card! Sorry!!

Christmas Day was fun... Skyping was amazing!!! I miss you all so much but that's okay... I'm here for the right reasons and I love being here. It scares me how quickly the time is going :/!!!!! We had ham and potato salad for lunch then we had Chinese food for dinner... It made me miss Singapore!! Xing (Sing) is a really good cook!! Xing brought his non member friend so it was good to be with them. We played some games and it was real good fun! We laughed lots! The Elders made us some gifts... I took a photo so I'll send that after I've written this. They made me laugh. I think I feel like a Mum feels when her children make something for her at school then don't want to get rid of it. I don't know how I will get it home without destroying it though! :)

Sister Hickman is going home tomorrow!! Crazy! Because she would be home just after Christmas she decided not to Skype home. She asked President if she could call me instead and he said yes. It was sooooo nice speaking to her. I seriously feel like I knew her before this life. We were only together for 6 weeks yet I feel like I've known her my entire life!! She is one special person!

As I mentioned earlier... This week is transfers. Sister Hopgood and I are both staying in Chichester. I suspect that one of us will move next transfer though... Feb 11th. Lot's of Sisters go home that transfer so I think there will be a lot of changes. President has had to close a couple Sisters areas this transfer as a few Sisters have gone home and not many have come into the mission. The Isle of Wight was one of the areas so now we are the only Sister companionship in the Portsmouth Zone. I thought that I would be released as Sister Training Leader as I haven't got any Sisters to train but when I spoke to President he feels otherwise. Apparently I'm needed. So I am still Sister Training Leader. I'm happy about that as I loved MLC last transfer so I look forward to that this Friday :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!... Watch this! It makes me smile every time I watch it!

New Years Eve we're heading to the McCoys again for dinner... I think that's best. I don't think wandering the streets that evening would be a good idea!

Dan!!! Do you remember me talking about Dan when I was in Eastbourne?! Well... He was baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for him! He is amazing! The gospel is true!!!!!

Here's to a happy new year!

I truly hope this year brings you joy and peace...

Love, Sister Smart


My gifts from the Elders!

They were all being really silly and wouldn't have a photo! When they finially did I was fed up :)

This is Xing and our Chinese Christmas Dinner!

This is Elder Rife... After we got off the laughing train! Can you guess what we spoke about that was making me laugh so much?!

A Tough Week !!!

For A Tough Woman...


This week has possibly been on of the hardest weeks I've ever had on my mission! It's hard to see the benefit of these times when we're in the middle of the experience, but I know that the hard times are for our good. This video says it much better than I...

District meeting this week was just what I needed... Elder Gibbons based it on a talk by President Monson Many years ago called "Finishers Wanted" it is an amazing talk and just what I needed. before my mission people said... "Being a missionary is the best and hardest time of your life". Being a missionary really is amazing but so flipping hard!!!! I think this talk can help everyone!!!...

Elder Gibbons quoted Elder Kirk (my District Leader from Torquay) in District Meeting "If you're falling off a cliff you might as well try to fly". How true is that?!?!

Oh and also... After District Meeting the Zone Leaders were trying to drive off so I walked like a penguin in front of their car to wind them up!! Elder Van Dongan actually hit me!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!! I knew it was coming though so I very dramatically fell onto the bonit! Dodgy Elder!!

We went caroling and street contacting as a District this week... We sang with a 92 year old chap. It made my week.

I received a huge package from Ashton 1st ward this week... Thank you so much everyone!!! I am excited for Christmas morning.

This Saturday it was the Chichester Ward Christmas party... It was lots of fun! People were asked to make up a short piece of entertainment. As Missionaries we did a a song wearing Hugh Jackman masks as the activities chair person is obsessed with him!!!! We wore matching Christmas jumpers and flashing Santa hats. It was terrible!!! I made a trifle (for the first time) for the buffet and it was actually okay! That's what you get for having a Mum that's an amazing example!!!

Today the Ward are having a Christmas lunch for some of the members... We have been invited to help and to have lunch. I'm pleased as we wouldn't be having a Christmas lunch if not as we're going to the McCoys on Christmas day to have ham and salad as they're feeding so many at different times.

I can't believe that this is my second Christmas as a missionary and my third Christmas away from home! Time just flies!!!

Remember me telling you about us caroling at the train station after the Temple trip!? Well, Elder Gibbons Dad found it on YouTube. HAHAHA!! I've not watched it obviously so I don't know how terrible we sound but I'm sure it was better in real life :) Here's the links...

I truly hope that you all have a lovely Christmas!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


The Game Is On !!!

But She Just Cant Play It...


Well... This week has been a tough old week! We have been flogged and dropped a lot!!!


We were able to got to the Temple on Tuesday... It was amazing! So many answers received!! I got to see Sister Draper as she was there with an investigator... It was so nice to see her!!! And I got to see Elder Christensen even though he has been exiled to Jersey :). We were talking about that poem "footprints" and he pulled a little card with it on out of his handbook... He said "This is for you! I felt like I had to bring this but I didn't know why until now. It's for you!!". It made me cry... PUNK!!!!

We travelled by train to the Temple... On the way home we were dropped off by the office elders to find 50 other missionaries stranded as the train had been delayed/cancelled due to somebody being ill on board. We sang Christmas carols for an hour until the train arrived... It was amazing!! Some missionaries were chatting to people while others sang. We even got requests! I love being a missionary!!!

On the train home (when we finally got it) the Elder were teaching me how to speak and read Pig Latin as they speak it fluently! I'm not doing too bad... I can read it quite well and I can understand some things, it just takes me a while! Elder Rife has a theory that I don't have dyslexia in Pig Latin... Just in English! Haha!

I can't believe that we are just 10 days away from Christmas... It is crazy!! We are having Christmas lunch at the McCoys so that will be fun! We are then heading into town as a district to give gifts to random people and sing carols. How exciting! Remind everyone what Christmas is all about!

Have you every heard of "The Game"?... I hadn't until I met Elder Rife. The Game is:- if you think about the game you have lost the game. You tell everyone around you that "I have just lost The Game" then they loose the game. It is so STUPID!!!!!! I loose the game about 5 times a day. Every time the Elders call for something I loose the game and every time I try to remember something I remember about the game then loose. It has RUINED my life!! Sister Maddocks says "the only way to win the game is to refuse to play the game" but I just can't do it. The game as won if I do that! Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!

This Saturday it is the Chichester ward party... It should be fun! As Missionaries we have been asked to do a 5-10 minute skit. Thankfully Elder Rife is very creative so that should be fun! I'll try to get a video!

I have been fretting a lot recently trying to figure out if I am a successful Missionary. If I am doing all that I can and should. If I am wasting any of these precious days as a Missionary. I was reading through my notes from Mission Leadership Council and I was "PMG page 10" without an explanation. I looked in Preach My Gospel on page 10 and it was the "A Successful Missionary" section. I studied that until my eyes were square even though I have studied it before... I guess I just forgot it was there. It was very insightful!

I truly love being a missionary. Christ suffered so why should we be comfortable all of the time?! We shouldn't... We are here to learn and grow.

I hope that you all have a lovely week and remember this special time of year for what it really is!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Smart


Christmas jumper!!

Christmas beard!!

Stick pull with Francesca... I won!

Elder Christensen and I at the temple :) I miss this guy!! We're not holding hands... It just looks like it :O DODGE!!

Our MTC group... Elder Johnson, Me, Sister Steffensen, Sister Hopgood.

Elder Wilson and I... He's my mission brother! We were both new in my first district! Then we served together in Salisbury!

First Successful Exchange !!!

Followed By Travel Sickness...

Hello!!! What a week!!!

I can't believe it's Monday again... These weeks are flying by!!!!

Where to start?! Our phone broke on Wednesday and I had planned an exchange for Thursday with the Isle of Wight Sisters... That was interesting trying to communicate with them and trying to find our way. We actually got there without any problems and sweet talked the guy we got our tickets from for the Hovercraft to call the Sisters to let them know when we would be on the Isle of Wight :). I was worried about conducting the exchange but it went really well... Everyone feels that they learned something and that's what it's about!! Only downer... I felt travel sick all of Thursday and Friday. I guess that's what 8 hours of travel will do to you.

Sister Hopgood and I are now studying the 12 weeks programme... We normally study it the first 12 weeks in the mission field but as she has been home for a while due to knee surgery we are studying it again. I'm excited to do it all again... To re-learn!

We received a text last week from the mission office with a referral. Somebody referred their self through We went to teach her this week while on exchange and she is amazing!! She came to church on Sunday and we are going to visit her again on Thursday. She originally came into contact with the church about 5 years ago. It wasn't the right time then but it seems to be now. The church is true and Heavenly Father loves each of us. Never forget that!!

On Friday we went street contacting in Chichester as a District with Joey Honour. It was lots of fun... I never thought I'd be able to talk to as many people as I do. I really hope I'm like Joey when I get home... Well I will make sure that I am!

This week has been full of prayers and answers to prayers!! Heavenly Father really is listening to us. Pray with faith, intent and sincerity and you'll receive what you need.

Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple for Christmas... I am so excited!! We are getting the train at 06:40am :) I really can't wait! The mission has been split into 4 so we're going with about 70 other missionaries. How much fun! I love being with the other missionaries and I love going to the temple... Double win!

Christmas is just over two weeks away... How has it come to this time of year already?! I love this time of year!! So much joy!! Then it's transfers 31/12/14 :O What?! Where does time go!?!?!?!

The past week of so I have learned A LOT!!! And this scripture has been standing out "And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come." Doctrine and Covenants 130:19. So true!!!!

I saw this music video the other day and I wanted to share it with you as it brought me so much joy. I just love it!...

I hope that you all have a lovely week and are able to remember the true meaning of this special time of year!!!

I love you! Remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart


Chichester District!

Looking rough on a Hovercraft with Sister Stigant!

Cool view from Gumwaft bus staion in Portsmouth... Christmas is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helaman's Army !!!

On The Move Again...

Well... Say hello to the craziest week!!

Oh my days... Monday night the Sisters from the Isle of Wight came to stay, so it was easier to get to London for the Elder Cook conference on Tuesday. Sister Maddocks and I didn't have enough money to buy both of our tickets to London plus the renewal of my rail card so the Office Elders bought our tickets and gave us a confirmation code to print our tickets off. You know me... I like to do things in advance so we print our tickets out at the station as we collected the Sisters.

Some how the Elders made a mistake and we got about 50 missionaries tickets! As soon as I realised what the machine was doing my heart sunk!!! :( Thankfully they have been able to return the tickets and they have re booked every ones tickets and we got new confirmation codes the morning of the conference. PHEW!!!!!!!! I'm so glad we attempted to get our tickets the night before or they wouldn't have had time to re book all of the tickets for the morning of.

Tuesday was amazing... We travelled to London without any hiccups! About 16 of us walked to the chapel from Victoria station and we were greeted by a couple of smiling faces taking photos of us outside the V and A Museum... He shouted "you are Heleman's Army" and she sang "Called to Serve" to us. They were clearly not English and it made me so happy!!! Elder Reed and I agreed that we could turn around and head back home as it was so uplifting :) The church is true. I'm glad we continued to Hyde Park though as the conference was amazing! I went with questions in my heart and in mind and they were all answered! We all got to shake Elder Cook's hand. So cool! I also got to shake the hand of Elder Toby Nolan!!! :) so good to see him :) He looks so happy!!! Him and a few other Elders did the musical item for the conference. Toby sang a solo!! I didn't even know he sang. It was really good! At the end of the conference Elder Cook pronounced an Apostolic Blessing upon our Missions and all of the Missionaries. It really was amazing!

On Thursday it was Thanks Giving and we had District Meeting. Thanks Giving is so random... It's just Christmas dinner a month early! :) It was good though. It's so interesting being in a new District with a new District Leader... They all do it so differently! The Elders Presented Sister Maddocks and I with decorated planners as a thank you for making them lunch on Tuesday for the Elder Cook Conference. :) It's an interesting planner!

FRIDAY... Sad day!! President called us just after 8am during personal study and you know something is wrong when he calls at that time! He explained that there was a companionship of Sisters that weren't getting on, so we needed to help out and do a swap. I am still here in Chichester and my new companion is Sister Hopgood from Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Her and i were in the MTC together but she had to go home for knee surgery so she has just come back to the mission. Sister Maddocks is now with Sister McKay in Hastings. I was so sad to see her go. 11 day companionship isn't cool... I miss her! Chichester is great though. Only being here for 11 days I don't know the area very well but that's okay... It's an adventure!!!

This Thursday I will be conducting an exchange is the Isle of Wight Sisters... We have to get to Portsmouth then take a Hovercraft. Another adventure!!!!! I'm excited!!

The "He is The Gift" video is now available!!!! Watch it and share it!!! Christmas is amazing... I am excited!!

I hope you all have a lovely week! Enjoy this time for year for what it truly is!!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Maddocks and I!

Sister Maddocks and I eating Fish and Chip in the play ground... It was raining!!!

Sister Maddocks playing Mary.

Sister Maddocks... Our last dinner together. Pizza and Salad... Her favourite!!

Chichester District!! Me, Sister Maddocks, Elder Rife, Elder Gibbons!

The true Chichester District!! :)

Sister Hopgood and I!

Pumped For Life !!!

By Elder Quinton L. Cook...

Hello hello!

This week has been a good week... A good busy week!

Sister Maddocks is great... She is so sweet!!! I am so blessed to be her companion!!

We have been trying some new finding ideas which have been really fun... We have lots of fun together and laugh a lot. I really do love being a missionary!

We are working with a really cool guy named Serge! He came to Church yesterday for the first time and he loved it!! He lost his wife 14 years ago in a sailing accident and has been looking for peace and comfort since then. It is so nice being here and watching him receive that which he has been looking for.

On Wednesday evening the Poole Zone Leaders called to inform us that the Poole Sister Training Leader and her comp would be staying with us on Thursday evening in preparation for Mission Leadership Council on Friday. I asked who the STL was and they told me it was Sister Stuart... I nearly fell over with excitement!!! I was so happy that they were coming to stay!!! Her and I slept in the lounge so we didn't disturb the other Sisters as we had to get up at 05:30am for MLC. We had so much to talk about that I think we only had about 4-5 hours sleep in the end :/... Not cool but it was so nice catching up with her!!!

Elder Trowbridge who I served with in Eastbourne is one of the Poole Zone Leaders so it was really cool catching up with him in the car on the way there. Then My beloved Sister Hickman was at MLC... It was so nice to see her!! I truly do miss her! She is amazing! I am so sad that she goes home next transfer! Her and I nearly wet ourselves laughing at the AP role play... With the help from some of the Zone Leaders they acted out Noah and the ark. Elder Trowbridge and Elder Harris were goats with Elder Day and Elder Haggerdorn as Panda's... I have never laughed so much at a role play before. I actually cried. Elder Jackman played the role of Noah's son and his baby voice was hilarious!!! That aside the meeting really was amazing... I learned so much and it has pumped me up for this transfer.

This coming Tuesday (Tomorrow), I will be pumped for life as we have the privilege to see Elder Quinton L. Cook of the Twelve speak to us and the England London Mission at the Hyde Park Chapel. Not all of the Mission get to go as it's too far to travel and would cost a bomb so we are so fortunate that we get to go. We are so excited!! Sister Brown (my trainer) and her comp will be staying with us tonight then traveling with us tomorrow. How cool is that?!?!

The other evening we walking down the road and this guy waved to us from a car... I waved back even though I didn't know him then they pulled over... I thought he was going to ask for directions but he knew me... He told me I look like my mum!! His name is Joey Honor... He's a member of the Chichester Ward and he recently returned from the England Manchester Mission. He served in Oldham! Cool eh?! On Sunday he came to me with a missionary planner and asked when we needed him this week! He is coming finding with us on Thursday... So cool!!! I want to be that kind of member Missionary when I get home!

Elder Gibbons is my new District Leader... He is from Dublin, Ireland but had unfortunately lost his accent!! Poor guy!! His comp is Elder Rife from Ohio and Elder Gibbons sounds more American than him... Haha!!! Jokes!!!!

My new Address here in Chichester is:

At MLC we were informed about a new initiative called "He is The Gift"... It's all about Jesus Christ and Christmas... I am so excited!!!! We were able to see the new Mormon Message attached to the campaign called "He is The Gift" it hasn't come out yet... It will be aired on Wednesday at 07:00pm! Watch it!!!!!!!!!!! or on Youtube!!

Have a lovely week!!!!! Enjoy the video!!!!

Remember who you are... Always!

Love, Sister Smart


Mission Leadership Council 21/11/2014

Sister Hickman and I at MLC! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Maddocks and I... Chichester is so pretty!!!!

Joey Honor and I!

Letter From President Millar !!!

Had a very nice letter from Sister Smart's Mission President this week...

Click here to read the letter.

Well Guess Who Is Sister Training Leader !!!

Well Go One Then Guess...

So this is a crazy email... It is 19:40 and I am emailing... Crazy email after a crazy day!!!

I am exhausted!!!! I have been having the worst nights sleep the past week or so... But who needs sleep!? I can sleep when I get home! :/ Haha! Sorry if this email doesn't make sense!

On Friday we were just sitting down to a nice Chinese take away with the Hamilton's when President Millar called. He told me that the circumstances weren't right for me to train this transfer so I was replacing Sister Bastian (who goes home on Wednesday) in Chichester... Big boots to fill!!!

My new comp would be Sister Maddocks and I will be training a new missionary when she is either moved areas or goes home as she goes home 3 months before me. Sister Schmidt is staying in Bracknell and is training a new missionary. There is a new Sister coming into the mission called Sister Schmidt and we are so hoping that she trains her!! I'm not going to lie, I was gutted that I'm not training but I know that this move is meant to be. We are always called to certain places with certain people for a reason... Also gutted that I'm not going to be in Bracknell for Christmas. I am truly grateful that I am able to continue the friendships that I form in each of my areas as I live so close!!

On Monday we had the Zone P'Day in Reading... A couple of members organised it and it really was amazing... I hope I am able to do stuff like that for missionaries when I get home. We played pass the parcel, spoons and games like that. Really fun day! First we just had lunch together and I realised how awkward I am going to be when I get home. Once we were playing games and we had a purpose it was fun but before that I just felt weird! Not having a purpose in every situation is going to be weird! :/ fun fun fun!!

At family home evening at the Hamilton's on Monday evening Virdi shared a scripture for the spiritual thought... "But this much I can tell you, that if ye do not watch yourselves, and your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds, and observe the commandments of God, and continue in the faith of what ye have heard concerning the coming of our Lord, even unto the end of your lives, ye must perish. And now, O man, remember, and perish not." Mosiah 4:30. How awesome is he?!?!

Randomly we got a phone call from a really weird number this week... I was brushing my teeth after lunch so Sister Schmidt answered... It was Vinayak!!!!!!!!! I nearly spat my tooth paste out on the floor with shock! I managed to get to the sink then spoke to him. He called all the way from India! All I know is he sounded happy! We got cut off after about a minute so I don't really know why he called other than to see how we were doing! It was so cool talking to him though!

On Tuesday we helped at Young Women's... We sat on a missionary panel so the Young Women could ask us questions about being a Missionary. It was actually pretty cool and I realised how crazy special Missions are!

I manged to learn a few German words before I left Sister Schmidt and I also learned a German phrase... "Zwei dumme, ein gedanke!!!" German - English "Two dummies, one thought!!!". Sister Schmidt and I reached into out bags at the same time to find our lip balm. :) I would say... "Great minds think a like!!" :).

Last night we were at Matt and Beth's for dinner (A last supper) and President called... He told me that he forgot to tell me the other day that I am the Sister Training Leader for my Zone. I nearly cried and I have felt sick ever since! I'm so flipping nervous!! The first Friday of every transfer all of the STL's, Zone Leaders and AP's get together with President Millar for Mission Leadership Council. :/ How flipping daunting!!!! Then I found out that Sister Hickman is the STL for the Crawley zone and I felt a little better as I would have my bestie by my side to be daunted with!!

As Sister Bastian is going home I moved to my new area today... My travel plans included going to the Temple... I got to see loads of Missionaries that were going home so that was cool as I didn't think I would see them again. I got to see Sister Bastian :) I love her so much!! She left me a note in my new flat and a Christmas gift. All of my companions are starting to go home... It's going to be really weird!

Today in Presidents letter we found out that Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to visit the England London South Mission and the England London Mission on November 25th. Only some of the missionaries will be able to attend because of travel... We are so hoping that we will be able to go but we will find out soon! This is going to be a full transfer!!! We also found out that we will be going to the Temple on December 9th!!! :) Yay!!!!

This week in my study this scripture really stood out to me!! "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words. And thus it is. Amen." 1 Nephi 9:6... This is so true!! Heavenly Father does know us all individually and he knows what we need. Allow him to help you... Be humble enough to ask for his help. Be worthy of his help.

I hope that you all have a lovely week!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Maddocks and I!

Alf and I... He is 94!

Good Night - Sleep Tight !!!

Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite...

Hello hello!!

It feels like 5 minutes ago that I was writing my email last week! Time is flying by!!! :/

So... About two weeks ago I was bitten by something. Didn't know what at the time but they were driving me crazy as they itched so much. So much so that they kept me awake some nights. After about a week they started to look angry, I felt quite unwell then they progressed into quite a nasty infection. I went to the GP and she informed me that they looked like tick bites that had become infected and I probably felt unwell because I had probably had Limes disease... Sounds really bad but it's not too bad if it's treated. She gave me two weeks of anti-biotics and they seem to be doing the job! They didn't kick in straight away so the following day they were a lot worst than the photos I've sent but now they're much better and I feel pretty good too. Nasty little ticks!! I'm just glad they didn't embed them selves!!!!

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon!!! Yes, I know I've been out for a year but anyone that knows me well will understand why it has taken me so long! I have now restarted reading it as well as the New Testament. Wish me luck!!! :)

Last P'Day we planned to go to Oxford for a Sisters P'Day... Our Train from Bracknell was delayed by more than an hour so we ditched that and spent the day being productive... It was probably a good thing as today we are heading to Reading for a Zone P'Day so today won't be very productive. About 4 missionaries from the zone are going home this transfer so it's kind of a farewell for them. We are going to the Reading Chapel to play games so it should be a fun day!!

We have been doing a method of finding/street contacting! We have been using cards... We fan them out (all different colours) like a deck of cards and say "pick a card, any card!". It works quite well as an icebreaker and often makes people smile. I think they think I'm a nut job!!! :)

This week we went to the Sarawanga family for dinner... We had rice balls and Peanut soup. It was amazing. African food is so nice... Eating soup with the hands is interesting! :)

We had a conventional dinner last night with the Morris family! They are from Stoke... It's so nice to be with Northerners... They get my humor.

As you know... Yesterday was remembrance Sunday. We had a lovely service. We had a two minute silence, awesome speakers on sacrifice and consecration then sang "I Vow To Thee My Country". We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom to worship how we wish... "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." The 11th Article of Faith.

We met a lady this morning on the way to the library... She will be turning 80 very soon. She was amazing!! We were talking about people of her age and one of the things she said was "Life is for living! Once you put yourself in a corner, feeling sorry for yourself then its all over. LIVE!!"

Awesome advice!!

I hope that you all have a lovely week!

I love you!

~ Sister Smart


So I stupidly opened a newly painted door the other day... Not cool!

Scary, I know!!! Sister Schmidt and I on Halloween... Haha, jokes! Facemasks!

Rice ball and peanut soup! I will make it when I get home. African food is amazing!

Sister Schmidt on an average day! Haha!!

I cut Sister Schmidt's hair... Before!

And After!

Masey being Sister Smart.

Sister Smart being Masey.

Tick bite number 1.

Tick bite number 2.

Masey had lots of fun with my camera last night!! 72 photos later!!

Consecration Week !!!

Good News Overload

What a week!!!! This week was "Consecration Week!"... President wanted us to do 4 hours of finding new people to teach each day. It was a good week! We had lots of plans so trying to fit that in was tough but we did the best we could :)

Tuesday was a Halloween activity... Trunk or Treat! It was fun! We helped out a little then Ian Greathead arrived with my boxes from home. The plan was for him to drop it off with The Hamilton's but the only evening he could do it was Tuesday and the Hamilton's were at the activity so we had a little chat and exchanged boxes. Again... It's so weird seeing people from home. It just doesn't feel normal. Two worlds coming into one!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President Millar... I love that man! I don't know how he does it! How can he have so much love for each Missionary when there are about 300 of us?! The interview went well... He told me that he wants be to have the opportunity to train a new missionary and there are 15 new Sisters coming into the mission on November 19th. That doesn't mean that I will train but it means that I could. I am excited and nervous! Pleased that he trusts me to train. I will willingly accept the challenge! We'll see!!!!!

District Meeting was on Thursday... Elder Cooper asked me to prepare a 10 minute presentation on finding new people to teach... Very apt! I think it went quite well... It's weird teaching/presenting without your companion though! We went for lunch after the meeting as a district plus the Zone Leaders and the Earley Sisters who we went on to have an exchange with that afternoon. I went to Earley with Sister Brooks and we had fun... Taught a really cool woman together. Traveling back from exchanges the next day elder Popa asked me if I would like to drive... Of course I said yes as I love to drive and haven't in over a year! I thought he was joking but he pulled over, we swapped seats and I drove us to our flat. I think it was their Happy One Year Mark gift from the Zone Leaders! :) I also got two Starbars from Elder Christensen on my year mark... :)!

On Saturday we went to the Temple Visitors Centre with a couple that we are working with... It was really nice... It was also very busy!! I got to see Sister Taylor from Salisbury :D, President and Sister Crew, (the Poole Stake President who live in my first area, Yeovil), Honey (The Crews daughter) who lives in Rugby so knows Rae, plus a few other people, but I'd be here forever if I told you everyone that I saw! On Sunday we went to the Temple again for a fireside with Jim who we are currently working with... I got to see my dearest Sister Hickman!!!!!

All in all I think this week has been a good week!...

I feel like I'm forgetting something!!!... Haha, JOKES!!!!!

I know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rae Rae is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so flipping excited!!! I don't think I can take anymore good news/seeing people I love!! I will have a new niece or nephew just a couple weeks before I get home... Just in time! Sorry family but you will have to hug me with a baby between us! :) I'm not going to put him/her down... EVER!!!!!!!!!

This week I have been studying a talk from General Conference called "Come and See" by Elder David A. Bednar... It's amazing! If any of you wonder why I am serving a mission then you should watch the video below... He explains it so well so I wont bother trying to explain!!

I hope that you all have a lovely week and you remember who you are! Mum has said that to me for as long as I can remember... "Remember who you are!"! I didn't really understand what she meant by it until recently-ish! Think about it... Who are you?!?! We are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much that he sent his only Begotten Son to suffer and die for us and Jesus, our brother loves us so much that he suffered and died willingly.

If you think that miracles have stopped then think about this... There is a baby born every minute!!!... Sorry what was that?!?! Female humans grow mini humans in their tummies?! MIRACLE!!!!!!!

I love you!!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Schmidt and I!

Accidentally receiving a package or two from Ian!

I found Manchester Road on Exchange in Earley this week!

I saw Sister Taylor from Salisbury at the Temple on Saturday... One very happy Sister Smart!!

I saw Sister Hickman last night at a Temple Fireside!!... Another very happy Sister Smart!!!!

My tears of joy when I found out that I am going to be an Aunt again!!!!!!!

Swapping back after exchange!!

Crowthorne District plus Zone Leaders!

Crowthorne District plus Zone Leaders again!

I drove a car this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Miracle !!!

An Amazing One At That...

Good morning!!!!!

Let me start off by telling you about an amazing miracle!!!! HAROLD!!!! I taught Harold when I was in Eastbourne... As did everyone else! He has been investigating the church for over 17 years on and off. He never showed any desire to change his life style to fit Heavenly Fathers commandments. He once said to me "Sister Smart, I know how you see it... It's like a sick person refusing the medication.". He knew my frustration! :) About 6 weeks after he said that we helped him give up Tea and Coffee. Then!!!!! About 6 weeks after I left he was baptised! AMAZING!! Just taking that first step allowed him to see how much strength he had and the blessings he was entitle to... "spiritual light rarely come to those who merely sit in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the Light of Christ.". Harold took an act of faith and it lead him to be baptised! His story was even mentioned in Zone Conference!!

Elder Botcha... Elder Botch is from the London Mission and was our Hindi interpreter when we were teaching Vinayak! When Vinayak was heading back to India he gave us some treats his wife had made. We sent some to Elder Botcha along with some photographs and thank you notes. Elder Botcha emailed us after he received the package and said... "There is one cool thing I wanted to share with you actually it's a miracle . This is one of the revelation Heavenly Father has blessed me with. So, all the time I was teaching Vinayak with you , every time I translated over the phone I used to close my eyes in order to focus and listen to what he was saying and also imagine that he is sitting in front of me. I had an imaginary Vinayak image in my head. When you sent me his picture to my surprise it's the same picture I had in my head while I was teaching him just without glasses. It was a big surprise for me. I never saw him I never knew what he looked like but the Lord gave me a hint for teaching him. This one thing testifies to me that this is the Lord's work ! I'm so grateful for being a Missionary . Thank you Sisters for being a part of this miracle in my life. I will never forget this time on my mission. It has been a wonderful time.". How amazing is that?!?!?! Heavenly Father is so amazing!

This week I had a dream... The event was a mix of the Ashton Chapel 50th anniversary and a transfer day here in the ELSM. I was transferred the the ASHTON 1ST WARD!! :O It was so weird having both worlds in one. I don't normally dream about home so it was so weird. I think I know why though... Mum and Dad sent me one of the booklets from the anniversary weekend and I was looking through it just before I went to bed. Anyway... In the dream of course I saw Mum and Dad and I just cried and cried! :/ thinking "how on earth am I going to do this?! Be a full time missionary at home!?". Weird weird weird!

We have a friend named Rodel who plays rugby... He used to play for Bracknell before they were relegated but now he plays for a team in Oxford. We had the opportunity to attend a match with him and his family this past week. Bracknell won and Sister Schmidt was so excited to see her first Rugby match. It was pretty fun, I must admit!! I am excited to go to one of the Six Nations matches next year with Mum!!

As you all know... The clocks went back this past weekend. It was nice having the extra hour but my body still woke me up! I was awake for 05:15am as my body thought it was 06:15am. Fortunately I was able to fall back to sleep! The poor Elders forgot!!!! They realised in the morning. They called and asked if it was 07:00am of 8:00am... It was 07:00am! They got an extra hour of study!!!

This coming Friday is my year mark... People keep reminding me! It's so weird... It does not feel like one year at all! We are going for dinner at the Richardson's that evening and I am one very happy Sister Smart as I love that family!!

Today I am going to have my hair cut... Nothing too crazy! At least I just plan for a trim but who knows what will take my fancy! :)

One scripture has repeatedly been coming up in my study this week! "And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not, there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away." -2 Nephi 2:13. I'm not sure why is keeps coming up or for who but I thought I'd share it with you! Maybe I'll find out soon why and who it is for! Maybe it's for me! I'll let you know if I figure it out! :)

I hope that you all have a lovely week! Always remember who you are and be grateful! Remember "all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." -D&C 122:7

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


The flowers from the Hamilton's!

Elder Christensen in Primark last Pday!

District Pday!

Sister Schmidt being spoiled by the Hamilton's! They're so good to us!!!

At Edd's American Diner for Sister Schmidt's Birthday!

Our server was Jesus!!!!!

Sister Schmidt at her first Rugby match!!!! She loved it!

Go Bracknell, GO!!!!! Haha! The Lineups were Sister Schmidt's favorite bit!