Seven Sisters, wow thats a big companionship !!!

Eastbourne. lock-up your none-members...
Well... I have now been a missionary for over 8 months!!!! Where on earth has the time gone!??!?! I reach my half way mark this transfer... July 10th I think. CRAZY!!!!

Today Elder Fa'aoso is going to teach us the Hakka!!!!! :/ Hahahah!!! Hopefully we can get good enough to take a video!! I've already told him that I will not be making the faces! :)

Last P'day was ace!!!!! We went to the Seven Sisters as planned... Amazing!!! Hopefully I'll have time to send photos! I thought for sure that Elder Reed was going to die!

My new District leader is Elder Cluff... I met him briefly while travelling from a Zone Conference in my first transfer. He is the nicest guy and I'm really glad that he is my DL!!! Elder Trowbridge (Eyebrow) is so flipping funny!! and is such a nice guy too. Seriously... My district is made up of cowboys/rednecks and a Tongan! :) So much fun!! I have been blessed in every one of my areas with great Missionaries! It's so nice to be associated with these awesome people.

Oh yeah... Crazy story!!!

Last week Sister Connery and I were in town (Eastbourne) chatting to this guy. We end our street teaches with a prayer and it was Sister Connery's turn to pray. Just as she started to pray this girl came around the corner and approached her friends who were next to us... She was going crazy! I tried to be reverent but I had to open my eyes!!! the guys face was a picture! Then the police turn up, tell her that she is in her restricted area and begin to arrest her. She resisted and bashed into the guy we were teaching. They cuffed her and shoved her in the back of the car just as Sister Connery said "Amen!". The guy we were praying with congratulated Sister Connery on continuing the prayer while someone got arrested and then went on his way. It was crazy!!! Sister Connery didn't even realise what had happened until I told her!

Thank you for all of your emails!! I apologise if I haven't replied... I read them all and love reading them but often I don't have time to reply.

Sorry this is all I have time for this week!!

I hope you are all doing well!!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

This is Sarah Parsons and I... She looks after the missionaries here in Eastbourne!!!

View from the Parsons home!!! Nice eh?!

Look... I was transported to Turkey!!!!! Haha!

Elder Trobridge, Elder Fa'aoso, Sister Connery and I on the bus... Traveling to The Seven Sisters

Sister Connery and I half way up one of the Seven Sisters!

Me... This one is just for mum! On the edge!

The Brighton District... Me, Sister Connery, Sister Walmsley, Sister Dimand, Elder Trowbridge, Elder Fa'aoso, Elder Cluff, and Elder Reed

And again... The Brighton District. These photo's don't do it any justice... Google it or visit The Seven Sisters... Maybe once I've left Eastbourne! :)

The Seven Sisters... Beachy Head lighthouse in the distance... Terrible photos!

The storm is coming!!!!!!... We got drenched!!!!!

Terrible photographs and you can't even see it properly but this is my dodgy watch tan mark! It's more obvious in real life!

Feet tan marks!

On The Move Yet Again !!!

I think that girl has got itchy feet...
Well... What a crazy week!!!! Eastbourne is great! The ward are great and the people that we come into contact with are great.... So kind! Sister Connery and I have been welcomed very well into the ward, the Brighton District and the Crawley Zone. We're very excited to be here and we're excited to find those people that have been prepared or us.

The Elders here are Elder Trowbridge and Elder Fa'aoso. I had met Elder Trowbridge briefly once before on an exchange... At the time he didn't have any eyebrows because three other Elders dared him that he wouldn't... What a numpty!!! I gave him my eyebrow pencil at the time and he only used it once... When he had his interview with President Millar! Crazy guy!!! Elder Fa'aoso is brand new!!! He is from Tonga and he is the most chilled out guy I have ever met!!!! He is a rugby player and had some big offers but he chose to be a missionary instead... Cool Guy!!!

Today we're heading to The Seven Sisters... google it!!!!! Amazing!! I'm excited... Photo's next week! We're going with the District!! :)

On Saturday evening we had a phone call from a less active member named Miguel and he was wondering what time Church started because he and his girlfriend wanted to attend. We informed them and the following day they turned up. Brayah, his girlfriend is amazing!!! She felt the Spirit and she told us that she wants to be Baptised. The Elders had taught her briefly before with Miguel but she hadn't shown any progression. We have a teach with her tomorrow and we are so excited!

We were blessed to attend a musical fireside provided by the BYU students yesterday evening and Brayah really felt the Spirit there. It was a lovely experience for us all... Even though it was a bit cheesy!!!

Urgh... Sister Connery snores!!!!!!!!! :( so unfortunately sleeping hasn't been easy this past week, even though I have been exhausted!! Last night was much better so hopefully this is the start to restful nights... I bought ear plugs! She has been out for 14 months so we think that I might "kill" her off! Only three transfers! Crazy!

Time is flying by!!!! I am scared... I have been out 7 1/2 months!! Where has it gone!? It is going far too quickly.

I love Missionary work and I love being here in Eastbourne. Getting home at night and being exhausted gives a great feeling of satisfaction.

In my personal study this morning I was reading in Alma and I came across a scripture about repentance... Alma 36:12-21. How blessed are we?!?! The gospel is true people... find your faith!

I love you all... Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Connery and I!

Elder Salas and I... Our final good-bye! For now!

Me, Sister Stuart and Luke saying good-bye. Leaving area's is tough.

Me, Elder Kirk (Newton Abbot District Leader) and Sister Stuart... He is an awesome guy and missionary... So sad that he was only my DL for one transfer!!

Elder Fa'aoso, Elder Trowbridge, Sister Connery and I... Eastbourne Missionaries!!

Sister Stuart and I looking fetching!!


Judith bought Sister Stuart and I these bear from London :)

Elder Salas chavin' it up wearing my coat! Tut tut!!

Sister Stuart crying with laughter!!!

This is Ben being a child!!! :)

I almost jumped on this bus to come and say "hello!!!" to Rae, Jae and Abe!! Haha... Just kidding!!

Sister Stuart and I!!! :)

The Eastbourne chapel... Only LDS chapel in the world with a cross on it! (in the brickwork on the chimney)

Playing Catch-Up Again 4 !!!

On The Move Again!!!
Well... Have I got some news for you!!!!!!!

As you know it's transfers this week... We kinda expected Sister Stuart to leave but we didn't expect this... We are both leaving and they are closing the area down. For now the Elders in Paignton will be covering both areas and we passing everything over to them. I am opening a new area in Polegate near Eastbourne with someone called Sister Connery who I don't know... I know she is from Idaho and that's about it. We will be in the Brighton District which is in the Crawley Zone. We are about 1 hour from the London Temple which is crazy and Matt and Stacey get married there soon! Someone please remind me of the date so I make sure that I'm not there that day!

Arrgghhhh!!! I only have 6 minutes left!!

It really has been a crazy week as we have to close down the flat! We have been super busy! Sister Stuart and I really have developed a great relationship so we are really sad that our companionship is coming to an end so soon. She is going to Weston Super Mare and I know she will be great there! I am so sad to be leaving Elder Salas!!!!!!! He is so sad that we're all leaving him! "But Sister! What will I do without you here? Who will I call for support and comfort scriptures?". He is a great guy and an amazing missionary and I am going to miss him. The photo is of him moaping about us all leaving him!! :( Poor guy!

Well I now only have 1 minute!! I don;t think I'll have chance to email on Wednesday so I will email properly next Monday!!

Have a great week!!

I love you all x

Elder Salas moaping!!!

Playing Catch-Up Again 3 !!!

Feelilg Old
Well... This week as flown by!!! I can't believe that it's Monday already... We had interviews with President Millar :)

Things are picking up here in Torquay... The weather, the work and our spirits. :) Sister Stuart and I laugh a lot!!!

Last Monday we went and played pitch and put... I was terrible but it was fun besides the rain!! Then we held a YSA family home evening. It was fun!! We had a lesson on Hope then played Pictionary and chair football... Elder Salas and Luke were intense!!!! Luke's shins were cut up and Elder Salas ended up on the floor! Crazy but fun!

We also had a really good lesson with Luke this week... He is on his jolly holiday so we won't see him until next week but I am super excited for him!! Please pray for him!

Today we are going to play chair football and I am making lunch for the District. It's our last Pday this week before transfers next Wednesday. We don't know what is going to happen. Elder Anderson is going... He's been here for 7 1/2 months. Plus President told him and Elder Salas in their interviews. Sister Stuart asked President if she was moving and he said he didn't know yet... So I guess we'll just have to wait and find out!! President said in my interview "you know Sister Smart, I have a great deal of confidence in you. I trust you more than you think"... I have no idea what that means but I am a little afraid!!

Well... This is a small email but I don't know what else to tell you!

I have been out for 7 months now... Crazy! I am starting to feel old in mission life now as well as life in general!

I hope you all have a great week!!!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Playing Catch-Up Again 2 !!!

Short and Sweet (just like her)
I only have a few minutes to write this week so it'll be a short one!

Well... This week has been crazy!!!!! I don't know where it has gone.... Tuesday we had Zone Conference! It was a very emotional day! This spirit was strong and I got to see Sister Bastian... Man I love that girl. I learned a lot and I got to have a little chat with President about a couple things. I am so thankful for that man. The love and support that I feel from him is so comforting.

We traveled there by mini bus... (:O<----- Sick face!!!) I felt so sick!!!! Not cool! The way there wasn't too bad but the way back was awful and I took travel sickness pills!

Elder Salas and I chatted the whole way there.. I love that guy. He's pretty much my bestie down this end.

We also had an Exchange this week... I went to Teignmouth with Sister McLeod (Sister Training Leader) and I learned so much! Exchanges are great!!

On Saturday we got permission to go bowling with the Taylor family, Ben (Recent convert) and Luke our investigator... It was lots of fun! Luke was a gent and paid... Not bad for a missionary, eh? I am so excited about Luke!! We had a great lesson with him a couple hours before bowling and we have another lesson with him on Friday and he is making us dinner. I'm pretty sure he already knows that the church is true!

We're having interviews with President this Friday and I am so excited!!!

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I've ran out of time!

I hope you all have a great week!

I love you all x

Playing Catch-Up Again 1 !!!

I think she's a little happier this week again.
Well well... This week has been both looooong and short!
Time really is a very odd thing as a missionary.

I am so flipping excited!!!!!!
It is Zone Conference tomorrow so I get to see Sister Bastain and everyone else from the Poole Zone. I think I will probably cry when I see her.
I love Zone Conference as it is, but the fact that I'll see all my friends is amazing! Elder Salas and I have been counting down the days together :) Saddos!! Don't worry though... We haven't allowed it to effect our work :)

This week has been quite good... We have worked hard and have seen Heavenly Father's hands in so many ways each day. We have been working on AUF (Address Unknown File). People that we think might be members of the church that live in the area but are not 100%. Each time we try to contact one we have bumped into multiple people that are willing to listen to the message we have to share. Heavenly Father is preparing these people.

We managed to arrange an appointment with a guy named Luke for this coming Tuesday evening... He was taught last summer but unfortunately didn't want to progress after a while. I feel really positive about him and I am excited to help him come closer to Heavenly Father. He came to Church yesterday!!!!!!!! :)

Sister Stuart and I laugh quite a lot... Only when appropriate!! I haven't had a companion yet that I haven't been able to laugh with and I am so pleased because it is so important.

The weather is getting better(ish) here!! We have a few random days of sunshine then crazy rain/wind/sun all in one! Hopefully the summer will be here soon!

We were a little lazy to begin with and we didn't go out to exercise and you just can't exercise as well inside but this week we have been going out :) Torquay is very hilly!!!!! We have been running/jogging/collapsing up and down hills and stairs! We're determined!!

This week is going to be an amazing week!!!!! Please pray for Luke and for new people for us to teach!

I am so happy to be a missionary... It's tough but well worth it!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart