Here it is !!!

Well 'The Call' arrived today and was recorded for posterity

For those that were unable to be with us please view it above.

I can now reset the countdown timer to the date she leaves...

No Water Infection For Me

Quiet Confidence

Well I awoke this morning with a 'feeling in my waters, that today might be the day. (either that, or I may be starting with another water infection).  So, be on standby family & close friends, you may get contacted just after lunch to get your butts round here to ours tonight.

However having said that I kinda hope it won't be today, as we had tentatively planned an evening out for food & cinema to celebrate Janet's birthday (tomorrow).

But well see what the mail man says when he arrives...

Yep, you've guessed it (Groundhog Day No 5)

Life went back to normal at the Smart's today, Bishop Reynolds came to pick up Moreno at 7:30 this morning and then we all went back to work.

I did my usual flying visit home to check on the mail at lunchtime, but it was all in vain. Poor Jess, she's nearly as bald as me now, what with pulling her hair out...

Nothing Again (Groundhog Day 4)

Well, we've all just met at home today for a quick lunch meet with Moreno and a couple of his mission companions, but there is no post for Jess again.

Groundhog Day 3

Well the postman came and went empty handed again today.

A member of the Stake Presidency told me last night that they "usually arrive on a Wednesday so don't hold our breath till next week", this being only a day or so later than I was told "usually on a Thursday" by our Bishop.

Anyway Moreno arrived today so he is keeping Jess occupied and out of mischief.

Better go get in the shower for the BBQ...

Groundhog Day 2

I was afraid this might happen !

Well I did the dutiful father thing and went home to check the mail at lunchtime, but there was nothing..... does all this sound familiar?

If it doesn't arrive tomorrow, it's going to be one heck of a long weekend waiting for Mondays mail.

But having said that (Elder) Marino Geonotti is staying with us this weekend, so that should help lift spirits somewhat.

Groundhog Day

Well as the day draws to a close,the mood is somewhat subdued, Jess is a little disappointed her Call did not arrive today.

I guess then, that I will be taking a midday trip home every day to check on the mail, at least untill it does arrive.

However, I met with Bishop tonight, and he tells me, that contrary to our understanding the Mission Calls are currently arriving on a Thursday, not a Wednesday.

I know the ETA timer is now showing red and is counting up from when it should have arrived, I am not going to bother re-programming it untill such a time as I know when she leaves then I will reset it for that as the target time.

The Cupboard Was Bare !

Well I did the dutiful father thing and went home to check the mail at lunchtime, but there was nothing, however there was no other mail either.

So there is an outside chance that it will arrive later, but we're not holding our breath...

'D' Day

Well Family, Friends & Followers.

The day has finally arrived, this being the first realistic expected day of arrival of the long awaited 'Mission Call'.

I am under strict instructions that In about 4 hours time I should call at home during my lunch break and check the post, then if its arrived, I am to hit the panic button and all close Family & Friends will be summonsed to witness the grand 'open & reveal' tonight at around 6:30pm.

Watch this space...

Where Is She Going?

I think by now most of you will have registered your thoughts on where she will go

We have a world map wall chart:

Full of Post-It arrows with people's bets on.

However if you have not 'placed your bet' then leave a comment below, stating where you think she will go and I will add an arrow for you.

The winner receives the first letter from jess when she gets there.

Early Warning!

Today, Jess ( I can still call her Jess, yet) received a message from her Stake President (or Preaident Flet... as Jess calls him) who confirmed the assignment has been issued and is on its way to her.

We are now expecting this in the mail a week on Monday, I think thats on the outside, so it may be a little sooner, who knows?.