A Miracle !!!

An Amazing One At That...

Good morning!!!!!

Let me start off by telling you about an amazing miracle!!!! HAROLD!!!! I taught Harold when I was in Eastbourne... As did everyone else! He has been investigating the church for over 17 years on and off. He never showed any desire to change his life style to fit Heavenly Fathers commandments. He once said to me "Sister Smart, I know how you see it... It's like a sick person refusing the medication.". He knew my frustration! :) About 6 weeks after he said that we helped him give up Tea and Coffee. Then!!!!! About 6 weeks after I left he was baptised! AMAZING!! Just taking that first step allowed him to see how much strength he had and the blessings he was entitle to... "spiritual light rarely come to those who merely sit in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the Light of Christ.". Harold took an act of faith and it lead him to be baptised! His story was even mentioned in Zone Conference!!

Elder Botcha... Elder Botch is from the London Mission and was our Hindi interpreter when we were teaching Vinayak! When Vinayak was heading back to India he gave us some treats his wife had made. We sent some to Elder Botcha along with some photographs and thank you notes. Elder Botcha emailed us after he received the package and said... "There is one cool thing I wanted to share with you actually it's a miracle . This is one of the revelation Heavenly Father has blessed me with. So, all the time I was teaching Vinayak with you , every time I translated over the phone I used to close my eyes in order to focus and listen to what he was saying and also imagine that he is sitting in front of me. I had an imaginary Vinayak image in my head. When you sent me his picture to my surprise it's the same picture I had in my head while I was teaching him just without glasses. It was a big surprise for me. I never saw him I never knew what he looked like but the Lord gave me a hint for teaching him. This one thing testifies to me that this is the Lord's work ! I'm so grateful for being a Missionary . Thank you Sisters for being a part of this miracle in my life. I will never forget this time on my mission. It has been a wonderful time.". How amazing is that?!?!?! Heavenly Father is so amazing!

This week I had a dream... The event was a mix of the Ashton Chapel 50th anniversary and a transfer day here in the ELSM. I was transferred the the ASHTON 1ST WARD!! :O It was so weird having both worlds in one. I don't normally dream about home so it was so weird. I think I know why though... Mum and Dad sent me one of the booklets from the anniversary weekend and I was looking through it just before I went to bed. Anyway... In the dream of course I saw Mum and Dad and I just cried and cried! :/ thinking "how on earth am I going to do this?! Be a full time missionary at home!?". Weird weird weird!

We have a friend named Rodel who plays rugby... He used to play for Bracknell before they were relegated but now he plays for a team in Oxford. We had the opportunity to attend a match with him and his family this past week. Bracknell won and Sister Schmidt was so excited to see her first Rugby match. It was pretty fun, I must admit!! I am excited to go to one of the Six Nations matches next year with Mum!!

As you all know... The clocks went back this past weekend. It was nice having the extra hour but my body still woke me up! I was awake for 05:15am as my body thought it was 06:15am. Fortunately I was able to fall back to sleep! The poor Elders forgot!!!! They realised in the morning. They called and asked if it was 07:00am of 8:00am... It was 07:00am! They got an extra hour of study!!!

This coming Friday is my year mark... People keep reminding me! It's so weird... It does not feel like one year at all! We are going for dinner at the Richardson's that evening and I am one very happy Sister Smart as I love that family!!

Today I am going to have my hair cut... Nothing too crazy! At least I just plan for a trim but who knows what will take my fancy! :)

One scripture has repeatedly been coming up in my study this week! "And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not, there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away." -2 Nephi 2:13. I'm not sure why is keeps coming up or for who but I thought I'd share it with you! Maybe I'll find out soon why and who it is for! Maybe it's for me! I'll let you know if I figure it out! :)

I hope that you all have a lovely week! Always remember who you are and be grateful! Remember "all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." -D&C 122:7

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


The flowers from the Hamilton's!

Elder Christensen in Primark last Pday!

District Pday!

Sister Schmidt being spoiled by the Hamilton's! They're so good to us!!!

At Edd's American Diner for Sister Schmidt's Birthday!

Our server was Jesus!!!!!

Sister Schmidt at her first Rugby match!!!! She loved it!

Go Bracknell, GO!!!!! Haha! The Lineups were Sister Schmidt's favorite bit!

Another Case Of The Incredible Shrinking World !!!

Jordan Forbes

Good morning!!!

This week has been a great week... Sister Schmidt and I are working well together. Despite our differences... This AM I was studying Jorg Klebinget's talk from GC. One point he made was about trials and I really liked it! "Accept trials, setbacks, and “surprises” as part of your mortal experience. Remember that you are here to be proved and tested, “to see if[you] will do all things whatsoever the Lord [your] God shall command[you]” (Abraham 3:25)—and may I just add, “under all circumstances.”Millions of your brothers and sisters have been or are being thus tested,so why would you be exempt?
Some trials come through your own disobedience or negligence. Other trials come because of the negligence of others or simply because this is a fallen world. When these trials come,the adversary’s minions begin broadcasting that you did something wrong, that this is a punishment, a sign that Heavenly Father does not love you. Ignore that! Instead, try to force a smile, gaze heavenward, and say, “I understand, Lord. I know what this is. A time to prove myself, isn’t it?”
Then partner with Him to endure well to the end. Spiritual confidence increases when you accept that “often trials and tribulations are allowed to come into [your life] because of what [you] are doing right” (Glenn L.Pace, “Crying with the Saints” [Brigham Young University devotional,Dec. 13, 1987], 2; speeches.byu.edu)."

On Monday we went to FHE with the Hamilton's, Virdi and Lynne as always then to visit Sharon. The Hamilton's always drive us to Sharon's, go to M&S while we teach then take us home... They really are amazing!! When we got to the car they gave us a bag of shopping and a bunch of flowers that are sat nicely on our study desk!! I love them so much! Mondays are amazing!! We are so spoiled!!!

We had a teaching appointment with a member named Jackie this week. She has these dolls that are like real babies... She makes baby cloths for them!! I held/bounced one of them the entire time we watched "Only a Stonecutter" with her. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It's the closest I could get to the real thing. Do you think this is included in the “appearance of evil" Missionary Handbook, page 29? Going as far as I can before breaking a rule :/ haha! I don't think President Millar or Heavenly Father would mind!

Zone Conference was on Friday this week!! Sister Bastian was there :) Oh man, I love that girl! She heads home November 19th (That's the next transfer day BTW) so it was probably the last time to see her pretty face... Until I head over to the USA anyway! It was a really good conference... I learned a lot! Also... I was sat eating my lunch when I looked up and saw one of the Forbes twins!!!!! CRAZY! Turns out it was Jordan :). They both lives in London now so maybe I'll serve in one of their wards. Jordan is now dating a Sister that served here from Finland... She trained Sister Bastian and Sister Stuart. Small world!!!!! It was good seeing him but again weird like it was with Martin Cook!

On Friday we went to Matt and Bath Barker's for dinner with Virdi then we watched "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" as part of his new member lessons. I love them so much. It was such a nice evening... Again, we are spoiled!

Virdi is doing really well... That man has so much faith!!! He is such an example to me! He was sustained as a Priest this Sunday :) He wasn't ordained though as Bishop was away but he will be this coming Sunday. Did I already tell you that he has completed The Book of Mormon twice?!?! What a champ!!!!!!

We had a dinner appointment with the Richardson family this past week. Sister Richardson's Mum and Dad have recently returned from a YSA mission in France so they speak French. We did a spiritual thought that includes popcorn so we sang "Popcorn Popping" with the kids... I have never felt so much joy :) Sister Schmidt sang in German, we sang in English and the Keirn's sang in French.

Yesterday we had a dinner appointment with the Balla family... We did he same spiritual thought as they have little kids. Jordan Balla served his mission in Iceland and Itzella is half Peruvian so we sang in, English, Spanish, German and Icelandic... How cool is that?!?!?!?! Oh and Itzella and Jordan are good friends with Andrew and Robyn Mayor! Small world... AGAIN!

Today is Sister Schmidt's birthday... This morning we had French toast with fruit salad and creme fraiche for breakfast :) We are heading to Reading later today with the Elders and the Zone Leaders to have milkshakes at an American diner :)

Well... As always I hope that you all have a great week!!

Never forget who you are!!!!

I love you!

Sister Smart

Sister Bastian and I!!!!

Jordan Forbes and I!!

Sister Schmidt and I this am waiting for our bus... The fruit was part of her birthday gift from her Aunt who lives in Singapore! She doesn't like Mango so she gave it to me. I miss Singapore sometimes!!

This is the sandwich that Sister Schmidt made for me last night!! :)

At The Barkers on Friday with virdi... Eating desert!! Ahhhh... Mission life ;)

Salisbury team!! Sister Bastian, Elder Robinson and me!

Sister Bastian!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is me and William... The doll!!! Haha!

And this is baby Olivia!!!! Also a doll!!! :)

This is the book of people's thought/testimonies/comments that we made for Virdi from his baptism!

Another Baptism !!!

Virdi gets Wet...

Well... This week was transfers and I had to say goodbye to one of my besties! Seriously I am so sad to see Sister Hickman go. I miss her so much!!!!! Sister Schmidt is very different from Sister Hickman and is very very different from me. Her brother in law served in the Manchester mission... Elder Skibbe, said Skibba. I recognise the name! Did he serve in our ward?

Virdi was baptised on Tuesday!!!!!!! I am so happy for him! He really is amazing!! The service was flawless including a musical item by the Bracknell Ward Missionaries. Heavenly Father helped us out... We only had one practice together and we all sang different parts. It was cool. It was such a pleasure being there and witnessing him take the steps closer to Heavenly Father.

On Wednesday we were picked up by Elder Popa and Elder Caruso and drove to Staines for transfers... Elder Salas was there!!!!!! I was greeted with a rub on the head while he said "Argh, I wish I could hug you"... Haha! Only Elder Salas can get away with that! I love that guy! He is my Chilean brother!!! Elder Robinson was there too... My Salisbury brother! He just got transfered out of Paignton (Torquay). Argh, I miss serving around so many of these Missionaries! 5 of my 7 companions were there so we had a photo minus Sister Schmidt as I kinda forgot about her :/ It didn't feel real that she was my companion at that point. It was really cool!!

Elder Christensen is now my new best friend!! The kid is crazy but I love him!

Yesterday Virdi was Confirmed!!! It was awesome... He busted up to church in a shirt and tie! I am so happy for him... He is such an example to me! This week I received a note from Mum in the post that included a quote from President Gordon B Hinckley... "If you will live the Gospel, nearly everything else will eventually take care of itself.". This is Virdi!!! I love the quote and I am learning a lot from him.

We had some changes in the Ward... Our Ward Mission Leader was released and Brother Murray Hamilton was called and Sister Hamilton was called as a Ward Missionary. They are the Hamilton's who drove us to Windsor and we went to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) with them. And we always have family home evening with them every Monday... They are amazing and I am so excited to work with them!

I was watching the Mormon Message "The Hope of Gods Light" and one thing that he says really stood out... "spiritual light rarely comes to those who merely sit in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the light of Christ.". How true is that?! Faith = Acting!!! "And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall so be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest unto them. And if it so be that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, unto their condemnation. Behold, I was about to write them, all which were engraven upon the plates of Nephi, but the Lord forbade it, saying: I will try the faith of my people." 3 Nephi 26:9-11. Have faith, act and greater things will be manifest to you!

Oh my days!!!!!!!!!!!! This week I cam e across this on LDS.org... Meet The Mormons!!! Not the same Meet The Mormons that was on the TV... This is a different one. It came out in cinemas across America on Friday... Here's a link to the adds! So excited to watch it! Watch it of you can... It might take a while to get over here though I would think. Maybe when it's on DVD.

I hope you all have a great week!

I will be praying for you!!

Love Sister Smart

Elder Christensen the night of Virdi's baptism... He was saying "See what I do for you Sisters!!" :) He pulled his trousers up to get a floating spider out of the font!!

Virdi's Baptism!!!!!!

Sister Hickman, Me, Virdi, Matt, Elder Popa (Elder Popa found Virdi)

Silly faces!!

Traveling to Staines!!! :/ If this is illegal don't pt it on the blog! :)

Elder Robinson and I

Me and some of my comps!

ELDER SALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time For Wellies !!!

What, No Paths...

Well... This week has been a great week. Full of changes! AGAIN!!!!!!!

We found out on Friday that Sister Hickman is being moved to Brighton due to some unforeseen circumstances. We are not best pleased but this is a great way of learning submissiveness. President said that he didn't want to move her but he hasn't got an option as it's what is best all around. It's not about today... Nothing is about today. It's so much more than that and when you think like that everything seems to make more sense. Elder David A. Bednar said in his talk from the Europe Area Sisters Meeting that we need to forget our "Selfish desires" and that really hit home. I need to forget my selfish desires. My new companion is Sister Schmidt. We were in the same District when I was in Torquay so I know here a little but not well. She is very German.

Virdi is doing really well and is very excited for his baptism on Tuesday... Yes Tuesday! He asked to move it so that Sister Hickman and I can both be there. Satan is defiantly at him! Elder Popa and Elder Munson gave him a Priesthood blessing Yesterday at General Conference. The words were very powerful and I know that it has really helped him. He is in for a tough ride and he knows it. Satan knows a good thing when he sees it. Crafty Satan!!! We taught him about Missionary work the other day and he was so excited to receive a Preach My Gospel... He really is amazing!! He knew what it was because he has been watching "The District" online. The District is what Missionaries watch to learn about Missionary work! He just found it one day and started to watch it!

I just loved General Conference. It was a great weekend. I received lots of answers! I particularly liked Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Jorg (Rebuking) Klebingat's talks. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be directed in our lives. We did a dinner in between the two session on Sunday and it was fun. I called all of the District leaders last week and gave them assignments to bring an ingredient or two and they all came through. I didn't doubt them but the Zone Leaders did. Haha!! Clearly they doubted my planning skills! :)

October is here and so is the winter by the look of things!! I cracked open my case this morning to get my big coat out... Well needed! I think I'm going to have to buy some wellies! Bracknell doesn't have very many paths so we have to walk on the grass... Today it is very wet!!!!!

Oh yeah... My question about chastening and rebuking! I really don't think any of you understood my question! And I haven't got the time to explain myself! Maybe read it again with this in mind... I understand why we are chastened and rebuked and I understand how we are. But like I said I haven't got time to explain more than that!

I decided to cut my fringe the other day... I did it myself and then thought :/ oooopppssss!!!! That's not good so I went to a fancy salon and asked them to fix it. I was told it would cost £5 but then she did it for free... Nice lady! So if you want a free fringe then start it yourself... do a terrible job and then head to a salon!!

We still don't know what our travel plans are for Wednesday but we do know that we are traveling on Wednesday... I just hope we're not getting the train! Traveling by train with luggage in the rain will be miserable!!

Like I said I am very sad to see Sister Hickman leave but this is what Heavenly Father wants. And He know's best!!!

I hope you all have a great week! If you haven't watched General Conference then watch it!!!!!

I love you all!!

Love, Sister Smart

My mustache

Sister Hickman and I! We sent this to Elder Botcha with this written on it...
धन्यवाद (Dhan'yavāda)... A.K.A Thank you! :

Traveling home from Reading last night after GC! :)

Traveling home... It took a while!

We went to "FIVE GUYS" on Saturday in Reading before GC as a last supper before Sister Hickman moves! :(

This what the rain does!! Sister Hickman thought it was blood haha! It's just my shoes dying!!

Just before the rain came... It tricked us!!

Elder Christensen... Apparently this is good luck!!! It's an old door in Oxford! :/

I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hickman and I in Oxford. :)

Traveling home from Correlation.

Elder Popa and I have the same glasses!! :)

Sister Hickman fell on the floor with laughter the other night!! :)

Traveling with the ZL's!

Crowethorne District!!

Movember Has Come Early !!!

I Think a Tash Really Suits Her...

I love being a missionary, I love Sister Hickman and I love Bracknell.

Virdi is doing amazingly... So much so that we have moved his Baptismal date from October 18th to October 9th. He is so excited to be baptised. I have never worked with someone that seems to prepared. I am so excited for him. Sister Hickman and I are praying that we both stay this transfer.

Speaking of transfers... They're on October 8th! Yes, the day before Virdi's Baptism. We will be pretty sad if either of us move!! I just love Sister Hickman. It's going to feel like another break up when we're separated like it did with Sister Bastian!

On Monday for P'day we went to Reading. It was really fun... I was a little stressed because everyone else didn't want to make a decision before hand so when we got there it was a little up in the air. P'day is only 8 hours and it flies by, so I like a plan. We formed a plan after about 30 minutes of flapping about. We went to a park and played games like "Zib, Zab, Zob", "Ninja", "Peeka, Peeka, Tonga, Tonga", "Signs" and football with a beach ball. Oh and the Elders tried to fly a kite but there isn't much wind in the centre of Reading. We did all of this wearing fake mustaches. :)

On Wednesday we went on exchanges... I went to Woodley (Reading) with Sister Cowley who is the Sister Training Leader and Sister Brooks came to Bracknell with Sister Hickman. Sister Cowley and I ended up having lunch in a Methodist Cafe :) that was fun. I love Sister Cowley and I learned a lot from her as did Sister Hickman from Sister Brooks but we were pleased to be back together! :)

On Thursday evening we had a Relief Society activity called "Singing With a Twist"... It was kinda like that TV show "Don't Forget the Lyrics". It was quite fun... You could really go wild as a non Missionary :). I think it would be fun as a ward to do too! I'll plan it when I get home :)

On Friday we went to Windsor for Sister Hickman's appointment at the Princess Margaret Hospital. We were called in as we signed in... Private care is nice! We took advantage of being there and took our lunch hour. It's such a pretty place. We didn't go inside the castle but it was nice being there.

On Saturday we had a dinner appointment with a family and I have never seen so much lasagne on a plate before... I really did do my best but I couldn't finish it. We had special permission to go with the Elders and they just about finished theirs. Sister Hickman and I felt so ill afterwards. Thankfully the Elders are gentlemen and they carried our bags to the Chapel so we were able to waddle.

Yesterday we went to Reading to watch the General Conference Women's Meeting. I thought it was really good and one thing that really stood out to me was President Uchdorf's remarks about selfish desires. I have a lot of desires, righteous desires. Sometimes I can be impatient and want things at the wrong time/too soon. "All in good time Sister Smart" as President Millar would say :). My time will come. Focus on the important things.

Today we are heading to Oxford for Pday... Sister Hickman and Elder Christensen really want to go so Elder Cooper and I are humouring them. I'd rather have a chill day as the past few P'days have been crazy, but I think it will be a good day anyway. It is what you make it right?!

This coming weekend is General Conference and I am so excited!!!! I just love listening to our leaders. Heavenly Father loves us and that is very apparent when we listen to his servants. Sister Hickman and I are arranging a Zone Lunch/Dinner in between the 1pm and 5pm sessions on Sunday. Hopefully all will go well. I am panning to call all of the District Leaders today with there assignments so hopefully they will all comply. :) We are making Pumpkin Pie for desert!

Zone Conference is October 17th! We are being addressed by Elder Detlief H. Adler from Hanover, Germany so that's something to look forward too! Also Sister Bastian might be there so I well chuffed!!!!

One thing that has become very apparent recently is invitations. Invitation is everything! I wouldn't be here without an invitation and I know that that goes for a lot of other people too. Invite, invite, INVITE!!!!!!!!

I truly do love you all! I hope yo have a swell week!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

Autumn is coming!!!

Zoe and I at the Road show!!!

Sister Hickman and I!

Pday in Reading!!!!