The Big Day Has Finally Arrived!!!

Well today marked the start of a new episode in the life of Sister Smart.

We took her to the Preston Missionary Training Centre for 10:00 and by 10:15 it was all over and done with, a very well structured affair, undoubtedly designed so as not to allow emotions to overcome the affair.

There was a few tears but no long lingering drawn out goodbyes, this was definitely aided by the fact that she herself had a very positive approach.

I think they even stagger the scheduled arrival time of each missionary, so that a tight reign must be kept on time so as not to allow any delays to set in and create a 'knock on' effect.

We were a little pushed for time and as we were on our own, there was no one around to take a photo of us all, so you'll just have to make do with one of Sister Smart with me then one of her with her mum.

Janet & I had not fallen out I promise.

I've got to say, I think I am a better photographer than Jamet, or at least I make Janet look better on photos than she makes me look - (possibly I have the easier task).

Just to reiterate all the contact details for her:-

The permanent address for her is:-
Sister Jessica Smart
C/O England London South Mission
West Park Road

But please bare in mind that is is the Mission Office Address and therefore mail will always get to her via this address. but may not be the quickest route, as it will go to the Mission Office then re-distributed to wherever she is currently residing.

For the next two weeks she will be at the Training Centre at Preston, but mail via that above address, after that once she receives her first assignment, I will keep you all informed (via the blog) of the best address to use.

Her permanent email address whilst she is serving is:-

N.B. Her old personal email address will not be monitored during her Mission.

Please also be sensitive to the fact that her personal time will be limited and the whole idea of this blog is to keep you all updated on her progress, so by all means write to her regularly (she will appreciate that), but please don't be offended if any mail/email received by her does not get a personal response

Please note the countdown timer has been adjusted, now counting down to her return...

Sister Smart If You Please!!!

This thing is getting real now.

Jess is no more, she is now officially Sister Smart, at 8:00 pm this evening she was set apart as a Full Time Sister Missionary, by President Matthew Preston of our Stake Presidency.

It was a wonderful event and of all the setting aparts that I have witnessed over the years, I don't think I have ever seen so many people at one before.

And just to keep my brother happy (who helped me to set up this blog), I have left aligned the image, cos he keeps telling me off for not doing so.

The Time Is Nigh

Look at the time counter people, today really is your last chance to bid farewell to Jess she leaves tomorrow morning.

So catch her while you can today with a quick text, call, fb comment, or if your still a normal human being  even a visit...
I Don't know what her specific plans are for today, but I'm guessing she's gonna be busy though.

Farewell Jess!

We are going to be holding a farewell shin-dig for Jess this Saturday 26th at 4:30 pm at our Church on Patterdale Road Ashton under Lyne OL7 9JA

If you want to say goodbye, then this is your chance....

Last Day At Work!

Well folks it's getting real now. Jess worked her last day at work on Friday just gone.

She came home and reported a day full of mixed emotions; excitement, sadness, gratitude, relief, anticipation, to name but a few.

Her work colleagues had really pushed the boat out and have bought her a really nice gift set.

All matching, (of course): writing set, pen, compact mirror, travel set (passport case & luggage tag) and carrier bag.

Fright Of A Life Time

Well people,

I had the fright of a life time tonight, I found Jess making her famous Gianotti Pie (that's Banoffe Pie - named after a Missionary Elder called Gianotti, who raved about her pie so much that it got re-named after him).

Anyway, I said "I take it you are making this for a 'Fuddle'" (a works get-together, usually for someone's leaving do)' to which Jess replied yes.  I then asked "For who"? And Jess said it was for her own leaving party..... Well I nearly fell flat on my back - again. Then Jess said " but I don't leave till the week after though".

I realise that this back injury of mine has left a bit of a black hole in my life for the last month or so but I just cannot believe that it's so soon to her going, so I just checked the countdown timer 15 days 10 hours YIKES!!!!!