Groundhog Day

Well as the day draws to a close,the mood is somewhat subdued, Jess is a little disappointed her Call did not arrive today.

I guess then, that I will be taking a midday trip home every day to check on the mail, at least untill it does arrive.

However, I met with Bishop tonight, and he tells me, that contrary to our understanding the Mission Calls are currently arriving on a Thursday, not a Wednesday.

I know the ETA timer is now showing red and is counting up from when it should have arrived, I am not going to bother re-programming it untill such a time as I know when she leaves then I will reset it for that as the target time.


  1. Ah well, hopefully later today then. Out of interest, Mick, how soon after receiving her Mission Call will Jess actually be on her way?

  2. She has put her 'available date' down as 1st Oct, so realistically, any time from then onwards...

  3. I'll keep everything crossed for todays post!!!

    Lynni xx