Fright Of A Life Time

Well people,

I had the fright of a life time tonight, I found Jess making her famous Gianotti Pie (that's Banoffe Pie - named after a Missionary Elder called Gianotti, who raved about her pie so much that it got re-named after him).

Anyway, I said "I take it you are making this for a 'Fuddle'" (a works get-together, usually for someone's leaving do)' to which Jess replied yes.  I then asked "For who"? And Jess said it was for her own leaving party..... Well I nearly fell flat on my back - again. Then Jess said " but I don't leave till the week after though".

I realise that this back injury of mine has left a bit of a black hole in my life for the last month or so but I just cannot believe that it's so soon to her going, so I just checked the countdown timer 15 days 10 hours YIKES!!!!!


  1. Make that 10 days, boyo!

  2. And will you please remember to left-align images when you use them. You're making the place look untidy!