First Real P' Day!!!

Sister Smart is now established in her first area, wearing her feet out but loving the work!!!

So I only have time for one email so it will have to be okay for the blog... I'll try to get better at replying :/

On our last day in the MTC one of the teachers (Sister Binnie) came into the room and said "I've just had a phone call with President Millar, the London South Mission President and there has been a problem with transfers. One of the Sisters has had to go home early so two of the Sister from this MTC group will be ‘white washing’ a new area without trainers and will be companions. Any volunteers?" WELL.... There were only three of us so Sister Steffensen and I were looking at each other thinking it has to be us if we're doing it. However before we had chance to say anything the other Sister volunteered and said I would be her companion. I stood there thinking I was about to have a slight heart attack, trying to figure out how the combination of the two of us would manage it. Just before my brain exploded Sister Binnie admitted that it was a lie/joke and explained that things like this do happen and we need to be ready for them PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never forgive Sister Binnie J I was very relieved to meet my trainer Sister Brown.

So Yeovil is the biggest area I've ever known... (I'll send photos next week). From what the Ward Mission Leader was saying, I think it's 50 miles north to south and 40 miles east to west :O. Way bigger than the Ashton areas, the area had a car once upon a time but doesn't many more so we walk ….. A LOT!!! I don't think I've ever walked so much in one day before and we do this every day. My feet are getting used to it but I have blisters but that's okay... I'll need 20 pedicures when I get home J

The area is good but quite slow. There is a lot more that we can be doing to be proactive so we're going to be working on that soon... Hopefully my trainer will agree... She has agreed with everything I've had to say so far which is nice because we're on the same page. She has only just finished her first 12 weeks herself! I know I'm being trained but you know me, I have an opinion and I think it's a good one! :/ Ha Ha. Her name is Sister Megan Brown... She's from Alberta, Canada and it's 95% Mormon where she is from :O. She tried to warn me about the ward before Sunday she said it was really small and what not.... However from the UK perspective it's not small at all and the members seem really nice! I haven't met a family like the Smart family yet though: / Ha Ha.

Our Bishop is originally from Leeds and his name is Bishop Hull... He is Laura Smith's (Will and Laura Smith) brother. Small Mormon world!! There are quite a few members from the north here so that's kinda weird as I didn't expect that. Our Ward Mission Leader is a guy by the name Brother Edwin Ralph and he has a brother in law that is going to the Manchester mission soon... Look out for him….. I think his name is Elder Dads. Oh btw they've got right farmer accents down here J

I'm running out of time!!!!!! :O

I love you all and I miss you but I'm where I'm meant to be. I love this gospel and I'm excited to tell everyone about it. Everything is fine if you just keep smiling!!!!! :D

Remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart


  1. I love this - she sounds so happy and motivated. She is going to give the people of Yeovil a run for their money :)

  2. You go girl !! You sound amazing! :)