The First Email!!!

Well after all the boasting about the blogging I was going to do, we got her first email yesterday and I  failed to post it.... I ought to be ashamed of myself.

However It was great to hear from her and just as we suspected she is having a whale of a time her email has a real positive vibe about it and she's not too good at concealing things like that, so we feel conformable that she is happy/

See for your self !!
I have to keep this brief as we really don’t have long ….Sorry if you have emailed me and I haven’t replied ! Please don’t take it personally, hopefully I’ll be able to address your questions in this email.

So I’ve officially been a Sister Missionary for 7 whole days…. It still feels sooo surreal !! I do feel different, just not like a missionary I think  …does that make sense ? :/

So all in all it’s a good experience, I am learning a lot about the Gospel and myself /my testimony.

There isn’t many Missionaries in the MTC right now …. about 25 of us. There are 12 learning German and they had been here for 2 weeks when we got here. The other 13 are mostly going to London or London South except for my district leader Elder Nunes ……He’s going to the Manchester Mission ! so watch out for …He’s from Brazil and just great, I will send a photo when I get chance.

We have 7 Sisters and as you can imagine it can be a little…  difficult ! You know me, I say it as it is and so I’ve told a couple of Sisters to be nicer to their companions:/…. In a good, constructive way though !

The teachers are amazing! It’s good to have known a few of them before hand and they say it as it is ! Maybe not quite as I do though ;) The other day I was having a tough moment and really wanted a hug and the first person I saw was Brother Rojas (Adrian) and I was sooo tempted to hug him…not good ! Ha ha ! Luckily Sister Bennie and Sister Richardson were there to hug ! They’re ACE ! They really get me and they understand how it is.

Oh, so sleeping…Hmmm ! We’re all struggling to sleep at night even though we are tired …. Too much in our heads ! The beds are OK though …better than I thought.

Food is important here …..mainly because as you eat you don’t have to think ;)

I am working hard….like really hard and it feels good ! People keep complaining about being tired but I feel great ….. I hope that lasts throughout my mission (fingers crossed and all that).

We’re having a devotional with Elder Donaldson tonight and we’re doing a musical item….. As Sister’s in Zion and The Army of Helamen…it’s so uplifting and refreshing !!!

Any way I am running out of time !

I love this Gospel and I know that my Saviour died for me and for you !

Remember who you are !!!

Love,  Sister Smart
Sorry I forgot to attach the photos she sent:

Sister Alipio and I... She is Brazilian. She doesn't speak much English but has so much love!! I love her!
 Sister Smith and I... My companion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love to hear about how she (and you) are doing.