Late Again Boy !!!

Well I'm late again getting the Blog out to you I'm sorry Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Ive just spent the last couple of days at a smelly pet food factory and I stink like rotting cat-food (note to self - get in shower ASAP)but I need to get this blog done first...
Oioi!! So I can't remember much about last week... I feel like I have so much to tell you as I go through each day but then I forget... Everyday molds into one!

I loved going to the Temple with all the other Missionaries this week... 1/4 of the mission! About 70 Missionaries! It was a wonderful experience that has helped my testimony grow. We also had Christmas dinner, but it wasn't much like the Christmas dinner I make... It was very American! We all got an amazing gift from President and Sister Millar... A England London South Mission Temple Recommend holder... I'll send a photo next week. I forgot my camera AGAIN!

We had an exchange on Thursday/Friday. Sister Brown went to Weston-Super-Mare and I stayed in Yeovil... I was very nervous about leading the area but I was pleased with how things went. I learned new things from Sister L... We call her that because no one says her name right. She's from Finland! She knows Jussi and Touko :) She also knows Jai Turner from Liverpool... Something to do with her Grandad/Dad and Jai's dad's conversion, anyway... I am thankful for the opportunity.

The Elders that were the transport for the exchange were very kind and gave us a lift to one of our appointments. One of them is from Stafford... He had two strokes about 5 days apart 3 years ago... He was 23. He can walk but his left arm has no movement and he lost his left peripheral vision. When I have negative thoughts about about walking so much I remind myself of him... He is an inspiration to me!!

I have been asked to speak in sacrament meeting this coming Sunday on the Prophet Joseph Smith... I am quite nervous and stressed about writing the talk. I know I only have myself to blame as I don't know enough about the Prophet as my studies and activity have been poor throughout my life. Having said that, I am excited to research him so that I can learn and grow from the challenge. Also, Sister Brown is quite knowledgeable so I'm going to pick her brains!

I am extremely excited about/for Jamie. He is progressing really well and I am so pleased for him. We're working towards 11/01/14 for his baptism. People told me that I would learn to love each investigator and it's true. I am concerned for him everyday and on Sunday when he was too ill to come to church, I was devastated. Hopefully he will be well enough for our lesson with him tomorrow so we can see his progress. We have others that we are teaching but They're not progressing like he is... He was so ready to hear about the gospel. Did I tell you how we met him? We decided to knock some doors one evening a couple weeks ago... I was adamant about knocking this one street in particular so off we went to knock it. We knocked about 20 doors (it's a small street)... We taught 4 lessons, gave two people literature that they requested and then we got to the last door. I knocked my happy knock... No response so I did my bailiff's knock :)... Jamie answered the door and the rest is history! Oh and we later found out that he house shares with 4 other people... 5 people could have answered the door that day and Jamie answered. I think he was waiting for us! :)

This afternoon we are shopping and then I will read all the emails I have printed off! I'm sorry if I don't reply personally, but I'm trying my best! :)

Oh and apparently we get to call home a couple days ahead of Christmas day. Just for a couple minutes to arrange a Skype time. My mind is blank of most things pre-mission so we'll see if I remember the numbers!! Haha!! I'll try to make it the evening of Sunday 22/12 so I catch you at home.

I'm still excited to be a Missionary and I think it's actually starting to sink in!! I actually feel like a Missionary... Sometimes!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas... Remember the true meaning! Don't let the gifts and what not get in the way!

Time is flying by... I'm on week 6 in my planner! :| Speaking of... I think I'll need a Missionary planner for the rest of my life!!

I love you all!!

Take care, Sister Smart

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