The Long Awaited Photos!!!

Well, she actually remembered to take her camera with her to library today, so we actually get so see some pics.
Those who thought she may suffer a little from home sickness need not worry she appears to be having the time of her life.
Well... This week has been a bit of everything!
Sister Brown is sick so we have had a few days stuck in the flat but I tried to keep myself busy by organising, making appointments and such.
We also had Zone training which was amazing but that took us out of the field for a day!!
We received an announcement yesterday that we will be going to the temple one day next week... Sister Brown and I squeeled!! We're so excited. Zone Training was amazing... We were addressed by Elder Texira and his wife! Everyone was mega pumped afterwards :)
It was thanksgiving, so some of the members in the Poole area made thanksgiving dinner for about 130 missionaries. It was pretty good! I had desert for the first time in a long while and that was really good... Pumpkin pie.
After lunch we sang Armies of Helaman with "we thank you for the food" added at the end, to the chefs/helpers... They cried. It was a really good day!!
We also received post that day that was addressed to the office. I got my first Christmas package from the Manchester and Ashton YSA... I was really touched and I'm well excited to open it!!! Thank you!!!!!!
I did feel a little awkward there though... As I was so new I didn't know many people. I did chat with Sister Steffensen and Elder Johnson though... We were in the MTC together so that was cool. One of the AP's (Elder Patten) is from Wales and he's older like me so we chatted a bit so I didn't feel too awkward.
Oh and the night before Zone Training we had 4 other Sisters stay at our flat so it was easier for them to get to Poole in the morning... That was weird and made me feel well awkward. 4 new/very loud people in my "home" was weird... I pretty much just sat in the corner and watched haha!
One day last week we visited one of our investigators and it was amazing... I squealed the whole way home. Then he came to church yesterday!!!!!! Amazing!!! I felt like a proud mum haha!
We met a guy named Jamie the other day while knocking and I'm really excited to go back and visit him.... He's Golden, as they say!! The work is kind of slow... We're getting much better though! We do more everyday but we could be doing a lot more!
Oh and I'm getting calluses on my knees from praying... That just shows that I had never prayed enough before now! I can't think of anything else to tell you... Other than time is flying by! Oh and prayers get answered!!!!!!! Get on your knees and give it a try :) That's what I tell people when they mock me... Maybe you should try and it get back to me. With a smile on my face of course!
I didn't come on a mission for myself but I'm only one month out and I've already learned so much. I'm still the person I was but the way I look at things/life is different. I know the person I want to be and I know how I can achieve it. I also know that I can only get there with the help from my Savior.
Remember who you are and pray!
Love, Sister Smart
Blisters... they're not too bad in the photo but they got alot worse! they're on the mend now though!! :)
Area map... I know you've already seen it but it's huge!!!! Hence the blisters.
Being a Sister Missionary at the temple
Elder Omer... He's from Milan, Italy and know's Moreno!!!!
Elder Nunes... He was my dictrict leader in the MTC... He's ace!! He's from Brazil... Doesn't speak much English but he's going to the Manchester mission! Look out for him!!
Sister Alipio!!!!! I love her... Also from the MTC and Brazilian! She's serving in the London mission.
Elder Abel from the MTC :)
The curley hair... Sister Brown and I

The one with the scarf... its for the office. they put together a christmas book with everyones photos as a keep sake :) looking forward to getting that!

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