Latest Titbit!!!

Titbit being the operative word here.
Sister Smart was obviously so excited to be going to the Temple today that her message home was somewhat shorter than usual, but nevertheless its good to see her in such high spirits...
Quickest Email ever !!!

So we're in Bristol on our way to the Temple and I have 12 minutes to email!!! :O Maybe we'll get another chance to email later in the week... I'm not sure! If not, I'll email next Monday :) We're getting a coach to the temple in a couple hours, then staying in Temple accommodation overnight, tomorrow we get to do a session in the Temple and then have a Mission Christmas dinner. We're very excited!

Firstly... We got the shopping! Thank you so much!!!!!! And mum, you're naughty for spending so much!! I have a photo of the fridge after we filled it! :) I'll send it next week!

Mum, I forgot to tell you that I found your missionary name tag my first day in the MTC and I have it pinned on the front of my journal. I cried when I found it! :)

I'm doing well... Still not got Sister Brown's cold. I've been taking Vit C and Vit D and I reckon that's helping me out.

Rae, the stake president and his wife spoke in my ward on Sunday and it turns out that their daughter, Honey lives in Rugby and apparently she's if your visiting teacher. Small world! Also, an Elder White is serving here from your ward. I've not met him yet but we have his Christmas package to give him :)

Not sure how much I have told you about a guy (Jamie) we met a couple weeks back.... anyway things are progressing really well for him. I'm so happy for him!! He came to church again this week with us and it was a good day!!!! He looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt! :)

I'm excited to be a missionary most of the time... There are the odd things that do wind me up though such as when things fall through and I feel useless. I can hear you saying Mum that I need to have more patience :)

I miss and love you all but I'm where I'm suppose to be!

Love, Sister Smart

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