Is It Gone? Oh No Its Here !!!

When She said she had lost her email I thought there was no email at all, but she was just showing us how much she had lost...

Well… I have just deleted my entire email which was about this long

No over exaggeration…

I literally just cried for 5 minutes trying to get it back and no joy.

To put it short.

I don't think anyone really understood my question about chastening and rebuking… I have ready Elder Christtofersen's talk and I know how and why Heavenly Father does chasten and rebuke us. And I now haven't got time to explain what I really mean.

Vinayak's baptism did not go through last Saturday. His situation has changed slightly so he has asked if he could wait and be baptised in India.

Verdi is amazing… We have been teaching him for about two weeks and he has been reading the Book of Mormon for that time… He is up to Alma 36ish.

We went to the London Temple Visitors Centre yesterday for a fireside and it was amazing. He loved it. When we first sat down he turned to me and said, "The atmosphere in here is amazing!".

We went to Windsor today with all of the Sisters from the Zone. It was fun. We practiced our musical item for tomorrow… Haha! Crazy missionaries singing in Windsor. The Hamilton's drove us… An amazing family in the ward. They're spoiling us!

We have Zone Training tomorrow so that should be fun… I am excited!!! We're singing though! :/ We have some new things happening in the mission so that should be exciting to learn about tomorrow!

We have a new couple in the ward called the Barkers… They're amazing! They love missionary work! He is from York so it's cool to hear a fellow northerner. I thought I had lost my accent but he assures me I haven't.

The Elders got separated this week for about 5 minutes… Elder Christensen called us in a flap…. So so so funny!! Poor guy. 5 minutes being alone as a missionary is awful!

I have had an amazing week!!!!!!! Until 10 minutes ago when I deleted my email…. GUTTED!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week too!

I love you!

Never forget who you are…

Love, Sister Smart

P.S. Deffo no time to send photos now!!!! Hopefully next week!

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