Another dreaded phone call from President Millar !!!

Oh no its just cos' he cares.

Hello hello!! this week has been a good week! I love being a missionary!!

President called earlier this week and asked to speak with me specifically and I thought "Oh no!! Who has died or is unwell this time?!?!". I was very pleased to find out that it wasn't that kind of phone call. He was calling to see how Abe was doing as I mentioned that he had been unwell in my last email to him. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that man!! 300 Missionaries and he calls to see how my Nephew is!

Sister Hickman and I are doing well. I truly love her and being here in Bracknell! On the whole, we are getting support from the Members and that is great. It's nice when it feels like we're all wearing the same jersey. The Relief Society President is a great support in coming on teaches and she bears her testimony of it each week at the beginning of Relief Society which is amazing and it really is encouraging the other members. Sister Ellis is awesome!!!!!!

Virdi is progressing really well! It is amazing how prepared he is! I shouldn't be surprised as Heavenly Father is amazing. I am so happy to be a part of his journey. He is still planning to be baptised on October 8th... Lets just hope I don't get transferred! He attended the Reading Stake Road show with us on Saturday and he loved it... He chuckled away all night!!

Speaking of the Road show... The missionaries were enlisted to help with the props. It was fun and I successfully changed the moon to the sun on the backdrop without error! :) I had just finished chatting away to someone and was heading back to my seat when Zoe (I don't know her married name... But Pam Makinsons daughter) stopped me. I was so confused at first... Similar to how I was with Martin Cook! We had a nice chat, took a photo and hugged... I gave her an extra hug to pass to Mum and She is heading to Ashton next week! The world is so small!!!!! Turns out she moved to Oxford not that long ago!

Last week I didn't mention the Europe Area Sisters Meeting last week... I loved it!!!!!!! I loved the talk about tackling the hardest corner of the "bed" first. And I loved Elder Bednar's talk on prayer... Pray as a agent! Amazing people! I think everyone should watch it... Not just the women!!! Here's the link!

I am so glad to be here and to be a part of this great work! I do still thing about my eternal companion and family every now and then but I don't feel that it distracts me any more. It is simply a righteous desire. I wouldn't be anywhere else right now. I am where Heavenly Father wants/needs me to be.

Last night we took one of our investigators to a fireside in Reading on addiction... It was so interesting. I wish everyone had the opportunity to hear all that we heard. I am praying that it will benefit the investigator we took.

Today we are heading to Reading for a Pday with the Reading District and the Zone Leaders. We are going to a park... We're having a picnic and playing games :) I am excited!!!!

Last Friday Sister Hickman had a hospital appointment in Windsor so we planned our week around that... Only to be informed that there had been a mistake in booking the appointment. Useless private hospitals!! :) haha! We are heading there this Friday instead so that will be an adventure!!

I hope you all have a great week!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Hickman and I! - Smile

Sister Hickman and I! - Not so smiley

Me on a pretty day!

Elder Christensen keeps doing these stupid hand gestures. To help him stop I slap him on the hands each time he does it :) He's showing that his hands hurt :( haha!

Crowethorne District... Sister Hickman, Sister Smart, Elder Cooper and Elder Christensen

We found a trampoline and I lost my legs!!!!

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