Lost Email Last Week - Lost Connection This Week !!!

Whatever will she lose next???

This week I only have 30 minutes to email after reading everyone's email and emailing President Millar. We are emailing at the Hamilton's again as we went to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) with them today. I didn't delete my email this time but I lost internet connection for ages. Not having much luck am I?! I may not have time to email photo's again but we'll see. I know Mum wants' to see my face so I will try to send at least one.

I loved Zone Conference this Tuesday!! As I said last week we were expecting some changes and we got them. President wants us to focus on our accountability to the Lord. We have pretty much stopped street teaching, so the way we account to the mission for our weeks effort has changed. It is an exciting change and I am excited to here in the ELSM!

Sister Hickman hasn't been very well this week and then neither was I. It has set us back a little which has been frustrating but we are excited about this coming week and what Heavenly Father has in stall for us. Sister Hickman really is amazing... I love her and I am so excited to be here in Bracknell with her, and we are very blessed to be in this companionship.

We have been so blessed with member support recently. We really feel loved by the ward.

Sister Hickman and I are praying that we will be able to stay together until she goes home (December 31st) but the way my transfers have been, we are doubting that will be the case. But that's okay as Heavenly Father knows what needs to happen.

Yesterday we only had one investigator at church and that was Jim... He has been investigating the church for about 18 months now. He is driving me crazy!!! He knows it's true but doesn't feel he is ready for baptism yet. Anyway the reason I'm telling you this... We have Sacrament meeting last and Jim only comes for that so we didn't have a Gospel Principles class. We joined the Gospel Doctrine class. We sat down and I then I scanned the room as I always do... Only to find Martin Cook sat behind me. Crazy!! We were both very shocked to see one another. It was good to see someone from home but kinda weird too... Home world and Mission world are two very different things and mixing the two is weird. Sister Hickman took a photograph of him and I on his phone as he said he was going to send it home! Crazy! He is down here on church business though, so he is probably very busy.

Virdi... He is amazing!!! I feel so blessed to be working with him. He is so prepared!!! We currently have him scheduled for baptism on October 18th but we feel that we may be able to bring it forward a little. He is progressing so well and comprehends the gospel so well. Heavenly Father has prepared him and He is by his side right now and he feels it. AMAZING!! We are having a family home evening today at the Hamilton's and he is coming along :D!!!!

Very quickly running out of time!!!

People keep asking me how long I have been out and I can't remember any more... I think that's probably a good thing! I do know that October 31st is my year mark and it is only around the corner... SCARY!!!

Today was an awesome day!!! As I mentioned we went to Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) with the Hamilton's... It was lovely! They brought a picnic and it was so nice spending the day with them. They are so good to us.

Remember who you are!!!!!

3 Nephi 2:1... Never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Look Who turned up in My Sunday School Class

Me at Highclere Castle

Another of Me at Highclere Castle

Yet another and there's only one way down!!

Sister Hickman & I with the Hamilton's at Highclere Castle

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