First Real Transfer - Part Two !!!

Well the transfer turned out not to be traumatic, she took it in her stride...

Today, right out of the blue we received a phone call from the Branch President (like the Bishop) of the Branch (like the Ward) she has just moved into. At first we were alarmed, but he very quickly quelled our concerns as he started singing the praises of our very own Sister Smart, saying that he could not believe the short time she had been out as a Missionary and also the very short time that her and her companion had been together, he said they gelled like a pair of very long serving, experienced Missionaries and that although she is a 'very forthright woman' (I know not what he means!!!) she is an absolute first class Missionary.

His wife works in a position where she visits Ashton about every six weeks and has offered to ferry any amount of luggage & packages up and down the country via his wife on these visits.

He is actually up here with his wife and family with it being half term this week, so we are hoping to meet them at the temple on Thursday evening...

This week has been a good week! Sister Bastian and I work really well together and feel like we’ve known each other for ages!! We got to our new flat on Tuesday evening with a lot of help from Elder Fingerle and Elder Christensen (Zone leaders) and President Crewe (Poole Stake President).

For Elders I’d say it was quite clean! We still haven’t unpacked as we wanted to clean before we put our things away but we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to. One of us will cook and one of us will clean each lunch and dinner time but you can’t get much done plus the flats big! Some days we have taken a snack out with us for dinner as we have had too much to do. Today is the day of cleaning and unpacking which I am very happy about as not being able to find my things has stressed me out! I need to find a place for everything!

I am so happy to be Sister Bastian’s companion and I am learning a lot from her. I know that this experience will help me grow into a better Missionary and person. It is very exciting to be here in Salisbury. It’s very different to Yeovil… It’s a big city and we’re very close to the centre. The people are different, the place is different and we share the area with Elders… And that’s really weird! Seeing them so often and what not. We’ve not bumped into them in the street yet and I doubt we will as the area is huge!!! 80miles by 80 miles so I’ve been told. We have a lot to do here and we know the kingdom will build as we work hard. The Branch are very pleased to have Sister Bastian and I and are making us very welcome after (apparently) 32 years without Sister Missionaries. They are very Missionary minded which is amazing and they are just as eager as we are to move the work along and build the kingdom.

We received a phone call from Elder Willers and Elder Astle (who took over in Yeovil) on Saturday explaining that Sam had dropped them. I am really disappointed but I am not allowing it to affect my work here in Salibury. Maybe just now isn’t his time… But it will come! He bore his testimony last Fast Sunday and he received a witness from the Spirit so the only explanation is Satan and Satan at his best.

We have Zone Conference (three Zones together) this Tuesday and I am very much looking forward to it. I love learning and gaining strength from the other Missionaries. I feel nervous though… So many people and I feel well self conscious! And I’m saying the opening prayer K!! Elder Christensen (ZL) laughs at me when we’re at big events! He tells me it’s like the first day at school… You just have to put yourself out there but I’m really not good at that! I like to watch and obverse before I include myself but if I keep going at this rate I’ll only be including myself at my last Zone Conference… Haha! Luckily for me Sister Bastian is a social bug!! So she’s been giving me some tips and hopefully I’ll feel a little better at this one. I’ll report next week.

Sister Bastian and I have seen many miracle here already and we haven’t even been here a week. Excited is the best way to explain how I feel about everything this week and I am very happy.

Hard work pays off! Collapsing as you walk through the door at 9.30pm is a very accomplishing feeling! And I know that is the case for every aspect in life.

“Fear not to do good, my sons, for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ya shall also reap good for your reward.”

Doctrine and Covenants 6:33

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Bastian fell off her chair!!!! I nearly wet myself laughing!!!!!!
We got soaked!!!
The Elders left this on the fridge for us :)
Sister Bastian trying to pack :| not cool!! Haha!!

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