Transfers Are A Looming !!!

This week is transfers, and at the time of going to press, we still weren't sure if she was staying or going. So I guess it will be next week when we find out now.
Hello hello!!!!

Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes, gifts and cards!! We had so much fun last Monday... Photo's to follow!! On Tuesday (my actual birthday) we had Domino's pizza for dinner to make it a little more birthday-like... A birthday is just a regular day as a missionary otherwise! Elder Barren (from my District) and I are Birthday buddies... He is 20!!!!!!!!! :O I feel so old!

Sister Brown and I had a lovely week, not without disappointment or frustration but it was a good week. We received a referral for a lady in Wells, so we contacted her and arranged to visit her at her home. We got to Wells after a 1 hour and 30 minute bus ride, found her house, knocked and she didn't answer. We went away and returned about 20 minutes later but again she didn't answer and it was very obvious that she was home. It was extremely frustrating and disappointing but I am learning how to deal with those emotions.

Sister Brown and I feel that our companionship may be coming to an end so we have had mixed emotions. We have laughed a lot this week!!! I will miss her but I know that Heavenly Father has other companions in my path so I can continue to grow.

As transfers are this week we had a "District - Transfer predictions"... Elder Willers drew a table on the whiteboard and everyone put on what they thought would happen. I'll send a photo so you can see! We're expecting phone calls any minutes to announce the moves so we'll see! I kinda have a feeling that I'm going but it's more likely that Sister Brown will move but who knows!!!

Yesterday Sister Brown and I had an amazing experience! Sam, our progressing investigator with a baptismal date attended church with us. He didn't attend last week so on Wednesday I expressed how I had gone to church with a question in my mind/heart and received an answer. As you know, yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. About half way through, Sam leaned over to Sister Brown and asked her if anyone can go up to bear their testimony. She said they could and about two minutes before we were due to sing the closing hymn he stood up and bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ our Savior and Heavenly father. He explained how he hadn't known it was true until then. His testimony got the loudest “Amen”. After sacrament meeting he told Sister Brown and I that he had got an overwhelming feeling during the meeting and now knows the truthfulness of the gospel. I am so happy for him!!! After the meeting some of the YSA invited and offered him a lift to institute. Sister Brown and I were so pleased that the ward are fellow shipping him. Revelation through church attendance is amazing!!

Jamie has been unwell for the last week or so. He has been working too much and I have been telling him off for weeks... He admits now that he should listen to the women in his life! His mum has been telling him off too!! I am concerned for him... I really do hope that resting will fix him! We taught him on Wednesday with our ward mission leader but he really is quite unwell. He was determined to have our lesson as he doesn't want to fall behind.

Oh, one last thing... Sister Brown decided it was about time that she learned how to whistle. She's lucky that I love her or I would have punched her! I did have to ask her once to give it a rest as she had been at it for hours. Being a missionary helps you grow in so many ways... Patience! :)

The church is true!

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Brown and I on our trip to Nine Springs last Monday... Birthday celabration!
Nine Springs again... We want to go back again! There is so much more to see!!
Make sure Jimmy sees this one!!!! :)
Salisbury District - Elder Schmoekle (DL), Elder Wilson, Sister Brown, Me, Sister Gisonda, Sister Brinco, Elder Barren and Elder Willers.
District - Transfer predictions - We guessed from top to bottom... If that makes sence... S=Stay, M=Move and T=Move.
Birthday buddies - Elder Barren and I!
The Poole zone... Won't be like this for long!!! Transfers!
My amazing birthday gift from Sister Brown... She made this scarf for me!!! P.S. I think my camera has gone a bit dodge! Long face!!!!!

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