What, No Journal, Must Be Busy !!!

I know she has become an avid journal keeper, lookout Chris Bradbury.

She must be one heck of a busy girl if she's not keeping her journal...

Well... Where do I start?!? Lets just say that I haven't written in my journal for 20 days now. Maybe that'll give you an indication of how things are going! We are so busy!!!! I am exhausted and I love it!!! Crazy eh?! Who enjoys being tired?! It's so satisfying! We are starting to teach new people which is exciting. The work here is moving along and Sister Bastian and I are getting stuck in!

I've decided that I need a spring coat as it's starting to warm up down here, so as well as cleaning, that's our goal today... Find a new coat for Sister Smart! I don't think Sister Bastian knows what she has in store for her today... I've tried to explain that I am probably the pickiest shopper and that I hate it with a passion but I guess she won't understand until we get started :/. P'days are not suppose to be stressful but I feel this one is going to be!

We were asked by the Branch to attend and represent the Church at a Conservative Christian Fellowship Panel this week... It was very interesting!! There was a panel of five and the format was just like "Question Time"! They discussed same sex marriage, mental health and church attendance and the "The Big Society" which was in the Conservatives manifesto. We didn't have to participate at all. We could have done if we'd wanted but we didn't feel the need as everyone was in agreement... Thankfully! I don't like debates!!

We had Zone Conference on Tuesday... It was amazing! Seriously... The inspiration that our leaders receive for us is amazing! So many of my questions/prayers were answered! I love being with so many missionaries... It gives me so much strength knowing that they're going through the same things, having the same experiences and challenges. And I didn't feel super awkward of self conscious! :D I figured that I just needed to enjoy it for what it was.

We just found out that Elder Fingerle passed his driving test this morning!! We prayed so hard for him, as he really needed to pass! Elder Christensen is going home this next transfer so Elder Fingerle didn't really have the option to fail or we'd end up having Zone Leaders that can't travel around the Zone. Super pleased for him! They're amazing Zone Leaders and I'll be sad to see Elder Christensen go!

This is currently my view... Elder Wilson!! And his Nephi forearms... Elder Schmoekel named them that after they measured their muscles... Elder Wilson's forearms are bigger than Elder Schmoekel's upper arm. Why they were measuring their muscles I don't know but it was very funny when they told us! It really does take some getting used to... Having Elders serving in the same area!

I've really been focusing on my study the last couple weeks and I feel that it's getting better... More productive and effective. I am learning a lot about the Gospel and about myself. I love the gospel and how it can change our lives if we embrace it!

Remember who you are and try your best in all you do!

Love, Sister Smart

Elder Christensen and I... Had to get a memory photo before he kicks it to California!
Sister Steffensen and I... I love her!!!! She was in my MTC group!


  1. If she's started keeping a journal, it'd better be MY journal she's using. :D

    1. You know what dude, it may just be yours that started the trend.
      But I think she said she's on about number 4 now!!!