Movember Has Come Early !!!

I Think a Tash Really Suits Her...

I love being a missionary, I love Sister Hickman and I love Bracknell.

Virdi is doing amazingly... So much so that we have moved his Baptismal date from October 18th to October 9th. He is so excited to be baptised. I have never worked with someone that seems to prepared. I am so excited for him. Sister Hickman and I are praying that we both stay this transfer.

Speaking of transfers... They're on October 8th! Yes, the day before Virdi's Baptism. We will be pretty sad if either of us move!! I just love Sister Hickman. It's going to feel like another break up when we're separated like it did with Sister Bastian!

On Monday for P'day we went to Reading. It was really fun... I was a little stressed because everyone else didn't want to make a decision before hand so when we got there it was a little up in the air. P'day is only 8 hours and it flies by, so I like a plan. We formed a plan after about 30 minutes of flapping about. We went to a park and played games like "Zib, Zab, Zob", "Ninja", "Peeka, Peeka, Tonga, Tonga", "Signs" and football with a beach ball. Oh and the Elders tried to fly a kite but there isn't much wind in the centre of Reading. We did all of this wearing fake mustaches. :)

On Wednesday we went on exchanges... I went to Woodley (Reading) with Sister Cowley who is the Sister Training Leader and Sister Brooks came to Bracknell with Sister Hickman. Sister Cowley and I ended up having lunch in a Methodist Cafe :) that was fun. I love Sister Cowley and I learned a lot from her as did Sister Hickman from Sister Brooks but we were pleased to be back together! :)

On Thursday evening we had a Relief Society activity called "Singing With a Twist"... It was kinda like that TV show "Don't Forget the Lyrics". It was quite fun... You could really go wild as a non Missionary :). I think it would be fun as a ward to do too! I'll plan it when I get home :)

On Friday we went to Windsor for Sister Hickman's appointment at the Princess Margaret Hospital. We were called in as we signed in... Private care is nice! We took advantage of being there and took our lunch hour. It's such a pretty place. We didn't go inside the castle but it was nice being there.

On Saturday we had a dinner appointment with a family and I have never seen so much lasagne on a plate before... I really did do my best but I couldn't finish it. We had special permission to go with the Elders and they just about finished theirs. Sister Hickman and I felt so ill afterwards. Thankfully the Elders are gentlemen and they carried our bags to the Chapel so we were able to waddle.

Yesterday we went to Reading to watch the General Conference Women's Meeting. I thought it was really good and one thing that really stood out to me was President Uchdorf's remarks about selfish desires. I have a lot of desires, righteous desires. Sometimes I can be impatient and want things at the wrong time/too soon. "All in good time Sister Smart" as President Millar would say :). My time will come. Focus on the important things.

Today we are heading to Oxford for Pday... Sister Hickman and Elder Christensen really want to go so Elder Cooper and I are humouring them. I'd rather have a chill day as the past few P'days have been crazy, but I think it will be a good day anyway. It is what you make it right?!

This coming weekend is General Conference and I am so excited!!!! I just love listening to our leaders. Heavenly Father loves us and that is very apparent when we listen to his servants. Sister Hickman and I are arranging a Zone Lunch/Dinner in between the 1pm and 5pm sessions on Sunday. Hopefully all will go well. I am panning to call all of the District Leaders today with there assignments so hopefully they will all comply. :) We are making Pumpkin Pie for desert!

Zone Conference is October 17th! We are being addressed by Elder Detlief H. Adler from Hanover, Germany so that's something to look forward too! Also Sister Bastian might be there so I well chuffed!!!!

One thing that has become very apparent recently is invitations. Invitation is everything! I wouldn't be here without an invitation and I know that that goes for a lot of other people too. Invite, invite, INVITE!!!!!!!!

I truly do love you all! I hope yo have a swell week!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

Autumn is coming!!!

Zoe and I at the Road show!!!

Sister Hickman and I!

Pday in Reading!!!!

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