Consecration Week !!!

Good News Overload

What a week!!!! This week was "Consecration Week!"... President wanted us to do 4 hours of finding new people to teach each day. It was a good week! We had lots of plans so trying to fit that in was tough but we did the best we could :)

Tuesday was a Halloween activity... Trunk or Treat! It was fun! We helped out a little then Ian Greathead arrived with my boxes from home. The plan was for him to drop it off with The Hamilton's but the only evening he could do it was Tuesday and the Hamilton's were at the activity so we had a little chat and exchanged boxes. Again... It's so weird seeing people from home. It just doesn't feel normal. Two worlds coming into one!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President Millar... I love that man! I don't know how he does it! How can he have so much love for each Missionary when there are about 300 of us?! The interview went well... He told me that he wants be to have the opportunity to train a new missionary and there are 15 new Sisters coming into the mission on November 19th. That doesn't mean that I will train but it means that I could. I am excited and nervous! Pleased that he trusts me to train. I will willingly accept the challenge! We'll see!!!!!

District Meeting was on Thursday... Elder Cooper asked me to prepare a 10 minute presentation on finding new people to teach... Very apt! I think it went quite well... It's weird teaching/presenting without your companion though! We went for lunch after the meeting as a district plus the Zone Leaders and the Earley Sisters who we went on to have an exchange with that afternoon. I went to Earley with Sister Brooks and we had fun... Taught a really cool woman together. Traveling back from exchanges the next day elder Popa asked me if I would like to drive... Of course I said yes as I love to drive and haven't in over a year! I thought he was joking but he pulled over, we swapped seats and I drove us to our flat. I think it was their Happy One Year Mark gift from the Zone Leaders! :) I also got two Starbars from Elder Christensen on my year mark... :)!

On Saturday we went to the Temple Visitors Centre with a couple that we are working with... It was really nice... It was also very busy!! I got to see Sister Taylor from Salisbury :D, President and Sister Crew, (the Poole Stake President who live in my first area, Yeovil), Honey (The Crews daughter) who lives in Rugby so knows Rae, plus a few other people, but I'd be here forever if I told you everyone that I saw! On Sunday we went to the Temple again for a fireside with Jim who we are currently working with... I got to see my dearest Sister Hickman!!!!!

All in all I think this week has been a good week!...

I feel like I'm forgetting something!!!... Haha, JOKES!!!!!

I know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rae Rae is having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so flipping excited!!! I don't think I can take anymore good news/seeing people I love!! I will have a new niece or nephew just a couple weeks before I get home... Just in time! Sorry family but you will have to hug me with a baby between us! :) I'm not going to put him/her down... EVER!!!!!!!!!

This week I have been studying a talk from General Conference called "Come and See" by Elder David A. Bednar... It's amazing! If any of you wonder why I am serving a mission then you should watch the video below... He explains it so well so I wont bother trying to explain!!

I hope that you all have a lovely week and you remember who you are! Mum has said that to me for as long as I can remember... "Remember who you are!"! I didn't really understand what she meant by it until recently-ish! Think about it... Who are you?!?! We are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much that he sent his only Begotten Son to suffer and die for us and Jesus, our brother loves us so much that he suffered and died willingly.

If you think that miracles have stopped then think about this... There is a baby born every minute!!!... Sorry what was that?!?! Female humans grow mini humans in their tummies?! MIRACLE!!!!!!!

I love you!!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Schmidt and I!

Accidentally receiving a package or two from Ian!

I found Manchester Road on Exchange in Earley this week!

I saw Sister Taylor from Salisbury at the Temple on Saturday... One very happy Sister Smart!!

I saw Sister Hickman last night at a Temple Fireside!!... Another very happy Sister Smart!!!!

My tears of joy when I found out that I am going to be an Aunt again!!!!!!!

Swapping back after exchange!!

Crowthorne District plus Zone Leaders!

Crowthorne District plus Zone Leaders again!

I drove a car this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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