Another Toughy !!!

But She's Even Tougher...

This week has been a toughy!!!

On Tuesday I think I may have had the worst day of my entire Mission. You know when you wake up in the morning in a bad mood and you think to yourself "Well, the only way this is going to improve is if I make it improve! Now get a grip!!!", then it just get worse because you don't get a grip, then you get angry with yourself because you can't/won't get a grip. Look around yourself Sister Smart!!!!!! WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are people around you much worse off... GET A GRIP!!!

Then Sister Hopgood unfortunately had a similar experience later on in the week.

Most of our appointments fell through this week so that was tough... BUT!!!! Yesterday we went to a first appointment with a chap and we have arranged to meet with him again so that's promising!

On Friday it was Sister McCoy's birthday... I made Chicken Broccoli Bake for dinner as you shouldn't have to cook on your birthday! I think she liked it... At least she asked for the recipe. I really do enjoy making people happy through their tummies!

We had a dinner appointment this week with Katie and Josie... They're both students and they have become good friend of mine so I loved spending time with them! We shared a message with them about Grace as I have been studying about it a lot recently. Grace is amazing... I challenge you to study it with me! :)

This Wednesday I am conducting an exchange... Yes, an exchange even though there aren't any other Sisters in the Zone. I think I mentioned that President gave permission for us to go on exchange with the Crawley Sisters. I will be with Sister Stuart in Brighton and Sister Hopgood will be with Sister Robison in Chichester. Sister Robison is being trained so that should be fun for Sister Hopgood even though she's dreading it. I am so excited to be with Sister Stuart again!!! This is her last transfer so this is our last opportunity to serve together... This is just what I need!!!

Recently I have been having some crazy dreams!!!! Really weird, not so nice dreams. It's not cool!! I had one the other night that wasn't so bad... In the dream President Millar called to inform me about transfers. He told me that I was moving to be with Sister Taylor again (even though I haven't served with a Sister Taylor), but I would only be with her for a couple weeks as I will be training a new missionary once she gets here. She's from Vietnam and is coming in late because of language. Sister Hopgood recons that this is going to happen but I doubt it!! I think I will move but I doubt it will be under those circumstances.

Recently I have felt more and more sad for the people around me... I am sad that so many people don't know that Christ is our Saviour. What can I do to help them? other than share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I hope that you all have a great week!!!

Always remember who you are!!

Love, Sister Smart


This week Sister Hopgood had some Love Hearts... She gave this on to me. So kind!!!! #

This weeks weekly planning session... Being healthy!

After District finding this week we bought (not to healthy) Milkshakes.

It was Sister McCoy's birthday this week... We didn't have time to make a cake so we made her these :)

Last Pday we went bowling... I was on a lane with Xing and Nick (K)... We were well matched!!! :)

This is a lesson about faith! I'm feeding Brandon dirt... It's really crushed up Oreo's but he thought it was dirt and he still chose to eat it... Good faith!! :)

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