Focus On The Important Things!!!

Heavenly Father will take care of the rest...

Well... Can't believe that it's Monday again!! Last Monday feels like yesterday and a million years ago... Time is such a weird thing!!!!

This week has been a crazy busy week full of ups and downs!

On Monday I decided that it was about time that I got my eyebrows threaded... I went to Superdrug instead of an independent shop like I normally do. I'm not blaming Superdrug... Just the lady that did them!! She took a huge chunk out of my left eyebrow that she shouldn't have... I was so upset that I cried!! To be honest it's not hard to get me to cry these days but still!! I cried at my eyebrows... They grow back you nutjob!!! Thank goodness for eyebrow pencils!!!

On Wednesday we had District Meeting as usual and Sister Hopgood and I were asked to do a 15 minute presentation on "Seeking the Spirit"... I'm sure I made a hash of it but I really enjoyed studying for it and preparing! This week's District meeting I have been asked to say the closing prayer... Much less stress!!! :)

On Wednesday afternoon we traveled to Brighton for our exchange with Sister Stuart and Sister Robison. When we got there Sister Stuart and I had a teary reunion. I just love her!! We went strait from the train station to a teach... Her and I still have it. She told me on the bus what we were teaching and what scriptures we were using. We sat down and taught like we were still companions! It was so nice being with her. We talked and cried a lot!!

I don't know if I have mentioned that I have had a sore foot for the last couple weeks... Well I have and it's the same side as my sore hip so I thought I should inform President. He told me to get it checked out so I went to see the GP. She thinks that the tendons are swollen due to over use and perhaps a change in my gait due to my hip. She told me to try taking Ibuprofen for about 10 days plus Ibuprofen gel. It seems to be doing to trick which I am pleased about as I am no longer in pain and the alternative treatment would have cost £400 :O!!!!!! I went to buy the Ibuprofen and Ibuprofen gel strait after the appointment... I got £10 out of the cash machine then went to Savers. I was deciding which gel to buy... The £1 or £4! I don't know why it took me so long to decide... £1!!!!! Easy!! Somehow I managed to drop my £10. A very VERY kind man found it and gave it back to me. I was so relieved and thankful or his kindness and honesty!

Sadly it is my birthday this week... I have never been bothered about turning a year older before but this year it's bothering me a little. People keep asking me how old I will be when they find out it's my birthday. When I tell them 25 they look at me with a sad look as though they feel sorry for me. Yes, I'm getting old!!!! Urgh!! Hahahahahaha!!! I was given a card and a bunch of flowers from the Chichester ward Relief Society this Sunday... So kind!!! I love flowers!!! :) On Wednesday (my actual birthday) Sister Hopgood and I are being taken to Nando's by Anne... Anne is on of the members here and she is amazing. I am so happy that I get to spend some of my Birthday with her!! It's her Birthday tomorrow and I am making her lunch!! :)

Today we are going for lunch and bowling with the Elders and Josie! I am looking forward to it... A chilled day with good people!

I asked a friend some advice about being a Missionary as he is a Returned Missionary and he told me this... "My advice is to not get so (fanatically) focused on the "finishing strong" or ending your last couple transfers with exact obedience. Just serve those around you and everything else will take care of itself.". It was just what I needed to hear!! It's so true about all aspects of life! Do your best... Focus on the important things and Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.

I hope that you all have a great week!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Stuart and I on exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

Portsmouth Zone training... It's so weird being the only Sisters!

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