Its A Small, Small World !!!

Especially As A Mormon...

Well...For me this week began with MLC on Tuesday. It was a great meeting and I'm so glad that I was able to be there! On Monday evening the Poole Zone Leaders dropped Sister Barnes (Poole STL) and Sister Ramseyer off so we could all get to MLC easily on Tuesday morning.

Sister Barnes is from Star Valley, Wyoming. I told her I had been there and that we had friends there. I explained who they were and she thinks she knows them. Even crazier!!!!! I ask her randomly if she knew Joseph Platt. Joseph is a friend I made in Singapore. He is from Wyoming but not from Star Valley but I thought I'd give it a shot. Turns out that he was the first guy to ask her on a date when she started at Uni in Wyoming. Crazy small Mormon world!!!!

Elder Trowbridge and Elder Cluff drove us to and from MLC. Both of them have been my District Leader in the past so it was nice chatting with them... I convinced them to do the Penguin song together when they dropped me back off at home. I took a video... It's hilarious!!!!!

This week I had the craziest dream EVER!!!!! Elder Rife, Elder Giddons, myself and my companion (not sure who it was) were on the 409 bus travelling to our home. We got off the bus and the Elders came with us as they thought something bad was going to happen. This guy started shouting at Elder Gibbons then started to beat him up... Really badly!!!! We all ran away but I dropped the Ward list on the floor and I though "oh no!!! I have to pick it up as it has personal information on it!". I took 5 steps back to get it and when I stood up I had a gun in my face!!!!!! Then I woke up. Weirdest dream!!! I never dream of home so mixing home, mission and death in one wasn't cool!

At MLC, President gave Sister Stuart and I permission to go on an inter zone exchange as I don't have any Sisters to go on exchange with. I am sooooo excited!!! For those 24 hours we are going to be on fire! Being with an old companion is so cool on exchange!! She is in Brighton so it's really not far for us to travel! :)

On Wednesday we were getting dropped off by a couple of YSA... I fell out of the car onto the rainy floor!!!! It was not cool!!! Josey, one of the YSA took a photograph and it has been seen by most of the YSA and other Missionaries! Not cool!!!

Zone Training was on Friday... It was a good meeting. President and Sister Millar were there! It was very weird being the only set of Sisters in the zone! We were defiantly the odd one out!

After Church yesterday we went to Joey Honour's for lunch with some of the YSA. He lives in halls of residence... I do not miss halls at all!!!!!! It was so weird being with the YSA in that setting. They're great people and I love being with them but I'm so glad I'm not a student any more!

Sister Hopgood was asked last week to prepare a little presentation for the Relief Society lesson on dating and marriage. I helped her a little by finding scriptures that spoke about such things... I found one that I really like!!! "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave himself for it" -Ephesians 5:25. Yeah, I know that I'm a Missionary but still! I hope to be married one day! Do you love your wife enough?! Do you love you husband enough?! :) I'll leave you with that!!

I hope that you all have a lovely week!!

Love, Sister Smart


This is Sister Barnes and I.

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