Another Crazy Week !!!

With A Birthday To Boot...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!

So.... This week has been a crazy week!!!

Monday was a typical P'Day!! We went for lunch with the Elders and Josie then we went bowling. It was lots of fun! I just love Josie!!!

So on Tuesday it was Anne's birthday so Sister Hopgood and I went for lunch and I made enchiladas. It was really nice celebrating her birthday with her. She returned the favour by taking us for dinner the following day for my birthday. We were suppose to go to Nando's but there wasn't any parking spaces so we got McD's instead and ate it at the Chapel.

Sister Hopgood managed to loose her 79 quid bus pass this week but she only realized when we were on our way to an appointment. We were so gutted! After the appointment we went back to the flat and searched for it but couldn't find it! As we left the flat I prayed that we would find it. I felt like we should go to the bus station just in case it had been handed in. We checked and the lady at the desk said "You'll be lucky!!". Then she looked in the lost and found and she found it!!!!!! Prayers really are answered!!!

Wednesday was a great day... I was spoiled rotten for my birthday! I received 3 amazing packages, Sister Hopgood made me breakfast, we went to lunch at the McCoys... Sister McCoy made all different Mexican food. She knows me so well! Then we went to dinner with Anne as mentioned earlier. I loved it but I really need to make sure that my next birthday is at home. 3 birthdays away from home is enough!

Thursday was a bad day!!!! I think I pretty much had a mental break down... I started to cry as soon as I saw Sister McCoy (My Mission Mum) then I cried the whole way through District Meeting I felt really bad 'cause I could tell that everyone felt really bad for me but I really couldn't control it. They just kept flowing!! I spoke with President as I felt like my head was going to explode and I needed to stay in the flat for a little while to nap.

On Friday we had a visitor in our flat... In fact we had two. President and Sister Millar. They spent about two hours with us. I just love them so much!!

So we found out the other day about moves. Sister Hopgood is going home and I am moving to Hastings and my new companion is a new missionary from France. She is coming into the mission about two weeks late as she is learning English so I will have a temporary companion for two weeks. As Sister Hopgood is going home her and I will be heading to the Temple together on Monday so I may not have time to email next week! I will be staying with the Temple Visitors Centre until Wednesday when I will go to Staines to receive some training on how to be train a new missionary. I will then go to my new area with my temp companion. AND!!!! I am going to the Temple on Tuesday with Judith who I worked with when I was in Torquay.

Simply... I love being a Missionary but it really is the hardest thing I have ever done!

I am really excited to be a trainer but I am terrified!

I hope that you all have a lovely week!

Love, Sister Smart


I fell of my chair! Not cool!!!!!

The Chichester District on my Birthday Lunch!! Haha!!! I just love this!!!

Me in my Birthday suit and tash!

This is the breakfast that Sister Hopgood made for me on my birthday! :) so kind!!

The tiny bit of snow that we got... It lasted about 30 minutes!!

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