Oh What A Beautiful Morning!!!

Oh What A Beautiful Day...

So... Another week has gone and I can't believe it!!! Time flies by so quickly!!!!!!!!!! Sister E and I feel like we have been together for only 5 minutes!! She really is amazing... We get on so well and we work together like we have been together forever!! I am going to miss her a lot when she goes.

We have been told that Sister Longine will be moving into the Mission on Wednesday so we haven't got long left together. It's been such a blessing to serve with her. And it's been a blessing to get to know the area with her before Sister Longine arrives. Now I'm only training and half white washing instead of training and fully white washing :)!!

When we arrived we didn't have any investigators so we have been trying to find new people to teach! We found a few people but we still need more!

We street contacted a guy in the week named Jake and we made a return appointment with him for Sunday evening. We weren't sure if we would be traveling at that time to get Sister Longine so we told him we would confirm. We found out that we would be traveling on Wednesday so we called to confirm with Jake. He had given us a false number!!!! We knew roughly where he lived as he pointed to his home when we contacted him but we unfortunately didn't get his address! I could have kicked myself for not getting his address!!!! We decided to knock his street around the time of the appointment.

It was pooring down with rain!!! We had a Gospel discussion with a JW and a couple other brief Gospel discussions. We also got a couple doors slammed in our faces as usual. We didn't find Jake!! We were about to give up but decided to knock a couple more doors. We still didn't find Jake but we came into contact with a lovely Scottish chap named James who has committed to come to Church with us next week. He was our miracle for the day!!

On Saturday we found ourselves in a part of Hastings that was a little dodgy!! I have felt a little scared now and then on my Mission but Saturday was way worse!! We won't be heading back there in the dark... The joys of white washing!!! We found a guy there though who said he'll come to Church next week so we'll see!! :) We walked very quickly to the bus stop that's for sure!!!!!!

The entire time we have been in Hasting has just been full of tender mercies... We run a lot for buses and we haven't yet missed one! Everything just seems to happen at the right time! Heavenly Father is looking out for us! I love being a Missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?!?!?! I am actually sleeping again!!! I am back to waking up just before the alarm goes off because my body has had enough! It doesn't feel like my body has had enough once it gets to 21.30 but that's okay!!! :)

I don't think I mentioned that President Millar sang to us at MLC last week!! He just stood up mid meeting and sang "Oh what a beautiful morning"... He sang then asked us to join in on the "oh what a beautiful morning" bit! It made me cry!!! Hahahaha!!! I love that man so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we are having our P-Day with Sister Evans... An amazing member!! We're heading there after emails to have lunch and to chill out! :) I love Hastings!!!! The members here really are amazing! We are being looked after very very very well!!!

I love you all!!!

I hope that you have a great week!!! I will be praying for you!!!!!

Love, Sister Smart


We found these matching onseys in our flat!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

We got a little wet yesterday!!!!!

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