What Do You Do When Your Boots Let Water In? !!!

Wrap A Carrier Bag Round Your Foot, Of Course...

Today it feels like both a million years ago that I emailed last, but like yesterday at the same time!! Time on a mission is soooo weird!!!

P'Day this past week was an amazing day!! Sister E and I went to Sister Sharon Evans for lunch then we played Skip-Bo while chatting about life! She is so lovely!! She served her Mission in Leeds! We are heading over to the Evans for dinner on Wednesday too :). Monday evening we headed to Brother and Sister Lloyd's for a Cottage Evening. There was about 15 of us. Sister E, myself and the Elders sang a hymn and then Sister Lloyd taught us about Angels. It was a lovely evening!

I don't even know what happened on Tuesday... It feels so long ago! Sister Longin arrived on Wednesday afternoon so Sister E headed back to the Visitors Centre. Sister Longin is great!! She is such a great Missionary! You wouldn't think that she had just come from the MTC minus the fact that she struggles a little with her English. She doesn't give herself enough credit for the level of English that she does have though. I pray that I will be a good trainer and I will impact her for good!

We have been working really hard but we unfortunately have not seen very much success. I studied about patience the other day and I read a talk by President Uchtdorf. The talk is called "Continue in Patience." In the talk he said "From that experience, I learned that patience was far more than simply waiting for something to happen. Patience required actively working toward worthwhile goals and not getting discouraged when results didn’t appear instantly or without effort.", I really liked this and it gave me a little umph! We seem to be struggling to find new investigators. I really don't know what I am doing wrong!!! I have tried to analyse myself to figure out what the root cause is but I can't figure it out! Obviously we can all improve but I feel that it's something bigger that I just can't figure out!

My boots have been coming to an end for a good while now and a hole has developed on the sole of my right foot... It's been raining a lot so I have been getting a very wet and cold foot!! I refuse to buy another pair for the last couple months of my mission so I have resulted in wearing a plastic bag over my socks! Definitely a sign of a Missionary that has been out for a while!

Yesterday was a little odd... Elder De Wilde has had the flu since Thursday so they weren't at Church! The first time ever that I have known Missionaries not be at church! Poor guy!! I think he's getting better now though, thankfully!!

Yesterday we had a wonderful experience as we taught a member family about the Europe Area Plan. When we arrived we told them that we wanted to teach them at the end of dinner about the Europe Area Plan and asked if they would be happy to pray with us so they can receive revelation about where we should go to find new people to teach. They agreed and the Mum offered the prayer. Before she began she said that the faith of each of us was needed. She paused during the prayer to allow the Spirit to direct all of us and the Spirit was so strong!! After the prayer she asked everyone if they had any suggestions. We opened the map and she gave us very specific directions to a shop that her Mother goes to. She feels that the shop owner is ready to hear about the Gospel. It really was an amazing experience for each of us. Her daughter of 15 then said that she felt that we should go contacting in a park close to our home. Heavenly Father really is amazing!! I just love working with the members. It is so special! I love being a Missionary!

Last night Sister Longin taught me how to make real French Crepes!! we Brits do it very wrong!!! We made enough to have some for breakfast this morning! I don't know if this is a good or bad thing!! I have managed to loose 5 pounds the last 2 weeks but now maybe I'll put Crepe weight on!! Haha! Self control Sister Smart, self control!!!

Tomorrow we are heading to Tunbridge Wells for interviews with President Millar... I am excited!! I just love President and Sister Millar so much!!!

I hope and pray that each of you have a lovely week!!

I love you!!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Longin and I!

Sister Longin is teaching me how to have crepes the real way! This is Chesnut paste! It's really good with Nutella!

I'll be pro by the end of these transfers!! :)

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