Lost A Book Of Mormon!!!

But Found A Ukelele...

Well well... Another week has gone by and I can't believe it... It's freaking me out a little at how fast time is going!

We have a new thing in the Maidstone Zone called Maidstone Fear Factor... It's suppose to help with over-coming fears but I reckon it's to make a fool out of you. :) This weeks... Sing in the street and Soap box (Google)... I will not be soap boxing. I think it's arrogant! This was announced on Monday evening around 21.45. Earlier that evening Sister Longin and I were singing to a chap that we met at the bus stop! Haha!! I reckon that shows that we're nutters! It was actually really cool though and he liked it. I was playing (trying to) Sister Longin's Ukulele and he stopped to show us how it's done. We spoke with him about the gospel and sang Be Still, My Soul. Making a fool out of yourself sometimes pays off as a Missionary!

Unfortunately I was a little unwell at the beginning of this week... We decided to do some service for a member as it didn't require much effort, but it was time spent well. The Elder's gave me a Priesthood blessing on Tuesday evening and I felt much better on Wednesday. The blessing was really nice... Very interesting! Heavenly Father told me a lot through Elder Moore!!

We have had a lot of appointments cancelling the last couple of weeks... We kinda feel that we take two steps forward and then one step back. That's much better than one forward and two back though, so I think we're on a winner!!

We went into a park near our home the other day to chat with people as one of the members thought it would be a good place to chat with people... The first person we spoke with has lived in Hastings for about a year and has been looking for a church to attend for a while now! Heavenly Father really is amazing!

We had Zone Training this past Friday... It was a really good meeting! We had a couple of members come and address us. On of them was called Sister Lou and as a profession she teaches people how to speak publicly. It was a really fun workshop and I learned so much from her! She served a Mission in Leeds so we spoke about the North together! :)

Somebody that the Elders haven been working with for a while now was baptised on Saturday... It was a lovely day and I'm so glad that I was able to be there! Leslie has been investigating the church since 1997... I'm so happy for him!

I lost my hard back Book of Mormon on Saturday morning as we traveled to the chapel for the baptism. I left it on the bus!!! I pray that someone will find it and make good use of it! I was really sad though as I have had that Book of Mormon my entire Mission! Ah well... Worse things happen at sea!!

As I logged on to my email on Saturday to send our Progress Record to our Ward Mission Leader I noticed an email from the Mission... It was thanking me for my service (again) and asked that I answer some questions about the experiences I have had during my time as a missionary. It made the little time that I have left feel even less! CRAZY!

I was asked to teach the lesson this Sunday in Gospel Principles... It was on the Organisation of the Priesthood. I prepared for it but I felt that it went horribly... I am assured that it went well but I don't know who to believe! Elder Moore or everyone else! Elder Moore said "Both of the lessons you have taught in Gospel Principles have been good. The last one was great and this one was okay.". Hahahaha!!! I laughed and then cried!! I know it wasn't his intention but it really upset me! Haha! Men!! Elder De Wilde heard him say it and said "We'll talk about this later at home.". Elder De Wilde has two Sisters so I think he gets it!

So this morning I bought a Ukulele!!!! After playing Sister Longin's (terribly) I decided that I would get one for myself. I'm not sure if the practice that I intend to put in will help much as I'm not particularly musical but I thought I'd give it a go!!

Next Monday we are having a Zone P-Day in Orpington so that should be a fun day! We have some really funny missionaries in the zone so it will be fun to spend time with them!

Sister Longin and I laugh so much and I'm so glad that we are able to enjoy our time together! We have a good week planned this week so we are looking forward to what miracles lay in store for us!!

I hope that you all have a lovely week! I'll be praying for you!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Longin and I on the phone to our District in the loo of McDonalds.

Sister Longin and I being swept away!

Me with my Easter gifts from Sister Longin's family!

Sister Longin and I eating some of our Easter chocolate!

We gave flowers to strangers this week!

Sister Longin and I enjoying the sun!!

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