The Last Stand!!!

Well The Last Email Anyway...

So... I really don't know where to begin!!! This week has been busy and long but has flown by all at the same time!

On Monday we went to Bohemia Castle with Elder Moore, Elder De Wilde and Jonny Meachamp! It was a really nice day out and a very pretty castle! I'd suggest this as a good place for anyone to visit!

On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment with the Evans's... When we got there Sister Evans said "Don't take anything off!! We're going out to eat!". We went for a picnic by the sea... It was amazing!! We had taken our Ukulele's to play them a song as part of our spiritual thought so there we were playing our Ukelele's at the beach! I am a missionary... I promise!!!!

Oh and I have named my Ukulele... He name is Lena!!! "it means "torch", metaphorically representing something that shows light and leads the path.". Sister Longin's first name is Elena so it is kinda named after her as well!!

At District Meeting this week we were asked to do a presentation and demonstrate teaching people how to pray. Sister Longin and I really enjoyed studying and preparing for it even if it did stress me out!! As I think I mentioned in one of my previous emails, Elder Moore asked me to be the room setterupperer for District Meeting. This week I wanted to give everyone a hand out with reference to the scripture (Isaiah 52:7)!

Because we have two sets of Elders I thought that they would appreciate food... I wanted to use trainers from Sports Mixture on top of Walnut Whips but I couldn't find Walnut Whips and I wasn't sure if Sports Mixture even had trainers in them!! Plan B... Liquorice Allsorts figurines on top of cupcakes! The Elders just laughed!

We decided to use Sister Longin's talent of speaking French to do some service this week! We made some handouts and invited everyone to our class! Only two people turned up!!! Thankfully that afternoon before the class we were asked by the Young Women's President if we could do the Young Women's activity that evening! We taught 10 Young Women (4 non members), 3 leaders and 2 members. We played a game about numbers and taught them a French Hymn! Sister Longin taught them the pronunciation and I played my Ukulele so they knew the notes and the tune! It was lots of fun!!

Miracle!!!! I told you last week about an investigator who we began teaching after bumping into him so many times. He pretty much dropped us last week and he wasn't willing give us his phone number or address. On Saturday I found a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD that hadn't been opened in our flat. He loves music and he is trying to listen to good, uplifting music only, as he feels that other music distracts him. I thought that this CD would be perfect for him. However we didn't have an appointment with him or a way to contact him. We were on the bus traveling to contact a former investigator (who we had a return appointment with) when we decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to make it possible for us to see him. Sister Longin and I scanned outside as we traveled on the bus. We didn't see him. We decided to go beyond our destination to the bus stop where we originally met him. We got off the bus and he wasn't there. We crossed the road as we headed back to where the investigator lived. A bus arrived as we got to the bus stop. He came around the corner to get on the bus. I gave him the CD and told him that I had prayed to Heavenly Father so that I could see him that day. He responded with "Wow, that's amazing!" with a heart full of sincerity. I love being a Missionary. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to see the love that Heavenly Father has for each of his children.

We were asked to teach the Young Women's lesson this Sunday... I really enjoyed teaching them. It was about the Restoration... Something that I know about, so I wasn't too stressed about the preparation! I bore testimony about a few things.

This week is going to be another busy one!! We have iPad training on Wednesday in Crawley... The entire Mission is going to be there so I guess it'll be nice to see everyone, one last time, even if the training doesn't really apply to me! During the rest of the week, we have lots of dinner appointments and we also have a District Meeting. We don't normally have one, when we have a big training day, but that's okay as I like District Meetings and this will be my last one! I am making lunch too and I love make people happy through food!! :)

Today we're having a district P'Day! I think the Elders are trying to make my last week special for me! We're not doing anything very exciting but it's nice to spend time with them!!

To be honest... I am dreading this week!!! It has already been a very emotional and I think that this week is going to be really hard! I sat on the bus and cried the other day because of the suffering of the people all around me. I though to myself what good is crying going to do?! not a lot was the answer, so I thought Get a grip and do something about it!!! But then I realised... You really can't change the world Sister Smart!! And that makes me really sad, so I'm going to try to change it, even if I only change it for a few people! It's better than nothing right?!

I love you all!!!

Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Smart


My injury from falling up the stairs at the chapel! :(

Sister Longin and I locked in a dungeon!!

Sister Longin, Elder Moore, Elder De Wilde (He's not stoned... I promise) and I locked in a dungeon!!

Sister Longin and I!

I just love this photograph of Sister Longin! A photograph is worth a thousand words!

Elders being Elders!

Group shot... I'm turning into Dad!!!

Really?!?! This really made me laugh!

And again!! A thousand words!!... She's a nutter!!

Apparently we're both nutters!

Saw this chair and thought of home... Haha!!! :)

We went for dinner with the Evans this week and they took us for a picnic by the sea!!! It was amazing!!!!

Sister Longin and I playing a Ukuleles by the sea... It was part of our spiritual thought! :)

I made these for district meeting this week...

I placed them on the table with a print out of scriptures... Isaiah 52:7 "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!"

I tried to fix my hair... I think the second attempt was better!

We had to take the map off the wall... I thought that this would be a good idea!

Not bad for a couple cork boards, some cable ties, a pair of scissors and an old shower curtain rail!

I bought Sister Longin Indian food this week... She said it was okay but not he best! I thought it was really good!!

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