Penultimate Post!!!

Thats The Last But One (For Those That Dont Know)

Well hello!... This week feels like both a year and a day! It feels like we have been running around like headless chickens trying to get everything done! It's been fun even though I have felt a little out of control! and time flies when your having fun!!

Last P'Day we went shopping again! And I bought a new dress :) I really didn't need it but it made me feel better! I wore it twice this week and I got lots of compliments, so I think it was a good buy!!

Oh my days... This week we went for dinner and we were given seafood! You know how I am when it comes to seafood! I did my best!! I ate about one third and when the host left to get drinks Sister Longin took one for the team and shoveled the rest of mine into her mouth!! I was and am so thankful to her for that!!!

This week has been full of service!! I think we did service of some sort everyday this week... We helped the Lloyds pack their home as they're moving to Bristol tomorrow! We helped another Sister clean their new home and then we helped her make some little bags and booklets for the Visiting Teaching Convention that we had this Saturday. It was all lots of fun! I really enjoy helping people! The Visiting Teaching Convention was really good too! Hastings is a lovely place!

We were locked out this week... It wasn't good! In each area a member keeps a spare key! We knew which member had ours as it said in the Area Book! Problem! That member didn't have the key!!!! The Sisters had locked themselves out not long before they left and the key was never returned! As we waited for a member to come and break in at 9.45pm we had a gospel discussion with someone named Jess... :) Fancy that! After about 15 minutes of being criminals we were in!! Phew!!!!

For District Meeting this week Elder Moore asked me to set the room up and make it nice so the Spirit could abide! :) It was good as the Elders always set the room up without tables! When your 5'2" you can't keep your scriptures, Preach My Gospel and a notebook on your lap... They just slip off! So I took advantage and set up with tables!! :)

You remember me talking about a chap that we spoke to a couple P'Days ago with the Ukulele? Well... We bumped into him again! We chatted with him a lot and taught him about the Book of Mormon. I believe that as Missionaries you are blessed to have a tiny glimpse of how Heavenly Father sees his children! It is very clear to me how much love Heavenly Father has for him and as a Missionary I am able to feel that love for him also. Each time I think about him or see him I am overcome with the love that God has for him. I want so desperately to help him, but I am really lost as to what more I can do for him. I am seeking direction from Heavenly Father and I am actively waiting for his guidance. Yesterday he asked me how long I would be in Hastings. When I told him only two more weeks my heart sank as I realised that two weeks was the only time I had to help him.

On a lighter note...

I smashed the screen of the phone this week! I have dropped so many Mission phone (including this one) and I haven't broke one until this week! You know the bumps to warn the blind that there is a road crossing or that you're close the the train platform edge! Well... They're not good for phones! You can see the shape of the bump in the crack! :/ Ooops! Elder De Wilde reckons that all of the phones will be replaced by iPhones when the the iPads arrive as you can link to the phone's 3G!

Unfortunately running around like headless chickens has resulted in us not being in the flat for lunch and dinner... My Ukulele practice time! I was told 15 minutes a day will make an okay Ukulele player in about three months. But where do you find 15 minutes in a day?!?! :/

This week I received a letter from President Millar telling me about going home. An email asking me to answer 5 questions about my Mission and about 20 people telling me that I have only a couple weeks left of being a Missionary. It is really freaking me out! I know that is the reality and I am excited to come home, of course I am! But I love being a Missionary!

This week I somehow managed to break my music USB... Something happened with the files and now they won't play or open! I am gutted! A similar thing started to happen with my photo USB too... I think Elder De Wilde fixed that one before it was too late though! Thankfully! I think I would be the unhappiest Sister Missionary going if I had lost my photographs!!!! Thank goodness for Elder De Wilde and his geniusness!

Today we're heading to Bohemia Castle with the Elders and Jonny (a member who is soon to be a Misisonary in the Leeds Misssion)! We are super excited!!

I hope and pray that you all have a lovely week!!!

I love you all!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Oh and check this Mormon Message out... It's a gooden!!!.........


Me and my Uke... She doesn't have a name yet!


Sister Longin and I!

The bags we helped to make for the Visiting Teaching convention!

Sister Longin... Haha! She was busy when I cooked so she wanted to guess what I had made by taste!

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