Birthday Week And Still Positive !!!

I find it rather difficult to accept that this is really my daughter speaking, but in a good way of course...
Good morning!!

Sam, who almost dropped us last week but we managed to get him back is ploughing through the Book of Mormon and he understands the Gospel very well. He has so many amazing questions! He has a baptismal date for 15/02.

Jamie is still doing really well but unfortunately he didn't come to church this week as he was unwell. He is working 14 hour days with 5 hours sleep and his body has just about had enough... Oh and he still runs for pleasure most days. I keep telling him that he is a NUT JOB!!!!! I believe that this is Heavenly Fathers way of telling him to slow down.

Sister Brown is amazing... We get on so well and laugh so much! We had exchange this week. It was strange... Sister Brown stayed in Yeovil with Sister Cowley and I went to Bridgewater with Sister McKay (she's from Scotland). Sister McKay and I got on really well... We have similar backgrounds so we understood each other really well. Unfortunately I didn't feel like I was on top form at all as a missionary so I wasn't pleased with the first impression that I probably gave her. I have since been diagnosed with Labrynthitis so that explains a little of why I wasn't on top form. I learned from her and that's what exchanges are all about so I feel it was successful.

Heavenly Father has blessed Sister Brown and I the last couple of days. I have felt awful... Labrynthitis!! I feel dizzy, sick and I keep toppling over because my balance is off. We have had amazing lessons and I feel like He has been rewarding us for our efforts. I went to the walk-in-centre and the GP gave me a very thorough examination and then diagnosed... I've been taking pills and I'm starting to feel better :)

I had the realisation that this week could possibly be the last full week that Sister Brown and I spend together. Today could be our last P'day together but it's my birthday tomorrow so we're going to make the most of it... Even with Labrynthitis. We're going for a walk after emailing then we're having Chinese food :) birthday treat! It has gone very quickly!! We have had our ups and downs but on the whole it has been amazing. I will miss her when we do get transferred, whether it be this week or not.

In general I can't believe how quickly time goes as a missionary. I was told to expect this but it's going a lot quicker than I anticipated... I'll be home before I know it!

Being on a mission is just something only those who have been/are on can comprehend... I've never experienced anything like it! I love the work and serving the people. Heavenly Father is moulding me and I am excited about who I will become.... I'm still very much me (Sister Brown tells me everyday that I have "spunk" :| I've told her she needs to be careful saying that over here!!) but I look at things a little differently, I know the person I want to be and the life I wish to lead.

Take care and remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart

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