Time For Wellies !!!

What, No Paths...

Well... This week has been a great week. Full of changes! AGAIN!!!!!!!

We found out on Friday that Sister Hickman is being moved to Brighton due to some unforeseen circumstances. We are not best pleased but this is a great way of learning submissiveness. President said that he didn't want to move her but he hasn't got an option as it's what is best all around. It's not about today... Nothing is about today. It's so much more than that and when you think like that everything seems to make more sense. Elder David A. Bednar said in his talk from the Europe Area Sisters Meeting that we need to forget our "Selfish desires" and that really hit home. I need to forget my selfish desires. My new companion is Sister Schmidt. We were in the same District when I was in Torquay so I know here a little but not well. She is very German.

Virdi is doing really well and is very excited for his baptism on Tuesday... Yes Tuesday! He asked to move it so that Sister Hickman and I can both be there. Satan is defiantly at him! Elder Popa and Elder Munson gave him a Priesthood blessing Yesterday at General Conference. The words were very powerful and I know that it has really helped him. He is in for a tough ride and he knows it. Satan knows a good thing when he sees it. Crafty Satan!!! We taught him about Missionary work the other day and he was so excited to receive a Preach My Gospel... He really is amazing!! He knew what it was because he has been watching "The District" online. The District is what Missionaries watch to learn about Missionary work! He just found it one day and started to watch it!

I just loved General Conference. It was a great weekend. I received lots of answers! I particularly liked Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Jorg (Rebuking) Klebingat's talks. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be directed in our lives. We did a dinner in between the two session on Sunday and it was fun. I called all of the District leaders last week and gave them assignments to bring an ingredient or two and they all came through. I didn't doubt them but the Zone Leaders did. Haha!! Clearly they doubted my planning skills! :)

October is here and so is the winter by the look of things!! I cracked open my case this morning to get my big coat out... Well needed! I think I'm going to have to buy some wellies! Bracknell doesn't have very many paths so we have to walk on the grass... Today it is very wet!!!!!

Oh yeah... My question about chastening and rebuking! I really don't think any of you understood my question! And I haven't got the time to explain myself! Maybe read it again with this in mind... I understand why we are chastened and rebuked and I understand how we are. But like I said I haven't got time to explain more than that!

I decided to cut my fringe the other day... I did it myself and then thought :/ oooopppssss!!!! That's not good so I went to a fancy salon and asked them to fix it. I was told it would cost £5 but then she did it for free... Nice lady! So if you want a free fringe then start it yourself... do a terrible job and then head to a salon!!

We still don't know what our travel plans are for Wednesday but we do know that we are traveling on Wednesday... I just hope we're not getting the train! Traveling by train with luggage in the rain will be miserable!!

Like I said I am very sad to see Sister Hickman leave but this is what Heavenly Father wants. And He know's best!!!

I hope you all have a great week! If you haven't watched General Conference then watch it!!!!!

I love you all!!

Love, Sister Smart

My mustache

Sister Hickman and I! We sent this to Elder Botcha with this written on it...
धन्यवाद (Dhan'yavāda)... A.K.A Thank you! :

Traveling home from Reading last night after GC! :)

Traveling home... It took a while!

We went to "FIVE GUYS" on Saturday in Reading before GC as a last supper before Sister Hickman moves! :(

This what the rain does!! Sister Hickman thought it was blood haha! It's just my shoes dying!!

Just before the rain came... It tricked us!!

Elder Christensen... Apparently this is good luck!!! It's an old door in Oxford! :/

I love her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hickman and I in Oxford. :)

Traveling home from Correlation.

Elder Popa and I have the same glasses!! :)

Sister Hickman fell on the floor with laughter the other night!! :)

Traveling with the ZL's!

Crowethorne District!!

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