A Tough Week !!!

For A Tough Woman...


This week has possibly been on of the hardest weeks I've ever had on my mission! It's hard to see the benefit of these times when we're in the middle of the experience, but I know that the hard times are for our good. This video says it much better than I...


District meeting this week was just what I needed... Elder Gibbons based it on a talk by President Monson Many years ago called "Finishers Wanted" it is an amazing talk and just what I needed. before my mission people said... "Being a missionary is the best and hardest time of your life". Being a missionary really is amazing but so flipping hard!!!! I think this talk can help everyone!!!...


Elder Gibbons quoted Elder Kirk (my District Leader from Torquay) in District Meeting "If you're falling off a cliff you might as well try to fly". How true is that?!?!

Oh and also... After District Meeting the Zone Leaders were trying to drive off so I walked like a penguin in front of their car to wind them up!! Elder Van Dongan actually hit me!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!! I knew it was coming though so I very dramatically fell onto the bonit! Dodgy Elder!!

We went caroling and street contacting as a District this week... We sang with a 92 year old chap. It made my week.

I received a huge package from Ashton 1st ward this week... Thank you so much everyone!!! I am excited for Christmas morning.

This Saturday it was the Chichester Ward Christmas party... It was lots of fun! People were asked to make up a short piece of entertainment. As Missionaries we did a a song wearing Hugh Jackman masks as the activities chair person is obsessed with him!!!! We wore matching Christmas jumpers and flashing Santa hats. It was terrible!!! I made a trifle (for the first time) for the buffet and it was actually okay! That's what you get for having a Mum that's an amazing example!!!

Today the Ward are having a Christmas lunch for some of the members... We have been invited to help and to have lunch. I'm pleased as we wouldn't be having a Christmas lunch if not as we're going to the McCoys on Christmas day to have ham and salad as they're feeding so many at different times.

I can't believe that this is my second Christmas as a missionary and my third Christmas away from home! Time just flies!!!

Remember me telling you about us caroling at the train station after the Temple trip!? Well, Elder Gibbons Dad found it on YouTube. HAHAHA!! I've not watched it obviously so I don't know how terrible we sound but I'm sure it was better in real life :) Here's the links...



I truly hope that you all have a lovely Christmas!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


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