Helaman's Army !!!

On The Move Again...

Well... Say hello to the craziest week!!

Oh my days... Monday night the Sisters from the Isle of Wight came to stay, so it was easier to get to London for the Elder Cook conference on Tuesday. Sister Maddocks and I didn't have enough money to buy both of our tickets to London plus the renewal of my rail card so the Office Elders bought our tickets and gave us a confirmation code to print our tickets off. You know me... I like to do things in advance so we print our tickets out at the station as we collected the Sisters.

Some how the Elders made a mistake and we got about 50 missionaries tickets! As soon as I realised what the machine was doing my heart sunk!!! :( Thankfully they have been able to return the tickets and they have re booked every ones tickets and we got new confirmation codes the morning of the conference. PHEW!!!!!!!! I'm so glad we attempted to get our tickets the night before or they wouldn't have had time to re book all of the tickets for the morning of.

Tuesday was amazing... We travelled to London without any hiccups! About 16 of us walked to the chapel from Victoria station and we were greeted by a couple of smiling faces taking photos of us outside the V and A Museum... He shouted "you are Heleman's Army" and she sang "Called to Serve" to us. They were clearly not English and it made me so happy!!! Elder Reed and I agreed that we could turn around and head back home as it was so uplifting :) The church is true. I'm glad we continued to Hyde Park though as the conference was amazing! I went with questions in my heart and in mind and they were all answered! We all got to shake Elder Cook's hand. So cool! I also got to shake the hand of Elder Toby Nolan!!! :) so good to see him :) He looks so happy!!! Him and a few other Elders did the musical item for the conference. Toby sang a solo!! I didn't even know he sang. It was really good! At the end of the conference Elder Cook pronounced an Apostolic Blessing upon our Missions and all of the Missionaries. It really was amazing!

On Thursday it was Thanks Giving and we had District Meeting. Thanks Giving is so random... It's just Christmas dinner a month early! :) It was good though. It's so interesting being in a new District with a new District Leader... They all do it so differently! The Elders Presented Sister Maddocks and I with decorated planners as a thank you for making them lunch on Tuesday for the Elder Cook Conference. :) It's an interesting planner!

FRIDAY... Sad day!! President called us just after 8am during personal study and you know something is wrong when he calls at that time! He explained that there was a companionship of Sisters that weren't getting on, so we needed to help out and do a swap. I am still here in Chichester and my new companion is Sister Hopgood from Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Her and i were in the MTC together but she had to go home for knee surgery so she has just come back to the mission. Sister Maddocks is now with Sister McKay in Hastings. I was so sad to see her go. 11 day companionship isn't cool... I miss her! Chichester is great though. Only being here for 11 days I don't know the area very well but that's okay... It's an adventure!!!

This Thursday I will be conducting an exchange is the Isle of Wight Sisters... We have to get to Portsmouth then take a Hovercraft. Another adventure!!!!! I'm excited!!

The "He is The Gift" video is now available!!!! Watch it and share it!!! Christmas is amazing... I am excited!!


I hope you all have a lovely week! Enjoy this time for year for what it truly is!!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Maddocks and I!

Sister Maddocks and I eating Fish and Chip in the play ground... It was raining!!!

Sister Maddocks playing Mary.

Sister Maddocks... Our last dinner together. Pizza and Salad... Her favourite!!

Chichester District!! Me, Sister Maddocks, Elder Rife, Elder Gibbons!

The true Chichester District!! :)

Sister Hopgood and I!

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