The Game Is On !!!

But She Just Cant Play It...


Well... This week has been a tough old week! We have been flogged and dropped a lot!!!


We were able to got to the Temple on Tuesday... It was amazing! So many answers received!! I got to see Sister Draper as she was there with an investigator... It was so nice to see her!!! And I got to see Elder Christensen even though he has been exiled to Jersey :). We were talking about that poem "footprints" and he pulled a little card with it on out of his handbook... He said "This is for you! I felt like I had to bring this but I didn't know why until now. It's for you!!". It made me cry... PUNK!!!!

We travelled by train to the Temple... On the way home we were dropped off by the office elders to find 50 other missionaries stranded as the train had been delayed/cancelled due to somebody being ill on board. We sang Christmas carols for an hour until the train arrived... It was amazing!! Some missionaries were chatting to people while others sang. We even got requests! I love being a missionary!!!

On the train home (when we finally got it) the Elder were teaching me how to speak and read Pig Latin as they speak it fluently! I'm not doing too bad... I can read it quite well and I can understand some things, it just takes me a while! Elder Rife has a theory that I don't have dyslexia in Pig Latin... Just in English! Haha!

I can't believe that we are just 10 days away from Christmas... It is crazy!! We are having Christmas lunch at the McCoys so that will be fun! We are then heading into town as a district to give gifts to random people and sing carols. How exciting! Remind everyone what Christmas is all about!

Have you every heard of "The Game"?... I hadn't until I met Elder Rife. The Game is:- if you think about the game you have lost the game. You tell everyone around you that "I have just lost The Game" then they loose the game. It is so STUPID!!!!!! I loose the game about 5 times a day. Every time the Elders call for something I loose the game and every time I try to remember something I remember about the game then loose. It has RUINED my life!! Sister Maddocks says "the only way to win the game is to refuse to play the game" but I just can't do it. The game as won if I do that! Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!

This Saturday it is the Chichester ward party... It should be fun! As Missionaries we have been asked to do a 5-10 minute skit. Thankfully Elder Rife is very creative so that should be fun! I'll try to get a video!

I have been fretting a lot recently trying to figure out if I am a successful Missionary. If I am doing all that I can and should. If I am wasting any of these precious days as a Missionary. I was reading through my notes from Mission Leadership Council and I was "PMG page 10" without an explanation. I looked in Preach My Gospel on page 10 and it was the "A Successful Missionary" section. I studied that until my eyes were square even though I have studied it before... I guess I just forgot it was there. It was very insightful!

I truly love being a missionary. Christ suffered so why should we be comfortable all of the time?! We shouldn't... We are here to learn and grow.

I hope that you all have a lovely week and remember this special time of year for what it really is!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Smart


Christmas jumper!!

Christmas beard!!

Stick pull with Francesca... I won!

Elder Christensen and I at the temple :) I miss this guy!! We're not holding hands... It just looks like it :O DODGE!!

Our MTC group... Elder Johnson, Me, Sister Steffensen, Sister Hopgood.

Elder Wilson and I... He's my mission brother! We were both new in my first district! Then we served together in Salisbury!

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