No Christmas Cards !!!

But You Can Have a New Years Card...

Well... As you know (or at least you should), this week we celebrated Christmas!!! I just love this time of year!! Such a special time of year. It just makes me happy.

On Mondays there is a YSA Family Home Evening... Sometimes one of our recent converts goes and takes his non member friend so we try to go when that's the case. This was the case last week so we went. We played charades and it was so fun! A lot of the investigators there were Chinese but we still managed it! On the way home we got the train with the Elders... I have not laughed like that in a long time!!!! I felt like I was at home with the cousins again! Laughing is so healthy! We should all laugh more!!!! Our district is like a disfunctional family. It's quite odd but I like it. Unfortunately Elder Rife is moving to Christchurch so the disfunctional family may be coming to an end... We think Elder Johnson will bring some sanity.

So a couple weeks back I started writing Christmas Cards but P-Days can be quite short so I didn't end up finishing or posting any that I had finished as I wanted to include a photo. Christmas has been and gone but I think I'm going to send them anyway :) Just look at them as a New Years card! Sorry!!

Christmas Day was fun... Skyping was amazing!!! I miss you all so much but that's okay... I'm here for the right reasons and I love being here. It scares me how quickly the time is going :/!!!!! We had ham and potato salad for lunch then we had Chinese food for dinner... It made me miss Singapore!! Xing (Sing) is a really good cook!! Xing brought his non member friend so it was good to be with them. We played some games and it was real good fun! We laughed lots! The Elders made us some gifts... I took a photo so I'll send that after I've written this. They made me laugh. I think I feel like a Mum feels when her children make something for her at school then don't want to get rid of it. I don't know how I will get it home without destroying it though! :)

Sister Hickman is going home tomorrow!! Crazy! Because she would be home just after Christmas she decided not to Skype home. She asked President if she could call me instead and he said yes. It was sooooo nice speaking to her. I seriously feel like I knew her before this life. We were only together for 6 weeks yet I feel like I've known her my entire life!! She is one special person!

As I mentioned earlier... This week is transfers. Sister Hopgood and I are both staying in Chichester. I suspect that one of us will move next transfer though... Feb 11th. Lot's of Sisters go home that transfer so I think there will be a lot of changes. President has had to close a couple Sisters areas this transfer as a few Sisters have gone home and not many have come into the mission. The Isle of Wight was one of the areas so now we are the only Sister companionship in the Portsmouth Zone. I thought that I would be released as Sister Training Leader as I haven't got any Sisters to train but when I spoke to President he feels otherwise. Apparently I'm needed. So I am still Sister Training Leader. I'm happy about that as I loved MLC last transfer so I look forward to that this Friday :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!... Watch this! It makes me smile every time I watch it!

New Years Eve we're heading to the McCoys again for dinner... I think that's best. I don't think wandering the streets that evening would be a good idea!

Dan!!! Do you remember me talking about Dan when I was in Eastbourne?! Well... He was baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy for him! He is amazing! The gospel is true!!!!!

Here's to a happy new year!

I truly hope this year brings you joy and peace...

Love, Sister Smart


My gifts from the Elders!

They were all being really silly and wouldn't have a photo! When they finially did I was fed up :)

This is Xing and our Chinese Christmas Dinner!

This is Elder Rife... After we got off the laughing train! Can you guess what we spoke about that was making me laugh so much?!

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