First Successful Exchange !!!

Followed By Travel Sickness...

Hello!!! What a week!!!

I can't believe it's Monday again... These weeks are flying by!!!!

Where to start?! Our phone broke on Wednesday and I had planned an exchange for Thursday with the Isle of Wight Sisters... That was interesting trying to communicate with them and trying to find our way. We actually got there without any problems and sweet talked the guy we got our tickets from for the Hovercraft to call the Sisters to let them know when we would be on the Isle of Wight :). I was worried about conducting the exchange but it went really well... Everyone feels that they learned something and that's what it's about!! Only downer... I felt travel sick all of Thursday and Friday. I guess that's what 8 hours of travel will do to you.

Sister Hopgood and I are now studying the 12 weeks programme... We normally study it the first 12 weeks in the mission field but as she has been home for a while due to knee surgery we are studying it again. I'm excited to do it all again... To re-learn!

We received a text last week from the mission office with a referral. Somebody referred their self through We went to teach her this week while on exchange and she is amazing!! She came to church on Sunday and we are going to visit her again on Thursday. She originally came into contact with the church about 5 years ago. It wasn't the right time then but it seems to be now. The church is true and Heavenly Father loves each of us. Never forget that!!

On Friday we went street contacting in Chichester as a District with Joey Honour. It was lots of fun... I never thought I'd be able to talk to as many people as I do. I really hope I'm like Joey when I get home... Well I will make sure that I am!

This week has been full of prayers and answers to prayers!! Heavenly Father really is listening to us. Pray with faith, intent and sincerity and you'll receive what you need.

Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple for Christmas... I am so excited!! We are getting the train at 06:40am :) I really can't wait! The mission has been split into 4 so we're going with about 70 other missionaries. How much fun! I love being with the other missionaries and I love going to the temple... Double win!

Christmas is just over two weeks away... How has it come to this time of year already?! I love this time of year!! So much joy!! Then it's transfers 31/12/14 :O What?! Where does time go!?!?!?!

The past week of so I have learned A LOT!!! And this scripture has been standing out "And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come." Doctrine and Covenants 130:19. So true!!!!

I saw this music video the other day and I wanted to share it with you as it brought me so much joy. I just love it!...

I hope that you all have a lovely week and are able to remember the true meaning of this special time of year!!!

I love you! Remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart


Chichester District!

Looking rough on a Hovercraft with Sister Stigant!

Cool view from Gumwaft bus staion in Portsmouth... Christmas is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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