If You'll Pardon The French...


This week and a half has been a busy one! Full of teaching and giving service!

The work is finally starting to move forward!! :) Sister Longin described us as a diesel engine... Slow to begin with but when it kicks in it can go forever!! :) She is right!

This past week we met two Mancunians... It was so nice chatting to them! They were both lovely!! It was so nice hearing their accents too!

We went on exchange earlier on last week... I stayed in Hasting with Sister Lacey and Sister Longin went to Orpington with Sister Steffensen. It was a really good exchange! I feel that we both learned a lot so that's good as that's what exchanges are all about!! Sister Lacey is so sweet! She is new like Sister Longin! She is the great great great granddaughter of Ephraim Hanks from Ephraim's Rescue... Claim to fame!! I love being the Sister Training Leader so I can go on exchanges and learn from those around me!

On Saturday we had a wedding!! :D It was just lovely!!!! We were asked to help out a little in setting up, so that was nice. We were sat waiting for the Bride to arrive when Bishop came over and asked for one of us to chorister as the chorister wasn't able to make it. :/!!!! I think I did a terrible job... Especially on the first hymn. I really enjoyed being sat at the front though as I got a really good view of the ceremony. I just like watching people in love... It's such a special thing!

So P'Day is today as it's transfer week. Everyone is staying!! We thought for sure that Elder Moore would move as he has been here for 6 months now but I guess President has other ideas. I must admit... I was a little gutted that he didn't move as I wanted Elder De Wilde to be my last District Leader! He is an amazing Missionary and I know I would have learned a lot from him as DL. I am learning a lot from Elder Moore though, so it's all good!

In general, Hastings Ward is amazing and they look after us so well! The Evans take super good acre of us and I am so thankful for them! We were able to spend our P'Day with them today which was fun! We played Crazy Golf with them and the Elders on the course that the Crazy Golf World Championship is held... Claim to fame, number two!! As we played I got super distracted by a lovely couple that were playing with their disabled daughter... They were quite elderly and I couldn't help but notice the clear love that they had for one another. I am so grateful to know that families can be together forever!

Missionary Leadership Council is this Friday and I am excited about that as usual!! :) I always learn so much from them... I'm so sad that this will be my last one! :/

I'll be back emailing again on Monday... You'll be sick of me soon!!

I love you all so much! I hope and pray that you all have a lovely week!


Sister Smart


Sister Lacey and I on exchange! I love exchanges!

Sister Sharon Evans and I... She is amazing!

An action shot of crazy golf!

I dropped the phone yesterday! It happens most days... I'm glad I haven't broken a phone yet!!

Elder Moore looking super creepy!!

The lift going up West Hill!

Inside the lift going up West Hill!

Contemplating life!

Hastings Ward Missionaries! Elder De Wilde, Elder Moore, Sister Longin and myself!

Our band photo shoot! Haha!

Sister Longin! :)

Sister Longin, myself and Sister Sharon Evans!

Group shot with the Evans on West Hill!

We had to walk up this path in skirts... Not the best idea!

Sister Longin... She was so close to getting a hole in one!

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