Only 6 Weeks To Go!!!

But The Busiest Week Ever...

Well... I think this past week has been the busiest week I have had on my entire Mission!

On Monday evening we had a family home evening with Sister Brown... It was a lovely evening! She is Scottish so she made us Scottish stew then we learned about the Europe Area Plan together! She is just lovely!!

On Tuesday we went to the Temple!! It was amazing!! I just love it there! It's so pretty and has such an amazing Spirit!

We had Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Dyches this Wednesday! It was a great meeting but unfortunately I didn't get as much from it as I usually do. We found out that we will be getting iPads soon... We will be receiving training on them mid April... About three weeks before I come home. :/ Haha!! So typical!! Ah well! After Zone Conference we got a lift home from the office Elders. They dropped the Sisters off in Eastbourne, the Elders off in Bexhill and finally us. Elder Foster and Elder Wright. We had such a spiritual conversation and I think I heard everything that I needed at that time! Elder Wright told me about a talk by Elder Maxwell. I was about to write the name down when he said "actually I have a copy in my bag that you can have! I have been studying it since and it really is just what I need!! Heavenly Father works through us! He worked through Elder Wright! The talk is called... Notwithstanding My Weakness.

I just love how bold he is!! Say it as it is Elder Maxwell!

Thursday was a busy busy day then we had to travel in the evening for MLC the following day. We went over to Eastbourne where Sister Longin stayed and Sister Wood (The STL from Crawley Zone) and I headed to Gatwick where the East Grinstead Sisters collected us! I Got to see Sister Engelbrektsson!!!! It was so nice seeing her and catching up! I saw her on Wednesday too but we didn't get to chat as much! It was really nice spending time with Sister Wood too! Her and I were in the Reading Zone together but we didn't really get to know one another. She really is just the sweetest!

MLC was great! I learned a lot! Unfortunately the STL from the Digital Zone was a little unwell so she wasn't able to drive.... That meant that I got to drive to Staines and back for the meeting!! I was sad that she was sick but happy that I got to drive! :) Sister Wood and I got the train back to Eastbourne that evening... That day I got 7 trains in total!!!! I was exhausted!!!!! Haha!

In Sacrament meeting this past week all of the missionaries were asked to talk in our ward! We were able to choose our subjects! President Fletcher send a talk to each of the Missionaries serving from our Stake a couple weeks back and I felt impressed to base my talk on that! The talk was bay Elder Bednar and it's called "And Nothing Shall Offend Them".

It's a really really good talk and my talk went okay because I based it so much on it! Sister Longin, Elder Moore and Elder De Wilde did a really good job! And then.... I got to Skype home!!!! I have to admit!!! It was a little weird... It just made coming home very real! It also made me miss you all A LOT!! But that's okay! It's because I love you!! My time will come to be with you again. But for now I am 100% Sister Smart.

Tomorrow we have District Meeting and exchanges... I am staying in Hastings with Sister Lacey and Sister Longin with be heading to Orpington with Sister Steffensen. It should be fun.. I'm looking forward to it!!

On Saturday we are having a wedding!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! We are helping out a little with the food and so we get to go... I'm so excited!!

I love you all so much!!

I hope that you have a lovely week... You're in my prayers!

Love, Sister Smart


Sister Longin and I!! :)

Playing "Who do you think you are?" today!! District P-Day!

I was President Gordon B Hinckley! :)

The London Temple!!

Bulgarian cold soup... It's interesting!

We found a beautiful park this week!

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