Correction To Last Week !!!

No, You Buy New Boots...

Well... This week has been an interesting week!!

Last Monday we went food shopping at Aldi... I saw some rain boots for £13 so I bought them!! They don't look as nice as my normal boots so I will wear the holy boots on special days with the plastic bag :)

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Millar! I just love spending time with him and Sister Millar. We chatted a little and he told me that I need to stop being so hard on myself. Just like he tells me pretty much each time he sees me. We discussed this a little in District Meeting on Wednesday as it's something that we can all struggle with from time to time. Yesterday Elder Moore, our District Leader committed me to read the "Adjusting to Missionary Life" booklet again that we all get at the beginning of our Mission... Sounds a little silly as I have been on my Mission now for over 16 months but I think it is going to help! He told me to set two very specific goals, so I am doing as I am told! I have actually set three goals so we'll see how it goes!!

Also at District Meeting this week Sister Longin and I were asked to do a presentation on how to work with the members. Poor Sister Longin!! Her first District meeting and she had a massive assignment! It was nice that we had that topic though as it's something that we both feel good about! We love working with the members!

Last week I had a cold but I got over it quite quickly! Then I started with a sore throat at the beginning of this week! I blamed Elder De Wilde as he was sick with the flu so I thought it was going to turn into that! The sore throat got a little worse and then all of a sudden on Wednesday I couldn't talk properly and by Thursday morning I didn't have a voice at all! Sister Longin had prayed for confidence in speaking English and then when I lost my voice she didn't have the choice! She had to speak!! I couldn't speak for three days!! It started to come back yesterday but I still sound a little weird! Last week I was asked if I could teach the Relief Society lesson this week. Of course I agreed as I didn't anticipate loosing my voice! Sister Longin was a champ and offered to do it for me!! She did really well!!! She doesn't give herself enough credit! No chance could I learn French for 6 vweeks then teach a Relief Society lesson by myself on my second Sunday in the Mission Field!

We have a crazy busy week this coming week! We are heading to the Temple tomorrow to watch "Meet the Mormons" with a couple people we are working with... It will be a nice trip with them and we get to see Sister Engelbrektsson as she will be at the Visitors Centre!

On Wednesday we are going to Crawley for Zone Conference!! Elder Dyches (Second Councilor, Europe Area Presidency) is doing a Mission tour so that should be fun! Our train leaves at 6.49am on Wednesday morning. The journey takes about 2 hours... Lots of time for language study!!

Then on Friday we are having a second Missionary Leadership Council for the transfer. Elder Dyches will be there so I get the opportunity to be addressed by him twice in one week!

I really do love being a missionary! It's tough on weeks like last week as I was sick and it's going to be tough this coming week as we will hardly have any time to do anything!! BUT!!!! This week will be amazing... A week of spiritual nourishment!!

This coming Sunday is Mother's day!!!!! That means that I get to Skype home!! It's so crazy to think that I will see your faces moving so soon!! Exciting!!

I hope that you all have a great week this coming week!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart


First selfie on my new camera!

French food! Croque-Monsieur!! It was really good! I'll have to make it for you!

Sister Longin and I!!!

We made a chocolate pie on my sick day... We didn't think it was right so we decided to eat it instead of giving it away...

It was a good idea to not give it away as you can see!


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