Baptism No 1 In The Bag --- Cha-Ching!!!

Well. Her prime investigator took to the waters of Baptism on Saturday, so needless to say, she is absolutely over the moon and on top form, Quite rightly so I should add.
This week has been a much better week... It was amazing!! Jamie was baptised on Saturday... I still can't believe it. It feels so surreal!

Yesterday in Gospel Principles the teacher asked Jamie what "being called of God" meant to him. He expressed how he felt that him being taught by Sister Brown and I was a calling from God.

His testimony strengthens mine. I know that I was called to serve in the ELSM for Jamie, I know that I was assigned to Yeovil for him and I know that I was inspired to knock on his door. The Lord's hand is at work here in Yeovil and I am excited about what is to come.

Jamie's Baptism almost went without a hitch... Ed, our ward mission leader was taken into hospital on Wednesday evening with stomach pains and they soon diagnosed appendicitis. He had surgery and is very much on the mend now but not having contact with him to know if assignments had been made, if refreshments had been bought and if programmes had been printed was worrying. We managed to contact everyone, buy refreshments and print out programmes so the service went well.

When we arrived at the chapel we were told that the water may be a little cold!!! Jamie wasn't phased as he's tough and had great confidence in Brother Matt Conway to get him under the first time. Thankfully the water was warm(ish) and Brother Conway succeeded on the first attempt... Is was pretty much a slam dunk! It was a very nice service and I am so happy that I could be a part of it.

The spirit was there and our investigator that came to witness the baptism felt it. Jamie's Confirmation was on Sunday and I felt the Spirit stronger than I did at the Baptism... It was amazing!

Witnessing the Priesthood at work has strengthened my testimony so much. I am so grateful for the Priesthood in my life and that I can be around worthy Priesthood holders on a regular basis. I have set a very high goal for the Priesthood holder that I want to marry. I want my family to be blessed by the power of the Priesthood on a daily basis.

Sister Brown and I have been getting on a lot better... We do have our differences but I think that will be the case in every companionship. On the whole we get on extremely well... We are very unified, we teach well together, we testify of each other and we laugh every day.

In companionship inventory this week Sister Brown set a goal for me to scare her/make her jump before the week is over as being scared makes her laugh. I succeeded this morning! I was cleaning and she was lay on her bed with her eyes closed... I sneaked up, screamed and smacked her on her tummy! Her face was hilarious!!!!

If you've seen the video on YouTube called "Vacuum face"... A girl sleeping with a red hoody on and a guy vacuums her mouth! Well that's just like Sister Brown's face besides her mouth was open screaming instead of stuck in a vacuum!

It was very amusing and I'm glad we have the relationship we have. She also scared me earlier on this week... I laughed a lot! She was wise and wasn't too close to me when she did it as she knew I'd probably hit her :)

I've been a bit unwell this week with a chesty cough... I bought some cough medicine that didn't come with a spoon, so I had to swig it from the bottle. I felt like a drunk... Walking down the street swigging from my bottle! The medicine helped so I'm kinda feeling better!

We had our first District Meeting with our new District Leader this Wednesday... It was really good. I was his scribe! Not cool with my dyslexia but at least my spelling made the Elders laugh. He based his lesson on "Finding" and it was just what Sister Brown and I needed. We had an amazing day on Thursday and we are very grateful for his leadership!

I don't know if I mentioned that I bought an expensive umbrella the other week... Well I did and this week I lost the cover for it! I was not very happy so we retraced out steps... About 3 miles!!! Haha! We didn't find it but we did have some good chats on our travels that evening.

I have recieved photo's of baby Oscar!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH He's so cute! I'm so excited for Craig and Gem!!!! On the other hand... I'm very jealous :) I miss babies! We're not allowed to hold babies/children as Missionaries, in case something were to happen. I want to hold a baby and I want to hold a baby NOW!!!!!! :O Haha!! :)

I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me next...

Be the person that Satan fears!

I love you all... Remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart.

Left to right: Matt Conway and Jamie.
Left to right: Me, Matt conway, Jamie and Sister Brown

I look awful and not very happy but I was very happy!!! My camera was the last so my smile was old :)

Effective study!!!!!!
Our matching coats! 100% waterproof!!

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