Prayers Really Do Get Answered !!!

Well another week bites the dust, they just fly by so fast, Sister Smart is as positive as ever! Long may this continue...
This week has been a good week! It was Zone training on Wednesday... Sister Brown and I were very much looking forward to it and it was all we hoped it would be. We were part of a musical item... I'd just about gotten over my chest cold so it was all good. Guernsey and Jersey are in our Zone so we had to Skype into them which was a bit weird. President was there and our Zone leaders are amazing so it was a good day!

To get to District/Zone Sister Brown and I leave at 6:45am walk for 40 minutes to the train station in Yeovil. We take a train to Upway (close to Weymouth) and change there onto a train heading to London Waterloo but we get off in Bournemouth and then walk for 15 minutes to the chapel... This takes about 2 1/2 hours. This past week we were running a little late so we had the quickest prayer ever as we left the flat asking for safety and to get to Bournemouth on time. Everything went swimmingly until we got off at Upway. Our second train was cancelled!! We spoke to an operator and they told us we could get another train in an hour which would make us 30 minutes late for Zone training. A nice man that was in the same situation offered us a lift as he couldn't be late. Obviously as Sister missionaries we couldn't get in the car with him alone... Sister Brown and I shared a look and before we knew it a lady popped up and said yes... Our look quickly changed to "Now we can go with him!!!!!!!!!" We had a lovely chat with them both about the gospel... He is a Doctor and was going to uni for part of his GP training and she was a Physiotherapy lecturer. We were 30 minutes early for Zone training!!!! PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED !

We have a new investigator with a baptismal date. His name is Sam and he is 18. He is very interested in the gospel and he attended church with us this week which we were very pleased/excited about. Unfortunately he text Sister Brown and I yesterday evening to tell us that he didn't want to progress any further... Being dropped is one of the most depressing things as a missionary!!! After another text he explained a little more and he expressed that he wants faith in Jesus Christ and God so he will meet up with us tomorrow so we can help him. Satan is at work so Sister Brown and I are working very hard to fight back at him.

Jamie is still amazing. He received the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday and I'm so pleased for him. He expressed that he feels like all of his prayers are being answered and that he is extremely grateful. He has bought a house in South Shields so I'm excited about being his friend after my mission.

Sister Brown and I are getting along just great, I love her !!. Obviously we have our moments but I believe it would be the same in every companionship/relationship. I asked Sister Brown a (apparently very funny) question one day this week just as she put a chocolate in her mouth which she soon inhaled! When I realised she wasn't going to die it was very funny!

I laughed in a ladies face the other day :( it was awful!!!!! We were knocking doors and we came to this one house that had a bell... I rang it without hesitation and nearly fell over because it made me jump so much. It was the weirdest sounding bell I've ever heard in my life and it vibrated all down my arm. Sister Brown found it hilarious and then we both got the giggles and couldn't get it together before the lady answered the door. She was not impressed! I think we will go back to apologies!

I can't believe how fast my time as a missionary is going. I'm just about two weeks away from my 3 month mark and it feels like I've only just gotten here even though I can't remember much about my pre-mission life... Time is a very odd thing!

Transfers are on February 5th... It's a 5 week transfer as the last transfer was 7 weeks due to Christmas. We think that I will probably stay here in Yeovil and that Sister Brown will probably move as she will have been here for 6 months then. I am extremely grateful to be a missionary and to be a part of this great work. I'm so thankful to have the Gospel in my life. To receive/see others receive blessings through living the commandments is amazing.

We know that life is full of trials... We receive trials to help us grow and to make us be the people that God knows we can be. We can also trial things... Do an experiment! Often we "try before we buy"... Well, try before you disregard. I challenge you :)

Just like Jamie, all of my prayers are being answered. Ask in faith with an intention to act on the answer and I can promise you that your prayers will be answered.

Love, Sister Smart

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