Christmas Day Call !!!

It was lovely to have a Skype Call with Jess on Christmas Day, the rumours were right though, we only got 40 minutes, not quite sure why, but we did.
The call was marred by the fact that we experienced technical hitches and ended up with two 20 minute calls, half an hour apart, which kinda broke up the flow a bit.
But nevertheless she was on top form and is thoroughly enjoying herself and is totally engrossed in the work.

We were very disappointed to learn that her Christmas package had not arrived on time, foolishly I sent it though my works system and so didn't have access to a tracking number till work reopened on 2nd Jan.
When I made enquiries they said it was at a depot in Yeovil because they could not find the address?????, but miraculously they managed to deliver it the very next day...Go Figure.

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