If You Thought I was a Slacker Before, Well Look At Me Now!!!

I have a lot of making up to do, I've found it so difficult over the Christmas Holiday break to keep up with the blog, so I am actually working overtime to get back up to date.

Well... You were wrong about the storm coming in at noon... It's been crazy out since early this morning. We are soaked!!!!!!

Plus the ceiling in the Family History Centre is leaking so we can't use the computers :| We're using Bishop's but that means we only get about 45 minutes each.

We were told this morning that we only have 30-40 minutes to Skype on Christmas Day, not 1 hour like we were originally told... We're pretty sure that was just gossip as that was what they had last year. Ah well... I was wondering what I'd say for 1 hour anyway :)

The work is a little slow at the moment as everyone is so busy leading up to Christmas... Everyone wants to be taught in January so we're looking forward to that!

We were also told that transfers will be 01/01/2014 instead of 25/12/2013... I'm pretty sure I'll be staying in Yeovil and we think Sister Brown will too but we'll find out soon enough!

We went carol singing with the ward at a hospice the other day... It was lovely! And afterwards we had an unscheduled dinner with a family from the ward. It was a really nice evening and the members really are looking after us.

Yesterday I spoke in Sacrament Meeting on the Prophet Joseph Smith... I really enjoyed it and loved learning about him. I got quite a few good comments from the members so I hope it went as well as I was told.

We had a munch an mingle after Church yesterday and then the R.S. President and the Ward Mission Leader presented Sister Brown and I with a huge gift bag each of Christmas gifts. Seriously... We must have about 30 gifts each from the members alone! We'll be there forever on Christmas morning :)

I wanted to send photo's but I haven't got the time even though I brought my camera... I'll send them next week!

Christmas eve we're going to the Hull family for dinner then carol singing at church...
Christmas day we're going to the Hazell family for dinner and fun!
Boxing day we're going to the Wiltshire family for dinner...

We're very excited but still very focused! MERRY CHRITSMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all...

Sister Smart

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