My Extra Shift Is Nearly Through Now!!!

I'm determinded to get this blog up to date before I retire tonight (oops this morning).
This week has been a good week! We haven't been able to teach very much as it was Christmas and some people weren't very pleased to see our faces... Even though they were smiling and wishing them a lovely Christmas! When we did teach, the lessons were really productive/effective.

Our progressing investigator, Jamie is still amazing and is definitely preparing himself for his baptism on January 11th. We have been teaching him in members homes as he is single so we can't visit him at home. I really enjoy teaching in their homes and it brings such a wonderful spirit to the lessons. I am very excited for him but a little apprehensive as everything has gone so well so far. I pray for him every day (in every prayer... Even when I pray over my meals) and I don't think I will ever stop praying for him.

Sister Brown and I really do get on well and I enjoy growing with her and learning from her. Companionships can be challenging but I know I have been blessed with Sister Brown... Heavenly Father knew that I needed her. We laugh a lot... Sometimes when we're not suppose to :| haha, every Sunday evening we account for our week to our District leader...( Elder Hilton my first DL is being moved!! :( ) when we accounted last night we were in a fit of giggles. He claims he enjoys out phone calls but I'm not so sure... Haha!

I can't believe it was Christmas this week... Christmas is very different as a missionary. I very much enjoyed being with the members for dinner and spending Christmas morning with Sister Brown. The Yeovil ward spoilt Sister Brown and I so it took quite some time to open all of our gifts... I think we have enough chocolate to last all year.

Skyping home was amazing... It was so good to see all of your faces!! I love this time of year and the spirit that is around us all as we remember the birth of our savior.

On Christmas day we received a phone call from our Zone Leaders... Elder Fingerle and Elder Christensen. They claimed they were just wishing us a happy Christmas but they were asking a few too many questions like "where are you going for dinner?" and "What time are you going to the Hazells? It was the Hazell's right?". When we got to the Hazell's for dinner they were there... Dropping off our Christmas packages!! Thank you soooo much to everyone who sent something. Sister Brown didn't get half as much as me so I'm sharing. Christmas was very different as a missionary but it was cool... I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next one :)

We have a lot of people that have requested for us to come back in the new year so we're looking forward to teaching them soon... A very busy, happy new year!

It is transfers this Wednesday, 01/01/2014 and they have already been announced! Sister Brown and I are both staying in Yeovil. This was a seven week transfer due to Christmas. Honestly I would have had a dicky fit if I was being moved before Jamie's baptism!!! :) I think the next transfer day will be 12/02/14.

I love being a missionary and I'm so glad to be in the UK... Even though we get drenched (I'll send a photo). The friends I gain and the relationships I make will not have to come to an end.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Love and miss you all,

Sister Smart

This is what we do while we wait for the PCs to turn on at church :)

This was the worst rain we'd had until a couple days ago.... Drenched!!! I'm going to buy a rain mack to wear over my normal coat. My clothes were just as wet underneath my coat :

This is our Christmas tree... Sister Brown's mum sent it. All the decorations are notes to her from home! Pretty cool! We set it as we dried off from the rain :)

Wrapped gifts from the Yeovil ward....

Unwrapped gifts from the Yeovil ward with a few thrown in from Jae, Rae and Abe and Ashton and Manchester YSA... Spoilt Sister Smart!!

The Hazell family on Christmas day... They really are amazing!!!

Left to right... Mark, Ron, Lauren, Ellie, Ange and then Sister Brown and I at the front.

The gift we all got from President and Sister Millar... I love it!!!!!

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