Sister Bastian Falls Yet Again !!!

Between Sister Smart & Sister Bastian, we must have the worlds most clumsy couple here.
Well... What a week! A week of some lows and massive highs!

We had a great P'day last week... We had our pedicures (not the best) and then went to Cote Brasserie which was amazing. Then we pretty much ran home with our shopping and back to work!

On Tuesday we went to visit with Pam and it was very emotional. She knows that the Church is true but unfortunately her situation right now doesn't permit her attending Church. She has faith that the Lord will provide a way for her in the future. I have so much love for her and I am sad that we will not be able to meet with her anymore but I hope that we will be able to stay in contact.

That afternoon we were on our way to do service at the Taylor's (Seriously love that family) and we met two girls; Hannah and Simone... Really cool, YSA age! To cut a long story short we're had a couple teaches with them now and on our second visit they brought some friends that were interested so we taught five people at once... Crazy but fun!

We went on exchange this week with Weymouth! I went to Weymouth with Sister Jacobsen who only came out this transfer. I was a bit nervous as I am the "older" Missionary but it was really good!

We went for a run in the morning and I stupidly forgot my camera!!! We went to a castle and the beach within 25 minutes! Being a missionary is amazing!!!!!!

I fell up the stares the other day and fell into Sister Bastian who then fell over... I have a photo of how she landed! We laughed so much!!!!!!!!

Today we went to Old Sarum ruins and Harvester for lunch with the Elders, Shelby, Dan, Sarah, Jamie and Richard. All YSA age... Really fun P'day! Have to get these good P'days in, in case I get moved.

We heard a rumour that transfers are Tuesday 22/04 instead of Wednesday 23/04 but we can't see how that would work with the MTC so we'll see what happens!!! Maybe you won't hear from me at all next week if I get moved or you will on the Tuesday/Wednesday if I stay. We hope it's the Wednesday as it's Sister Bastian's birthday one the Tuesday.

Sister Bastian and I have learned Elder Van Dongan's dance that I mentioned last week that I couldn't send the video of. We made a video today of us so hopefully that will send.

I have been asked to speak again this Sunday... Stress stress stress!!!! Ah well... It's good for me I guess!

Being a missionary is amazing! It is going so quickly... I am afraid!

Oh and General Conference... I loved all of the talks but this one hit home!! Bishop Gary E.Stevenson..... Click here to link to talk

Have a great week and remember who you are!

Love, Sister Smart

At Old Sarum... L to R: Sister Bastian, Shelby, Richard, Elder Schmoekel, Elder Robinson and me!

Sister Bastian and I... I really do love this lady!

Shelby and I!

Shelby and I playing Jenga!

My first attempt at a French plat!!! Not bad ey?

The Fall!!!!!

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