Time To Move On Again !!!

Well Folks, the time has come for Sister Smart to move on again, this time to Torquay, Devon oo,ar...
Oh my heck!!!!!!! What a crazy week!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am emailing from the library in Torquay... My new area! My new companion is Sister Stuart! President Millar called us on Friday morning to tell me that I was being moved... He said "I really didn't want to split you Sisters up but you're too strong... I need you else where." That's really nice to know but it wasn't much of a consolation... When we got off the phone we screamed and then cried! It has been a very emotional weekend but a very good one!!!

Sister Stuart is from SLC, Utah and she is lovely. I think we will get on really well... We seem to be quite similar in a lot of ways but not in the same way that Sister Bastian and I were. I am so flipping sad that I have left Salisbury and that I am no longer Sister B's comp. I honestly love her!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss so much about her and about Salisbury! If I didn't love my parents so much I would be asking the Taylor family to adopt me... I love them!

I know that Sister Stuart and I are suppose to be here together and I am excited... Watch out Torquay!

Turns out this transfer was massive so they had to do it over two days. I transferred yesterday which means we get our full Pday today. Also means that I wasn't able to spend Sister Bastian's birthday with her :( I am so flipping sad that I have left Salisbury and that I am no longer Sister B's comp. I honestly love her!!!!!!!!!. Sorry I'm repeating myself but it is what it is! It has to be said multiple times.

Elder Fingerle (Poole Zone Leader) called on Friday evening with travel plans... Broke the news to me that I was leaving a day early. I cried and he felt so bad!! I felt really bad for crying but I couldn't help it!!! Poor Elder Fingerle! He is a great guy and I will miss him being my Zone Leader. We tried everything we could to have me transfer today instead of yesterday but it couldn't happen :(his consolation was that Elder Salas who was serving in the Poole Zone with me has been transferred also and he is in my Ward :) I was happy about that but still very sad to leave Sister Bastian and Salisbury.

We have a baptism on Friday which is cool. His name is Ben... He's 24 and really cool! He's 11 days older than me! :) I am excited for him!!

This last transfer went by so quickly... I am afraid!!!!!

I love you!

Love, Sister Smart

Some of Salisbury Branch at the Branch BBQ... After playing football! Sweaty!!

I found this on my camera after leaving her yesterday. Urgh, I miss her already!!

Some of the Taylor family... Excuse my shiny face!!!!!

We made a cake at the Russell family home!

This is what happens when you don't eat chocolate for about 6 months and people keep giving it to you for Easter.

Sister Bastian having a mini break down when I started to pack :(

Sister Bastian, Sarah Spencer (was Taylor) and I

Salisbury Missionaries!!! Going to miss these Punks!!

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