Just About Catching Up Again !!

Nearly done now...
Good morning!!!!!

This week has been a very good week! Zone training, Richard attended sacrament meeting ane FTing home!

I can't believe that we spoke on FaceTime yesterday... 40 minutes really does fly by!! Also, I forgot to say Happy Mother Day :( Sorry!!!!! Oh and I have bought cards but I forgot to send them last week so I'm sending them today... better late than never eh?! :)

I think I mentioned last week that we had Zone training this past Friday and I was looking forward to it... Well, I was until we received a phone call from the Zone Leaders asking Sister Bastian and I to present on ways to strengthen investigators who have a baptismal date. I fretted a LITTLE about it but it actually went quite well... We prayed and studied a lot and we received inspiration. We presented in the middle of the day so for the first half I couldn't concentrate properly but it was a really good day! I really do love learning and being strengthened by the other Missionaries.

The Zone leaders (Elder Fingerle and Elder Blackner) made lunch for 24... Impressive eh?! They made pulled pork burritos Cafe Rio style and it was really good!! Recipe to follow soon! Sister Bastian and I helped a little by making the rice (the Salisbury flat has a rice cooker so we just took that. Thankfully the Elders carried it home for us :)!!) and Sister Bastian helped me make Banoffee Pie x3. Went down a treat and thankfully no one had a heart attach :)!

On Saturday we went "Whiteboard contacting" in the centre of Salisbury!!! You write a question on a whiteboard and very confidently ask people if they'll answer it. I actually enjoyed it more than I suspected and it really did make people smile. We plan to do it again on another sunny day!

I love being here in Salisbury!

Yesterday we visited with Pam... Every time we meet with her we have such a lovely spiritual experience. We have a return appointment with her which is great and she wants to come to General Conference!! She know's that she will receive answers to her questions while in attendance and I am excited for her.

Richard (our progressing investigator) finally came to church with us yesterday after 6 weeks. He enjoyed it and he was very well fellowshipped by the branch which we were very pleased about. I am excited for him to continue to progress! I think he already has a testimony but is reluctant to commit.

Speaking with you yesterday was amazing but a little overwhelming/emotional. I was very happy to see you all and see how well you're all doing. You're actually real people... not just words on paper or a screen.

My time as a missionary really is flying by... I can't believe I'm almost 1/3 of the way through!!

I love being a missionary and I love being Sister Batian's companion. I have learned so much from her already.

I love you all!!!!! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

28/03/14 - The Poole Zone... + AP's, - Jersey and Guernsey!

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